Intellect NCOER Bullet Comments

Mental Ability, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal Tact, Expertise

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o demonstrated excellent technical and tactical knowledge as a squad leader ensuring all tasks were completed in a timely manner

o ensured mission success by keeping his team prepped and ready for each mission

o always took initiative to ensure all mission requirements were achieved

o his coaching recommendations have been adopted by Active Duty and Army National Guard Units to improve their TACSOP

o completed six semester hours towards Bachelors degree in Sports and Health Science; maintained a 3.0 GPA

o attained commendable rating on XVIII ABN CORPS ORA Company-Level Training Management and ABCP inspections

o supported and enforced COVID-19 policies and procedures; resulted in zero positive cases and 94% vaccination rate

o used all available resources to support the new individual weapons qualification course (IWQ); qualified over 90% of the company

o assessed situations rapidly and then developed and implemented logical courses of action

o established a battle rhythm conducive to mission success; optimized available resources

o completed DLC 2 within 30 days of being enrolled

o developed and implemented digital and analog trackers for the G6 while deployed

o created and implemented a paralegal training program; improved the efficiency and operations of 30 mobilizing USAR and ARNG legal offices

o improvised to meet shipping deadline; coordinated with sister unit for resource sharing; adopted as new shop procedure

o exploited her experience as CBRN NCO; obtained the isopropyl alcohol needed to conduct 127 tests with the Protective Assessment Test System

o salvaged parts for two mission critical STTs; resulted in 100% equipment validation and mission success during CSTX 86-19-03

o obtained certification as a tactical commander of 11 military vehicles; improved unit mobility and ensured additional manning resources were available

o modified NSN repair parts to work on TPE Gators and Polaris when civilian parts were unavailable; prevented conditions from limiting the mission

o used all available resources and support to eliminate delays in GCSS-Army processing; sustained organizational aviation maintenance capabilities

o exploited overlooked local resources; made real-time accurate information available to planners for first time

o sought method to provide shade from the extreme heat; obtained camo screen from DLA, prevented additional expenditure

o assumed role of UPL NCOIC during the absence of leadership; tested two Battalions with zero deficiencies noted on turnover of samples to the state lab

o completed Structured Self Development Two (SSD-2) and used that experience to aid several Soldiers in doing the same prior to the promotion board

o prepared for the Commander's Maintenance Evaluation Team, executed all tasks while remaining flexible; passed all inspections and audits

o resolved all NIPR/SIPR networking issues during the Tactical Action Center's support to operations OSS, OIR, ORS; restored vital communications

o placed as the Housing POC, she developed a tracking system for over 400 incoming requests; improved follow-up and resolution of complaints

o offered leadership a range of solutions to problems; reduced delays and facilitated choice of course of action

o provided input to BTRY leadership; minimized faults in the actions and awards tracking process

o cross-trained five other Soldiers to handle orderly room operations in his absence; sustained operations and maintained information flow with BN

o conducted duties as a Rapid Deployment Container Inspector; inspected 50 Containers to ensure efficiency and durability prior to deployment to JRTC 20-01

o completed SSD II in a timely manner; set himself up for career success

o understood subordinate actions as a reflection of his leadership; consistently analyzed personal actions to ensure a good example was set

o reduced Arms Room shortages in COEI/BII by over $120,000 through accurate tracking and tenacious acquisitions

o completed Phase II and III of 12N ALC with a combined average of 92.82%

o incorporated a highly improved administrative processing system; effectively streamlined over 540 Soldier actions

o completed six semester hours of college toward his bachelors degree; maintained a 3.8 GPA

o provided critical insight to the command during the company restructure; maintained morale and discipline despite turmoil

o technically proficient Instructor; successfully instructed and graduated four 92m10 courses with an overall GPA of 92.3%

o completed 31 credit hours towards a Bachelors degree in Education; maintained a 3.3 GPA

o completed 150 resident military education hours and implemented that knowledge into his classroom

o improvised to meet shipping deadline; coordinated with sister unit for resource sharing; adopted as new shop procedure

o brought innovation to equipment room; reorganized, doubled storage capacity without sacrificing equipment care

o identified lack of shielding as cause of intermittent failure; corrected chronic problem and saved thousands in repair parts and time

o maximized the use of automation to reduce workload and delays; new procedures adapted by the entire unit for admin processing

o organized internal command maintenance program resulting in a 98% operational readiness rate for all team assigned equipment

o expert SARSS technician; identified and solved system and software errors that would have impaired SSA operations and mission execution

o implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 900 man hours saved in six month period

