Leads NCOER Bullet Comments

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence beyond the chain of command, Leads by example, Communication

o served as NCOIC of Keiki Wonderland Tree Lighting Ceremony; organized FED Fire and logistics to support the event

o charismatic leader that commanded respect from co-workers and showed his subordinates how an NCO should act

o instructed 159 Soldiers with MRT skills which result in 0% suicides or crisis incidents during this tour

o introduced innovative methods in preparation of CLS recertification course; responsible for successful completion

o empowered Squad and Team Leaders through dedicated mentorship and NCO-focused development

o involved in the career decisions of Soldiers, gave them the knowledge necessary to make informed, intelligent choices

o vigorously attacked all assigned tasks and encouraged his Soldiers to do the same; a model take charge NCO

o recovered a nonparticipating soldier to return to active status at drill and become a valuable team member during NTC rotation

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o performance-based NCO; Soldiers processed over 34,000 SARSS data entries with 100% accuracy; a true testament of his ability to train and enforce standards

o led by example; taught Soldiers to meet objectives and accomplish critical mission tasks despite absence of supervision

o reduced delinquency rating for his team from 35 percent

o researched, developed and implemented successful OJT program for 30 workcenter personnel

o coached the maintenance section to a first place finish during a Brigade Quarterly Maintenance Inspection

o in the absence of an officer, assumed command of the detachment on two separate missions at JRTC

o produced two quarterly and four monthly High Mileage Award winners during OIF III

o unparalleled ability to motivate soldiers

o solid leader, genuinely cares for soldiers; motivates them to accomplish all missions

o recognized by the Battalion Commander for leadership while conducting combat operations against a Division directed target

o fostered high morale and a total winning attitude and spirit

o constantly reminded Soldiers of the seriousness of the SHARP and EO programs; encouraged every Soldier to intercede in potential SHARP incidents

o motivated one Soldier and one NCO to attend WLC/ALC respectively, prepared NCOES packets; resulting in Soldier making the Commadant's list and NCO graduating

o successfully assumed the duties of the BN Operations Sergeant Major in his absense resulting in a seamless flow of information throughout the BN

o performed extremely well in an ever changing and highly stressful environment; completed all tasks regardless of the situation

o established a workplace and overall command climate that fostered dignity and respect for all members of the group

o mentored the NCO that won state and regional NCO of the year and competed in National Best Warrior Competition

o promoted the tenets of Sexual/Harassment Assault response program ensuring application of those skills are embedded in everyday awareness in the workplace

o virtuous NCO who sets high expectations for herself, subordinates, and her peers

o planned and allocated over 1,000,000 rounds and 100 ranges for the Battalion, resulted in the Battalion achieving its training goals

o led two 12 week financial training sessions which helped over 17 families become more financially secured; mentored others to lead future financial training sessions

o always placed mission accomplishment and welfare of his Soldiers above his own desire for comfort or safety

o consistently demonstrates initiative in conduction unit/section tasks

o established and grew an atmosphere of pride and professionalism; resulted in a seamless change of command inventory

o repeatedly demonstrated exceptional leadership and initiative

o mentored four Afghan National Police EOD in IED detection and disposal techniques and procedures which increased their ability to dispose of IEDs by 40% Leadership Course

o completed 15 tactical convoy missions as lead vehicle commander delivering over 300 pieces of combat equipment and 50 tons of Class V throughout RC-East

o went above and beyond the duties of a squad leader to ensure all soldiers were taken care of during multiple training exercises

o provided positive transition to warriors by maintaining goal setting through utilization of the Comprehensive Transition Plan for over 60 WTs

o executes extremely well and with unfaltering reliability; utilizes self motivation to successfully accomplish the most challenging of tasks

o oversaw the reporting and battle tracking of over 200 significant activities in RC-North and ensured all information was recorded and relayed to key leaders

o taught Soldiers and leaders how to correctly implement the Troop Leading Procedures into 8 rigorous training events preparing the unit for future deployments

o sets the example for his peers and subordinates to follow

o assisted the automations section in maintaining 95% operational readiness; managed the care of over 200 workstations throughout the Battalion

o devoted personal time to researching technical questions, greatly improving the knowledge of the detachment

o fostered a professional climate in the mortar section and showed genuine concern for the personal and professional well being of his Soldiers

o exemplary Leader; covered a 60,000 square mile area under the NRMC Region ensuring the proper care of 12 Soldiers

o supervised day-to-day TOC operations; set standard for all operations

o seamlessly integrated new Soldiers from several units into a team capable of producing high pay off results while executing any given mission

o committed NCO that lives by "Mission first, Soldiers always"

o developed and published the first Stryker Battalion TACSOP and TOCSOP that were adopted as the brigade standard

o stood up the 106th Iraqi Civil Defense Corps Bn in preparation for Transfer of Authority based out of Mosul, Iraq

o oversaw the execution of over 500 Military Police combat missions in Iraq without any loss of life or equipment

o efficiently deployed all of the battalion's staff sections, personnel, and equipment from home station to Iraq without incident

Needs Improvement

o set one of the worst examples of leadership in the Unit and was generally distrusted by seniors, peers, and subordinates

o negatively affected Unit retention numbers; Soldiers that worked with him often went AWOL or would not reenlist because of his conduct

o NCO was a corrosive leader who undermined Unit discipline, created a toxic work environment, and reduced Unit cohesion and effectiveness

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