Character NCOER Bullet Comments

Army values, Empathy, Warrior Ethos/Service Ethos, and Discipline. SHARP, EO, and EEO.


o consistently displays the Army Values and fully supports and enforces the commander's EO, EEO, SHARP programs

o made a comprehensive effort to educate leaders and Soldiers about equal opportunity, sexual harassment and sexual assault during all facets of training

o constantly demonstrated his commitment to professionalism and the Army Values regardless of the situation

o lives by the Be, Know, Do mentality, demonstrating while teaching how to be proficient in all MOS specific tasks

o dedicated to the commander's intent and was willing to go above and behold to execute that mission

o aggressively enforced the Army EO, EEO and SHARP programs through constant engagements with leaders and subordinates

o addressed peers and subordinates with respect; facilitated feedback, communication and productive work environment

o mentored new Soldiers until they established themselves in the work center; forged an integrated climate of morale, productivity and readiness

o reported NCO who habitually put his hands on junior Soldiers; restored dignity and improved work environment

o fostered a climate of dignity and respect by adhering to SHARP programs; ensured the fair and respectful treatment of assigned personnel

o implemented Bn program to mow yards of deployed Soldiers; instilled sense of family and reduced stress

o praised junior Soldiers' successes; inspired deep and robust interest in advancement

o recognized efforts of all detachment members; encouraged increased participation in det training and readiness

o listened to the concerns of all Soldiers and incorporated their ideas for improvement; built a team that shared success

o welcomed new arrivals and helped them integrate into daily operations; key factor in shop harmony and morale

o invested enormous amount of effort and time to establish relationships with Soldier; met with soldiers IOT establish or follow-up on career and personal goals; dramatic improvement in morale

o worked behind the scenes to ensure all equipment and COMSEC was packed and available but credited team for success of Ft Bliss joint exercise

o invaluable support; completed shift-change checklist daily; ensured smooth shift turn-over and reduced inter-shift conflict

o coached new planner in completing his duties; identified routine obstacles and workarounds; facilitated operational success for entire team

o assumed HR duties in the absence of an MOS-qualified HR Specialist; kept unit admin functions running for 120 days in addition to regular duties

o recorded all challenges faced during in-processing and developed comprehensive OI for newcomers; streamlined their integration and eliminated obstacles to new Soldiers' attempts to succeed

o anticipated required actions and took the initiative to complete them; reduced operational delays to zero and eliminated follow-up corrections

o created a work climate centered around dignity and respect for Soldiers and Civilians which resulted in zero SHARP, EO and EEO related incidents

o consistently showed genuine concern for his Soldiers; balanced placing the mission first while ensuring Soldiers personal needs were met

o handles situation firm and fair; unequaled in promoting harmony and teamwork

o loyal, truthful and fair

o loyal, honest and sincere NCO

o a real team player; makes positive contributions

o committed to excellence and exudes quality in all actions and assigned tasks

o unequaled loyalty; dedicated and caring leader

o focuses on mission accomplishment with superior results

o dedicated to the values and traditions of the Army

o continually demonstrates leadership and integrity beyond reproach

o innovative and determined in pursuit of goals of the Army

o professional conduct above reproach

o the epitome of what every NCO should be; aggressive, intelligent and professional

o braved popular consensus to support mission requirements

o stood by values; denounced efforts to document frivolous medical care to support future VA disability claims

o upholds the Army Equal Opportunity and SHARP Program

o selflessly placed the Army and subordinates above himself to meet the needs of the mission through professionalism, mission accomplishment and dedication to duty

o insistent and motivated NCO; vigoriously prosecuted personal and professional objectives

o looked upon by superiors, peers and subordinates as a model Soldier and extraordinary leader

o totally dedicated to the Army, the unit's mission and Soldiers; a credit to the NCO corps

o never failed to extend his assistance to other units; puts the welfare of troops above his own personal needs

o exhibited pride in the unit; believes in team building and force multiplication

o her performance has been exemplary throughout this rating period

o competent in all her duties and responsible

o knowledge of the supply system enabled her to better support the command

o team player; made significant and continuous positive contributions

o unquestionable loyalty to the unit, subordinates, peers and Chain of Command

o lives the warrior ethos and never wavered during times of adversity while serving on a combat tour

o takes initiative by taking action quickly and with authority

o unfailing loyalty to the chain of command, its goals, and Soldiers

o continually demonstrates leadership and integrity beyond reproach

o focuses on mission accomplishment with superior results

o fully dedicated to upholding and enforcing the Army Core Values

o demonstrated a genuine level of commitment and dedication by working eagerly alongside peers and subordinates

