Intellect NCOER Bullet Comments

Mental Ability, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal Tact, Expertise

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o diligently applied knowledge and expertise as a maintenance supervisor, ensuring engineer assets completed their mission successfully

o possessed the qualities of an innovative leader introducing unorthodox procedures while still displaying sound judgment

o an outstanding NCO, capable of fulfilling roles from days to nights interchangeably through relentless mental agility

o selected above peers to participate in TM validation for the VSAT and AN/ASM-146F; improved accuracy of the current publications for CMF 94

o drafted the first electronic maintenance SOP for his section; improved the efficiency by 50% by removing outdated procedures

o constantly pursued education goals; enrolled into an MBA program at the University of Incarnate Word

o selected over other SFCs to serve as squad leader

o demonstrated mental agility by grasping CFDPIC concepts and successfully earned 8 identifier in a timely manner

o guided and mentored Soldiers in completion of their respective SSD courses and CFDPIC

o achieved "Triple Payoff" objectives during the rating period: Training Readiness, Future Force Development, and Interoperability

o assisted the commander in battle tracking the Troop during NTC OPFOR rotation; sent timely and accurate reports to higher command

o expertly applies his skills as a Patriot Master Gunner to oversee all Battery training and serve as a subject matter expert

o the only Battery First Sergeant in the battalion to pursue certification as a Tactical Control Assistant

o applies his Army knowledge to ready Soldiers for promotion boards, achieving a 100% pass rate during his entire term as 1SG

o demonstrated personal tact and ingenuity with sensitive personnel matters

o implemented STEP methodology using a full spectrum focus resulting in clear guidance and reduced IG investigation

o unmatched capability to recognize and balance operations and administrative actions to lead organizational transformation

o successfully implemented the new NCOER for the Brigade

o kept up to date with changes in the human resources field from both the national and state level

o reviewed approximately 100 NCOERs for the Brigade and provided feedback to all the admin NCOs

o successfully pushed all MILPO Orders and provided input to Battalion staff on correct formats and authorities

o supervised, planned, and conducted the Personnel Readiness Workshop, EPS boards, and six off-site RRT events

o engaged every task with the mindset of improving efficiency and quality

o model of sound judgment

o excelled as the NCOIC of the ED during extended absence of section leadership, seamlessly maintained operations with the ED

o assisted in the orientation and integration of new leaders within the ED; used experience to help train new NCOs to standard

o sought out by peers, subordinates and superiors for guidance due to his depth of knowledge

o mastered all METL tasks ahead of schedule; workcenter back to 100% qualified and deployable

o improvised to meet shipping deadline; coordinated with sister unit for resource sharing; adopted as new shop procedure

o brought innovation to equipment room; reorganized, doubled storage capacity without sacrificing equipment care

o identified lack of shielding as cause of intermittent failure; corrected chronic problem and saved thousands in repair parts and time

o maximized the use of automation to reduce workload and delays; new procedures adapted by the entire unit for admin processing

o organized internal command maintenance program resulting in a 98% operational readiness rate for all team assigned equipment

o expert SARSS technician; identified and solved system and software errors that would have impaired SSA operations and mission execution

o implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 900 man hours saved in six month period

o used tact and diplomacy when briefing Joint Service, Host Nation and Foreign Dignitaries while deployed; increased opportunities for cooperative training

o developed a unique and efficient approach for debriefing crewmembers returning from missions involving critically or fatally wounded soldiers

o revised and implemented the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP converting the inspected area from black to green

o synchronized a myriad of admin, logistics and training requirements to provide predictability and precise planning through a dynamic and enforced battle rhythm

o added theater specific trauma lanes to the Brigade CLS course: created a realistic training environment to over 2600 deploying Warriors

o demonstrated adaptability by transitioning from 2 different weapon systems within months notice

o procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System decreasing oxygen ressupply from two weeks to less than 72 hours

o possessed strong technical and operational knowledge in all facets of position held; superb results filling the Maintenance Control Sergeant slot for eight months

o assisted in the designing and planning of the expansion of FOB Salerno theater FARP and AHA; improved aircraft versatility and ammuntion storage capacity by 20%