o used tact and diplomacy when briefing Joint Service, Host Nation and Foreign Dignitaries while deployed; increased opportunities for cooperative training

o developed a unique and efficient approach for debriefing crewmembers returning from missions involving critically or fatally wounded soldiers

o revised and implemented the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP converting the inspected area from black to green

o synchronized a myriad of admin, logistics and training requirements to provide predictability and precise planning through a dynamic and enforced battle rhythm

o added theater specific trauma lanes to the Brigade CLS course: created a realistic training environment to over 2600 deploying Warriors

o demonstrated adaptability by transitioning from 2 different weapon systems within months notice

o procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System decreasing oxygen ressupply from two weeks to less than 72 hours

o possessed strong technical and operational knowledge in all facets of position held; superb results filling the Maintenance Control Sergeant slot for eight months

o assisted in the designing and planning of the expansion of FOB Salerno theater FARP and AHA; improved aircraft versatility and ammuntion storage capacity by 20%

o advanced through duty positions as Survey Team Member, Survey Team Chief, Reconnaissance NCO, and ultimately Operations NCO during his assignment with the 3rd CST(WMD)

o developed concepts of support, which integrated group's logistical capabilities, subsequently increasing unit efficiency by 20%

o used all available resources to accomplish all missions assigned; a no-nonsense NCO who produced concrete results

o analyzed and tracked enemy historical point of origin sites; assisted in effective enemy attack zone targeting, reduced IDF attacks by 40%

o unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results; reduced maintenance work order back log by 50% in less than 3 months

o embraced leadership roles with a primary focus on standards, counseling and MEDPROS; sacrificed family and personal time to resolve Soldiers' issues

o inherited a sub-standard Maintenance Control program; made improvements that exceeded Brigade standards

o selected from among peers to become the Army's first C-20 flight engineer; expanded crew capabilities immediately

o revised examination procedures for crew members, incorporated low light requirements, improved mission readiness

o tactfully managed problems of leading a task force of over 300 US and Thai soldiers; increased cooperation increased experience for both sides

o demonstrated outstanding aptitude for recruiting operations and administrative functions necessary for success as a RRNCO

o used time wisely, consistently excelled at completing assigned tasks on time to meet critical deadlines

o developed the first-ever maintenance SOP, created a standardized system for the Iraqi Border Patrol

o his organizational skills and attention to detail enhanced overall unit effectiveness

o established company and battalion level battle drills while adapting to evolving enemy TTPs

o his sound judgment and tactical savvy kept his crew alive during 33 IED attacks and his keen eye found another 7 IEDs before detonation

o displayed outstanding interpersonal communication skills by developing a rapport with the DOD civilian run range control to achieve a 96% reservation acceptance rate

o technically and tactically proficient Master Gunner; supervised over 200 ranges and qualifications across the brigade

o wrote the GrantHeard Dictionary, an invaluable reference used in ROTC BNs across the country

o battery named best at ground defense by the Commanding General at Ft Sill

o commended by USAREUR IG for NCO Certification Program established for the Bn

o received DIA commendations for his contributions to the POW-MIA National Data Base

o prioritized travel of all replacements during Operation Scorched Earth meeting 100% of DA requirements

o quick response and medical skills saved six soldiers' lives during Operation Mine Shaft

o knowledge of PDF Order-Of-Battle enhanced this unit's capabilities for Operation Polar Strike

o won Third Region Soldier of the Year Competition

o won highly competitive role model award from Federally Employed Women, Adelphi Chapter

o was first to identify AACS as breeding ground for Aedas Aldopictus Mosquito

o rated Best Wrecker Operator in the Brigade by the Commander

o technically and tactically proficient Master Gunner; supervised over 200 ranges and qualifications across the brigade

o spearheaded renovations for over twenty B-HUT's with limited time and resources to accommodate living area shortages for brigade personnel in OEF

o surpassed the Brigade's retention goals by 110%

o won the Fort Sheridan land navigation course competition

o received ARCOM for Best Contact Maintenance vehicle during Corps Logistic Inspection

o received Battalion rating of Excellence for OPFOR leader in company Field Training Exercise

o received ACOE Customer Service Excellence Award in September 2009

o selected over 22 SFCs to be the Senior Instructor of Jumpmaster Branch

o considered to be the best First Sergeant by all outside organizations we deal with

o his intelligence reports cited by Pentagon analysts as the most relevant in 10 years

o selected for induction into the Sergeant Morales Club

o honor graduate from the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course

o continually improved technical and Cyber skills knowledge, completing over 200 hours of classroom training; enhanced Cyber Mission Team effectiveness by 6%