o synchronized the consistent delivery of over 25,000 lines of medical supplies valued in excess of million

o procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System decreasing oxygen resupply from two weeks to less than 72 hours

o increased the authorized stockage list from 334 to 430 lines of Class VIII in order to better support over 40 Battalion Aid Stations

o epitomized selfless-service by placing the needs of his Soldiers and unit above his own

o hard working; dedicated NCO, demonstrates by his actions to subordinates, the meaning of integrity

o committed to excellence and exudes quality in all actions and assigned tasks

o not afraid to confront sensitive issues; understands the excitement of truth

o volunteered for difficult civic project to improve Army's image abroad

o loyal, honest and sincere NCO

o displayed the utmost devotion to the mission and the soldiers

o always open and candid when asked questions or expressing his opinions

o remained flexible and cooperative under any condition

o absolute dedication and loyalty to the chain of command, unit, and mission

o unselfishly devoted an extraordinary amount of time to increasing the functionality of the unit area

o handles situations firm and fair; unequaled in promoting harmony and teamwork

o displayed a high degree of professionalism and demanded the same of others

o motivates and challenges subordinates through leadership by example

o focused on mission accomplishment consistently achieving superior results

o possessed unselfish dedication to duty and quality maintenance

o executed all tasks with vigor and integrity

o willing to sacrifice time and effort to attain unit goals

o extremely reliable and industrious, performs extremely well under pressure

o absolutely dedicated to the mission and unit success

o possesses strong moral principles and personal values

o risked life so that others may live on countless occasions

o utmost competence in his duties even under the most extreme circumstances

o continuously seeks out new and difficult challenges and responsibilities

o exhibits the skill, temperament, and reliability of a true professional

o possesses absolute dedication and loyalty to the unit, the mission, and the soldiers

o committed to excellence and mission accomplishment

o maintains a fierce and steadfast belief in assigned mission

o displays sincerity in ambitions and objectives

o enjoys challenges no matter how difficult

o consistently displayed a sense of loyalty seldom seen in others of his rank and stature

Needs Improvement

o took advantage of his position as NCOIC to consistently be late for duty

o delegated responsibility for operations to a dishonest NCO who falsified reports to make the detachment appear to accomplish more than they did

o reported false accomplishments to the commander in order to make the det appear to be better than all other detachments

o alienated Soldiers with integrity who pointed out inaccurate reports and claims; discouraged honesty and jeopardized the mission

o claimed to have accomplished taskings that were physically impossible in order to make other detachments look deficient

o forbade communication by subordinates with outside agencies by phone or e-mail

o reduced morale and productivity by ignoring input by anyone but the Operations NCO

o failed to meet goals when over 50% of workcenter found ways to be transferred out of the workcenter

o encouraged subordinates to take advantage of the government welfare system (disability) by documenting false or borderline physical ailments

o as Det Chief, forced his captive audience to listen to his personal political views on a daily basis; wasted time and resources and lowered morale and productivity

o used his position as Det Chief to hire personal acquaintances who were not qualified for civilian positions in the workcenter

o set poor example by sexually harrassing visiting female reps from outside agencies

o hid serious shortfalls until it was too late to correct them

o slept on overnight shift, left junior Soldiers unsupervised with high voltage equipment; risked unit's mission

o stole TDY Soldiers' personal possessions; justified actions with claim that insurance would reimburse Soldiers for their loss

o failed to follow orders when unsupervised

o regularly shows disrespect to NCOs and requires constant supervision

o is a motivated troop but needs further guidance in...

o has unlimited potential but requires more experience before...

o must realize the importance of finishing assigned tasks without supervision

o failed to use time wisely, consistently failed to complete duty assignments

o frequent unwillingness to cooperate in working toward unit goals affected readiness

o failed to fulfill his leadership's intent for positive and appropriate EO practices

o needed to be consistent with leadership style and maintain formality when in presence of Soldiers

o an excellent technician but needs to work on tact and communication skills

o understood his role as a senior leader but failed to contribute to the mission

o failed to keep track of the Soldiers under his supervision

o sometimes requires supervision on how to talk to Soldiers

o demonstrated poor judgement without consideration of results

o has good potential but requires more experience applying daily soldier leadership skills

o good Soldier, but fails to self improve by applying sound personal management skills

o demonstrated a serious lack of integrity and poor judgment without consideration of results

o compromised integrity by submitting altered documents; poor example to subordinates

o encouraged soldiers to advance by cheating for each other, poor example

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