o advanced through duty positions as Survey Team Member, Survey Team Chief, Reconnaissance NCO, and ultimately Operations NCO during his assignment with the 3rd CST(WMD)

o developed concepts of support, which integrated group's logistical capabilities, subsequently increasing unit efficiency by 20%

o used all available resources to accomplish all missions assigned; a no-nonsense NCO who produced concrete results

o analyzed and tracked enemy historical point of origin sites; assisted in effective enemy attack zone targeting, reduced IDF attacks by 40%

o unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results; reduced maintenance work order back log by 50% in less than 3 months

o embraced leadership roles with a primary focus on standards, counseling and MEDPROS; sacrificed family and personal time to resolve Soldiers' issues

o inherited a sub-standard Maintenance Control program; made improvements that exceeded Brigade standards

o displayed sound judgment as an NCO overseeing unit property book issues in the absence of a PBO officer

o extraordinary initiative; competent and proficient in all duties

o acted independently and without specific instructions; eliminated PMIS back log, first time in 3 years

o his invaluable experience and technical knowledge led to his selection and certification as a CPR instructor

o used initiative and aptitude to tackle and complete complex missions

o performed flawlessly as acting First Sergeant of NCO Academy consisting of ten BNCOC classes

o received an Army Achievement Medal for his timely processing of NCOERs

o selected for evaluation and verification of technical manuals at contractor level; increased reference accuracy, extended equipment life

o during the Fort Gordon Signal Symposium his section received laudatory comments from the Commanding General

o picked as section sergeant over five other SSGs

o received commendable rating as Training NCO during Battalion CIP

o developed and organized operational support for over 30 FTXs

o recognized with AAM for commendable performance during Secure Tactical Data Network IV

o received excellent evaluations for all nine rotational battalions for 11 separate events

o Crime Prevention Program rated best on the installation by the Provost Marshall's Office

o received award for his part in the first ever MSE deployment to Fort Hood, Texas

o ensured a rapid and a professional deployment of individual teams for the area of operations during OIF II

o conducted over 70 aeromedical evacuation missions achieving maximum results while flying over 250 combat hours

o his knowledge and efforts to improve himself and the NCO Corps were key in his being recommended for promotion to Staff Sergeant

o achieves exceptional results in regards to mission accomplishment 100% of the time

o assisted Tobyhanna Army Depot maintenance team; replaced azimuth motor electric brake assembly; solved satellite autotrack failure

o responded to 55 IEDs that the Iraq Security Forces reported; helped secure the surrounding area until the IEDs were neutralized

o selected to perform duties as Platoon Sergeant; obtained excellent results

o exceeded course standards with academic average of 98% at Battle Staff NCO School

o extremely competent; performs all assigned duties above standards

o maximized the use of automation; developed procedures adapted by the entire unit for admin, training, and deployability

o earned a rating of "exceeds the standard" on three additional duty areas during command inspections

o received excellent rating on NBC during Brigade Command inspection

o self-starter; displays a high degree of initiative

o selected as Distinguished Honor Graduate for BNCOC, Fort Sill, Oklahoma

o organized internal team command maintenance program resulting in a 98% operational readiness rate for all team assigned equipment

o selected as Platoon Sergeant; a Sergeant First Class position

o extremely competent; performed all duties above expected standards and expectations

o received commendable ratings during all Brigade Command Inspections

o commended by the Battalion Commander for his flawless execution of Physical Training

o expert SARSS technician; helped identify and solve system and software errors that would have impaired SSA operations and mission execution

o demonstrated outstanding flexibility throughout multiple cycles of increased student attendance; resulted in a seamless level of instruction, demonstration, and training

o possessed a tremendous knowledge base in linguistics, which contributed to the mission almost everyday

o highly knowledgeable and experienced NCO; demonstrated tactical and technical proficiency during four dismounted live fires and a mounted gunnery rotation

o competence and ability unequaled; stands out among his peers as a tactical trainer who drew from his combat experience for first-rate training to new Soldiers

o task-oriented and detail-minded; completed assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and thoughtful decisions

o selected by BN leadership over two MSG's to work as the BN Battle NCO due to his attention to detail, individual experience, and technical and tactical competence

