Leads NCOER Bullet Comments

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence beyond the chain of command, Leads by example, Communication

o volunteered on many occasions to teach impromptu medical classes to subordinates

o seized opportunities to illustrate her point; turned mistakes into learning events

o contacted Navy leadership to investigate chronic failures at Bahrain Tech Control; established communication, poised for improvement

o faced an unpopular but necessary decision and persuaded team to support it

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o took an inherited unsatisfactory section to a commendable rating at JRTC

o conducted review before event; led platoon to achieve a 100% first time go on M16 qualification

o confident leader that worked with senior level leaders to quickly solve complex issues that impact daily installation BCT operations

o inspects her soldiers' individual weapons regularly and provides on the spot corrections where needed

o focused on Soldiers' well-being and development and resisted abusing the privilege of being in charge

o tactful leader and motivator with the ability to overcome difficult challenges

o motivated three soldiers to achieve Soldier of the Quarter

o empowered and developed Soldiers by removing all obstacles to their efforts and trusting them with critical tasks

o demonstrated patience and the ability to articulate clearly so all soldiers understand the training event

o mentored and trained two Soldiers to receive promotion recommendations and advancement to the next level of responsibility

o always took initiative to ensure all mission requirements were achieved

o demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief; increased productivity by 40%

o developed creative management initiatives

o leads by example, led team into Iraq to recover a downed Air Force pilot during Desert Storm

o counseled 21 students through rating period, 100% graduated, 3 honored

o performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results

o actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains to excel in Common Task Skills

o demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted nothing less than quality results

o led PT failures to 90 percent first time go on APFT

o ensured 100% of assigned personnel qualified on individual/crew served weapons with over 50% firing expert

o trained and deployed half the team as a separate unit and then quickly integrated with other unit members; a true team player

o led platoon to Distinguished Marksmanship Platoon honors during annual battalion shooting competition

o motivated squad to place first in the 9 mile road march during company level squad competition

o led company to current first place standing in Post Commanders Cup intramural sports competition

o inspired NCOs to excellence; 26 soldiers received the CINC EUSA Distinguished Leadership Award Leadership Course

o motivated his soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as individuals and as a squad

o inspired self-improvement and confidence in subordinates

o demonstrated sound and mature judgment and confident patience

o committed to providing the best quality of life for soldiers

o outstanding motivator of soldiers; inspired platoon to consistently exceed standards

o mentored one soldier to become I Corp PLDC honor graduate

o demonstrated sincere care for soldiers by inspiring and developing performance through counseling

o influenced soldiers to accomplish all assigned missions

o mentored one NCO to be nominated for membership into Sergeant Audie Murphy Board

o a real leader, gives 110 percent; demands soldiers' best and looks out for their needs

o demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief

o self sacrificing; a real team player

o implemented program to increase leaders confidence as Convoy Protection Platform Commanders

o routinely sought by other NCOs for advice and guidance

o developed soldiers through positive counseling, coaching, and mentoring

o his devotion to duty is always evident

o instilled a mission-first attitude; motivates entire unit to do the same

o inspired unit to consistently exceed training standards

o always placed mission first; unquestionable devotion to duty

o sought perfection; accomplished all duties with great accuracy and timeliness

o sets high standards and promotes excellence

o displays genuine concern for soldiers

o outstanding as a squad leader; an E-6 position

o directly responsible for supervising the unit's orderly room; received commendable rating during Cl

Needs Improvement

o Soldier did not advocate for nor take advantage of any leadership opportunities; actively avoided such challenges

o set one of the worst examples of leadership in the Unit and was generally distrusted by seniors, peers, and subordinates

o negatively affected Unit retention numbers; Soldiers that worked with him often went AWOL or would not reenlist because of his conduct

o NCO was a corrosive leader who undermined Unit discipline, created a toxic work environment, and reduced Unit cohesion and effectiveness

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