Leads NCOER Bullet Comments

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence beyond the chain of command, Leads by example, Communication

o empowered subordinates; allowed them to take on greater responsibilities, increasing task understanding and proficiency

o instructed medics on how to tactfully and effectively conduct medical treatment in tactical situations in an urban environment during table training

o mentally tough leader who multitasked and controlled positions far exceeding his own during analytical AT operations with BN

o mentored two team leaders on how to effectively lead and train Soldiers in classroom and operational environments

o displayed self-control and maintained composure when the situation became difficult and persevered with confidence

o mentally tough; was able to manage numerous tasks at once; recognized as the best logistician competitor

o spearheaded a new Garrison recycling program resulting in over 633 tons of recycled material and a 396% improvement

o worked with DPW establishing a future plan for the 15 barracks buildings to allow the installation to improve customer service

o oversaw the improvement of LRC and Obstacle Course resulting in the immediate throughput of over 100 personnel

o will tackle any issue head on, leadership and subordinates alike know that any problem will receive swift resolution

o created and structured the Special Operations Recruiting Detachment for 19th SFG(A)

o sought to provide insight and recommendations to USSASOC for national SF recruiting strategy

o instructed the platoon in how to tactfully and effectively move through an urban area as a squad size element during Soldiers' Common Task Training

o displayed outstanding leadership during her duties as Assistant Convoy Commander resulting in 100% mission success

o maintained vigilant contact with all detachment Soldiers and was always aware of detachment readiness and individual Soldier needs

o inspired leadership in others; encouraged subordinates to take initiative while he continued to provide guidance as needed

o empowered Soldiers by delegating critical tasks and trusting them with the results

o has strong leadership attributes; guided and developed his team to achieve best repair rate in SWA

o risked personal injury to save M1038 during a fuel-fed fire; prevented $3M loss of assets/readiness

o met challenges head on; displayed courage, conviction and professionalism daily

o involved with Soldiers; worked long hours ensuring newly assigned Soldiers were properly trained and understood the company mission

o led a combined effort with UAESOC to conduct 16 combat reconnaissance patrols which improved area security and coalition partner relations

o guided the platoon through the transition from squad gunnery to platoon mounted gunnery to a company CTE with only three days between each event

o identified motivation problems; corrected, produced incalculable savings in manpower and budget

o stressed basic concepts of attention to detail during training, emphasized personal responsibilities and teamwork

o fostered a climate of dignity and respect and adhered to the SHARP program

o mature manager; corrected long-standing discipline problems; reassigned two Soldiers; restored section morale and productivity

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o coached battalion biathlon team which won division

o developed and executed the Division EIB testing

o coached green National Guard unit to max First Army training evaluation

o displayed self-control and maintained composure when the situation became difficult

o established a workplace and overall command climate that fostered dignity and respect for all members of the group

o dedicated to mission accomplishment with no deviation from standards; never accepts substandard performance from subordinate leaders

o imparted invaluable guidance on the SHARP program to his Soldiers; provided safety measures during weekend safety briefing

o facilitated prevention of sexual harassment by executing character-focused training to ensure Soldiers were able to recognize subtle violators

o selected to serve as company First Sergeant on multiple occasions; ensured 100 percent accountability, readiness, and cohesion of 70 Soldiers

o prepared four Soldiers in his platoon for WLC resulting in one earning distinguished honor graduate and three earning commandants list honors

o took charge of his platoon and an Italian engineer platoon, resulting in successful bridge reconnaissance during a airborne mass tactical exercise

o supported the Army's SHARP program by fostering an environment free of harassment through training and by his own example

o fostered an environment which promoted accountability of SHARP violators and protection for Soldiers and assault victims

o served as the First Sergeant for two months; seamlessly transitioned into his new role managing 60 Soldiers as they each prepared to PCS or ETS Leadership Course

o actively sought out responsibility and was chosen over his peers to serve as the Detachment SGT for eight weeks while Detachment SGT attended NCOES school

o embodies the the total package as a leader; the best of the best

o lead his squad through the platoon STX training; his leadership impacted his squad by his squad receiving 90% go's during the battalion EIB training course

o selected over seven NCOs, five his senior, to serve as Platoon Sergeant for the Support Operations section

o exemplified the terms initiative, leadership, and devotion to duty by volunteering over 200 hours of mentorship to Soldiers and NCOs

o sought out daily by superiors and subordinates for direction and guidance

o trained briefing teams on mobilization / demobilization briefings and proper usage of presentation equipment and software

o eager to share knowledge and experience; key to her section's 100% operational readiness

o ensured her Soldiers were proficient and trained in AWT, weapons qualification and MOS related skills

o supervised and assisted nine companies with the integration of over 500 pieces of equipment into the RESET program with no deficiencies

o leads by example, he's first on a job site and the last to leave; a good example of what an NCO should be

o influenced and mentored his two soldiers to complete Warrior leader Course and one made the commandant list

o made well informed decisions; provided his Soldiers with an environment conducive to effective training

o puts the Army, the mission and subordinates first before his own personal interests

o willingly sharing his knowledge and insight directly contributed to preparing soldiers for future deployments/contigency operations

o exceeding the Battalion standard, he trained three soldiers to achieve an average score of 279

o supervised and instructed three Soldiers and twenty Afghan Local Nationals contracted to perform construction projects

o instructed Soldiers to perform duty of guarding Local Nationals, ensuring thorough knowledge of Escalation of Force while providing considerate and fair treatment

o gained working knowledge of local language in order to facilitate effective communication between Soldiers and Afghan Local Nationals

o sound management style and procedures inspire peers and subordinates

o sets stringent, yet achievable, performance standards for subordinates.

o a true mission oriented leader

Needs Improvement

o led only when directed to; needed to take initiative for leading Soldiers he is responsible for

o adversely affected the state of readiness by not having personnel and vehicle information ready prior to SP

o incapable of conducting recruiting duties during the majority of the rated period; removed from a position of special trust

o Soldier did not advocate for nor take advantage of any leadership opportunities; actively avoided such challenges

o set one of the worst examples of leadership in the Unit and was generally distrusted by seniors, peers, and subordinates

o negatively affected Unit retention numbers; Soldiers that worked with him often went AWOL or would not reenlist because of his conduct

o NCO was a corrosive leader who undermined Unit discipline, created a toxic work environment, and reduced Unit cohesion and effectiveness

o took advantage of his position as NCOIC to consistently be late for duty

o delegated responsibility for operations to a dishonest NCO who falsified reports to make the detachment appear to accomplish more than they did

o reported false accomplishments to the commander in order to make the det appear to be better than all other detachments

o alienated Soldiers with integrity who pointed out inaccurate reports and claims; discouraged honesty and jeopardized the mission

o forbade communication by subordinates with outside agencies by phone or e-mail

o encouraged Soldiers to take advantage of the government disability program by documenting false or borderline physical ailments

o as Det Chief, forced his captive audience to listen to his personal political views on a daily basis; wasted time and resources and lowered morale and productivity

o set poor example by sexually harrassing visiting female reps from outside agencies

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