o provided valuable input for more than ## intelligence reports; aided in identifying intelligence trends and needs throughout the operating environment

o ensured approval of 5628 range and land requests enabling repetitive certifications on various weapons systems and operations training for over 15,000 personnel

o flawlessly devised and developed a plan to prep and deploy two UH-60 helicopters and all required equipment to JRTC rotation 15-06 in support of 1/82 BCT

o selected to serve as the PSG on multiple occasions due to his superior abilities and competency resulting in sustained operations and flawless mission continuation

o continually sought after by seniors, peers and subordinates throughout the BN as the sole point of contact for Automated Logistics related issues and systems training

o inducted into both the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and Honorable Order of Saint Barbara for his competence as Leader and Lifetime accomplishments in the ADA

o tediously monitored Quality System standards and maintained a 1% zero balance rate, exceeding the TRADOC objective of no more than 10 percent

o continually sought after by seniors, peers and subordinates throughout the BN as the sole point of contact for Automated Logistics related issues and systems training

o embraced leadership roles tenaciously with a primary focus on standards, counseling and MEDPROS; sacrificed family and personal time to resolve Soldier's issues

o earned an Associates Degree in General Studies during this rating period; diligent in pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science with a current GPA of 3.76

o a sufficiently knowledgeable and resourceful Noncommissioned Officer; used all available resources to successfully deliver daily instruction

o received into the Order of Saint Martin by the USAREUR G4 for his cumulative contributions to USAREUR and the 172D Infantry Brigade

o provided logistical advice; supervised the initial fielding of 22 trucks, ammunition, uniforms, and other MTOE to Iraqi Security Battalion

o completed over 50 combat missions while assigned to an Infantry Company in the Sunni Triangle during OIF 03-06

o inherited a sub-standard Maintenance Control program; made improvements that exceeded Brigade standards

o qualified expert with the M16A2 and SAW

o delegated effectively; developed his subordinates to lead

o extremely competent and dedicated NCO

o developed, implemented the Iraqi Border Police's Maintenance, Driver's Training and Dispatching programs

o very resourceful and innovative NCO

o accomplished 120 of 145 upgrade/qualification tasks; 75% completed on three airframes--ahead of peers

o conducted 16 sniper missions to limit terrorist movement in the Company AO; decreased IED activity by 50%

o consistently displayed sound mature judgment

o task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and thoughtful decisions

o maximized limited resources to achieve excellent results; has outstanding situational awareness and organizational skills

o commended by the Battalion Commander for his Leaderbook; now used as an example for others to follow

o outstanding Battle Staff skills; key to success of platoon and company operations

o improved Battalion supply, maintenance, and financial programs; produced a 20% increase in equipment serviceability rates

o earned runner up for 1st Armored Division NCO of the year award

o chosen as Observer Controller to assist an FSB which resulted in a successful JRTC rotation

o committed to excellence; anything less is unacceptable

o sent three Soldiers to five XX courses; amplified mission requirements and enhanced XX analytical capabilities

o possessed versatile XX knowledge and XX expertise; superbly handled two additional duties

o used exceptionally sound judgment and diplomacy when addressing command climate survey with command team

o made sound decisions with precision and accuracy; a force multiplier

o demonstrated maturity and leadership as acting First Sergeant, led the unit through turbulent times

o excelled as First Sergeant when company 1SG was absent

o recognized by Battalion CSM for excellent performance as acting First Sergeant

o selected above peers to act as 1SG

o assigned as the NCOIC of the company-level Quality Control section due to his technical and tactical expertise

o orchestrated an efficient maintenance plan which recovered 15 UH60A aircraft upon redeployment from OEF and OIF

o sought self-improvement through correspondence courses while deployed during OIF II

o selected for promotion to Sergeant First Class from the secondary zone

o completed 24 semester hours while maintaining a 3.4 GPA

o achieved 100% SIDPERS timeliness for 12 consecutive months; awarded Army Achievement Medal

o maintained an 85% solve rate on investigative actions; above USACIDC's goal!

o scored a perfect score of 1000 points on Tank Table VIII as Tank Commander

o reduced Qualified Not Enlisted rate from 10 percent to all time low of 2.8 percent

o led a highly successful isolated unit 400 miles from supervision and support at Fort Stewart

Needs Improvement

o struggled to maintain focus and productivity when multitasking; overwhelmed when working unfamiliar tasks

o displayed poor judgment in Basic Leader Course; received a dismissal for committing academic dishonesty

o failed to prioritize workload and use effective time management; showed little motivation to adapt to the work environment

o refused to seek out new experience and professional growth; failed to develop his tactical and technical knowledge to improve his responsibilities

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