LEADERSHIP NCOER Bullet Comment Examples

When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally.
—Lao Tse

o a passionate and dedicated leader, trusted by Soldiers and leaders for her integrity and commitment to excellence

o supervised and rehabilitated subordinate Soldier who was on the ABCP; resulted in the Soldier losing more than 5% body fat, and created lasting, life enhancing results

o supported the SHARP program by participating in a half marathon during SHARP awareness month; finished in the top 20%

o managed three Soldiers to complete mission requirements and taskings; which provided the utmost support to his chain of command

o consistently maintained communication with his team between Battle Assembly ensuring information was disseminated and that their well being was in good standing

o superior mind/attitude in team building enhanced the platoon's 26 Soldiers warrior ethos and Army motto

o provides outstanding leadership and guidance as Detachment Readiness NCO

o understood the socio-economic environment; convened a special council consisting of key junior NCOs to address and provide solutions affecting Soldiers' Families

o inculcates all Army team members with the Warrior Spirit; Soldiers, civilians, families and Army supervised contractors

o committed to seeing his section succeed in all missions by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers, while completing 100% of all tasks

o experienced NCO whose technical and tactical knowledge proved invaluable on command maintenance for mission readiness

o sought perfection; constantly accomplished all duties with great accuracy and timeliness

o managed platoon C.R.E.W. systems; prior to each mission during Iraq draw down

o volunteered to evaluate 319th ESB's cable section at Fort Bliss in preparation for their deployment to Afghanistan

o always strives to gain knowledge as a leader to become more proficient at being an NCO

o constantly took advantage of all available time to mentor his subordinates on mission essential tasks to develop younger, inexperienced Soldiers

o continually putting together events for his platoon; boosting morale and building cohesion within the platoon and their families thru dinners and other activities

o coached 3 Soldiers in small arms marksmanship after Soldiers failed to qualify; resulted in first time goes on the very next small arms range

o selected as the NCOIC of a 15 member pit crew lane, which inspected over 120 vehicles to 10-20 standard and made ready for ship

o displays a genuine concern for all soldiers, by staying late after drill to help two Soldiers fix maintenance issues on their POV, saving them time and money

o selected as squad leader, a position two ranks above his own and ahead of peers, without any short comings

o actively sought out responsibility and was chosen over his peers to serve as the Detachment SGT for eight weeks while Detachment SGT attended NCOES school

o embodies the the total package as a leader; the best of the best

o lead his squad through the platoon STX training; his leadership impacted his squad by his squad receiving 90% go's during the battalion EIB training course

o selected over seven NCOs, five his senior, to serve as Platoon Sergeant for the Support Operations section

o exemplified the terms initiative, leadership, and devotion to duty by volunteering over 200 hours of mentorship to Soldiers and NCOs

o sought out daily by superiors and subordinates for direction and guidance

o trained briefing teams on mobilization / demobilization briefings and proper usage of presentation equipment and software

o eager to share knowledge and experience; key to her section's 100% operational readiness

o ensured her Soldiers were proficient and trained in AWT, weapons qualification and MOS related skills

o supervised and assisted nine companies with the integration of over 500 pieces of equipment into the RESET program with no deficiencies

o leads by example, he's first on a job site and the last to leave; a good example of what an NCO should be

o influenced and mentored his two soldiers to complete Warrior leader Course and one made the commandant list

o made well informed decisions; provided his Soldiers with an environment conducive to effective training

o puts the Army, the mission and subordinates first before his own personal interests

o willingly sharing his knowledge and insight directly contributed to preparing soldiers for future deployments/contigency operations

o exceeding the Battalion standard, he trained three soldiers to achieve an average score of 279

o supervised and instructed three Soldiers and twenty Afghan Local Nationals contracted to perform construction projects

o instructed Soldiers to perform duty of guarding Local Nationals, ensuring thorough knowledge of Escalation of Force while providing considerate and fair treatment

o gained working knowledge of local language in order to facilitate effective communication between Soldiers and Afghan Local Nationals

o sound management style and procedures inspire peers and subordinates

o sets stringent, yet achievable, performance standards for subordinates.

o a true mission oriented leader

o Unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results

o enrolled every soldier in his platoon in the CLEP Program to earn college credit

o implemented maintenance program that increased the ICP Brigade's overall operational readiness rate from 20% to over 80% in 8 months

o united a team of active duty, reserve and National Guard soldiers into one cohesive organization

o performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results

o coached soldiers to win both Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter Boards

o performed exceptionally well while leading soldiers in difficult, constantly changing combat operations

o actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains to excel in common Task Skills

o demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted nothing less than quality results

o led his section to repel two RPG and machine gun attacks against Iraqi Security Forces during the Ghadir holiday

o led PT failures to 90 percent first time go on APFT

o trained Brigade Maintenance Officer on maintenance reporting and supervised him while he trained his maintenance staff