o as a BTL CPT, ensured the timely and accurate tracking of over 300 patrols moving in and through the Battalion's OE, providing support and current operational updates

o supervised the battery howitzer sections' safe and accurate firing of over 150 rounds of illumination in support of area-denial operations in Maysan Province

o diligently planned, resourced and executed over ten PSD security missions; his professionalism and dedication were key to the sucess of each of his missions

o demonstrated the knowledge to instruct and make sound decisions

o displayed the ability to perform at a level of greater responsibility in the absense of his supervisor

o maintained readiness by completing 100% of all mandatory training and classes in a timely manner

o displayed outstanding organizational abilities; ensured the maintenance and upkeep of 11 wheeled vehicles and trailers with a property book value of $1,109,401

o absolute quality performance in MOS task

o provided outstanding admin support to Bravo Company Soldiers, 101st Civil Affairs Battalion prior to, at Mob station, and during their deployment.

o constantly seeks self-improvement; always willing to grow, learn, and improve

o selected to train the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force during Desert Storm

o selected by scuba Team to train 1st Group Pre-scuba course

o received five outstanding classroom evaluations during this report period

o implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 900 man hours saved in six month period

o reduced waiting period for Computerized Tomography exams from 2 months to 1 day

o ranked third in the FORSCOM maintenance excellence award program

o selected over peers to be cross-trained for the next Motor Sergeant position

o always displayed a high degree of technical knowledge of maintenance

o achieved an outstanding rating on 3 out of 4 command inspections, best in the battalion

o organized, equipped and deployed six inspection teams to the USSR

o received a commendable rating in publications management during Brigade Organizational Inspection

o earned M60 MG Master which placed him in the top 10% of the Division's NCOs

o earned Recruiter Gold Badge at Colorado Springs post in less than 12 months

o served as the senior medical advisor in support of tactical convoy operations and close quarters combat live fire ranges during OIF 2

o dexterity and competence led to his selection as a Flight Instructor over 6 of his peers for the unit's Aircrew Training Program

o earned a third Air Medal for his exemplary performance in combat and dedication to duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom

o assisted in medical evacuation of over 2,000 U.S. and Multi-National Coalition soldiers from MNC-I Forward Operating Bases

o his tactical proficiency was continually sought after by subordinates and superiors; persistently incorporated his former combat experiences to improve unit operations

o managed all aviation maintenance enabling his team to amass over 600 combat flight hours maintaining an OR rate of over 95%

o his professionalism and duty performance in combat during Operation Just Cause earned him an Air Medal

o maintained all certifications required for transition to 91W

o supervised the processing of 1,000 military police reports with zero errors

o demonstrated the ability to perform at a level of greater responsibility in the absense of supervision

o has an extensive knowledgebase from previous deployments and does not hesitate to highlight lessons learned

o vital asset in the platoon for being knowledgable and persistent

o analyzed and tracked enemy historical point of origin sites; his input assisted in lethal targeting of enemy attack zones reducing IDF attacks by 40%

o unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results

o makes sound decisions; takes responsibility for his actions

o earned commendable ratings on all HAZMAT and Safety inspections

o his knowledge and tactical expertise while attached to an Infantry Company has equated to success in over 30 combat missions

o received 90 percent rating on his Instructor Evaluations

o first unit NCO to earn I Corps Distinguished Leader by demonstrating outstanding leadership skills

o selected ahead of peers to attend PLDC

o competence and ability unequaled; stands out among his peers

o possesses the ability to make sound decisions with precision and accuracy

o accepted all obstacles as challenges; accepts nothing less than total success

o received ARCOM for development of unit MOS library

o awarded TRADOC Certificate of Achievement for First Quarter 03 reenlistment

o completed Signal Leadership Course, Special Forces Operations Course by correspondence during this period

o received commendable rating during annual CIP for Unit Fire Marshall duties

o recognized for outstanding performance during the Follow on Test and Evaluation (FOT&E)

o developed a database program for security that was implemented as brigade standard

o received the Brigade Disciplinary Award twice for unit excellence

o received commendable rating as 1SG in all areas during the Battalion Command Inspection

o selected from among 80 other NCOs as National Defense Transportation Association NCO of the Year

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