o committed to providing the best quality of life and training for soldiers

o set the example by winning the hearts and minds of the local nationals and treating detainees with dignity and respect

o consistently leads from the front in training

o led platoon to highest APFT average in Battalion

o leads by example; doesn’t misuse authority

o selected by commander to perform high profile and difficult missions

o distinguished himself above his peers with his initiative and unmatched technical expertise while continuing to learn from others

o selected for 1SG position over other SFC(P)

o outstanding motivator of soldiers; gets superior results

o led by example while executing over 22 challenging combat missions; conducted thorough PCIs to ensure his Soldiers were always ready

o consistently developed new ways to improve logistic training and SOP development; ensured the Iraqi Security Forces had a foundation to build upon

o displays a genuine concern for soldiers

o motivated his soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as individuals and as a squad

o inspires self-improvement in subordinates

See FM 6-22 Army Leadership Appendix A for more Leadership bullet comments

Needs Improvement

o constantly needs to be monitored to ensure deadlines are being met

o tends to pass off responsibility of negative observations onto junior subordinates

o exercised poor judgment during off-duty hours; cited for driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated

o exhibited strong inability to lead; showed no focus on future goals

o failed to set the example, driving with junior Soldier in POV after driving privileges were revoked

o demonstrated poor leadership by failing to execute movement timeline which delayed unit transition

o displayed questionable leadership ability; failed to set the example for peers and subordinates through unlawful use of alcohol in a deployed environment

o occasionally failed to prevent off duty conduct from interfering with daily personal accountability; resulted in counseling and professional development involvement

o questionable leadership ability; failed to set the example for junior NCOs and Soldiers

o relieved for misconduct, conduct inconsistent with Army Values

o left his squad unsupervised during Annual Training to operate the masonry saw station; a task typically assigned to a subordinate

o Soldier's flaccid leadership style degraded squad moral by failing to provide guidance, support or confidence to his subordinates

o avoided responsibility whenever possible

o demonstrated a lack of leadership skill; lacks the confidence, managerial skills, and ability to make immediate decisions without supervisor's guidance

o displayed a lack of ability to delegate tasks to subordinates

o her behavior, lack of discipline and failure to follow orders consistently disrupted daily operations in the EWO section and the Tactical Operation Center (TOC)

o performance fluctuated based on emotional outbursts; fostered a toxic environment in her section

o aggressively attacked the missions that seemed important to her

o does not use his free time to improve his knowledge of his MOS to become a more efficent and better leader

o his personal demeanor needs to improve to reflect favorably on the Military Police and NCO Corps

o betrays the trust and loyalty of peers and subordinates alike

o fails to take responsibility for the actions of soldiers under his charge

o places his own personal welfare before that of his subordinates

o fails to live up to the Army values and places no moral emphasis on the Warriors ethos

o lacks the moral conscience of an Army leader

o apprehensive in the face of moral adversity

o is a positive and effective leader but needs more confidence with making immediate decisions without supervisors guidance

o received verbal and written counseling to finish pre-mob training

o needs to respect and follow lawful orders from all superiors in the chain of command regardless of personal thoughts regarding the order

o received verbal and written counseling for insubordination and unprofessional behavior

o lacks enthusiasm for teaching subordinates

o sometimes does not understand the importance of his position; leadership and managerial skills need improvement to qualify for next rank

o sets low expectations and fails to achieve them

o fails to follow up on delegated tasks

o always sought the advice of his subordinates rather than issuing directives when given a task

o failed to mentor his subordinate junior leaders with effective and timely counseling

o exhibited strong ability to lead Soldiers, but often lacked the communication skills and tact required of an effective and credible NCO

o is a positive and effective leader but may need more experience before...

o exhibits strong ability to lead, should now focus on staff skills and communication

o is sometimes unaware of operational picture and often leaves subordinates unsupervised

o needs to realize importance of tact when questioning orders and effect on platoon

o leadership and managerial skills need improvement to qualify for next rank

o had poor rapport with his subordinates and was ineffectual in supervision or delegation of responsibilities

o lagged behind contemporaries in...

o was ineffective and provided no useful guidance

o failed to maintain standards and allowed his workcenter rating to decrease from Excellent to Satisfactory

o perception of favoritism affected morale and discipline within the section

o lacks initiative and managerial skills

o lacks enthusiasm in his duties and has no pride in his performance

o failed to develop subordinates; did not perform mandatory NCO-ER performance counseling

o failed to consistently inspect soldiers and their equipment, decreased unit readiness

o mediocre staff skills contributed to mediocre results during inspection

o fails to understand the importance of his position, avoids responsibility when possible

o avoids responsibility and is a negative influence on his section

o occasional challenge of authority affects his leadership ability with Soldiers

o demonstrates outstanding leadership and management skills but should work on staff skills

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