Presence NCOER Bullet Comments

Military and Professional Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience

Pride and Presence

o SGT XXXX maintains a cool, calm, collected presence under stress; selects best course of action to maintain progress toward objective

o demonstrated initiative by taking appropriate actions in the absence of orders; risked reputation and punishment to meet mission goals

o worked vigorously to smoothly transition four Soldiers out of the Army after their successful completion of military service; prevented reintegration failures

o provided additional training to seven EIB candidates; resulted in two Soldiers earning their EIB, one of whom earned True Blue

o planned and led four six-mile road marches for Headquarters Platoon; scored 286 on the APFT and raised Squad APFT average by 10 points to a 251

o maintained discipline within the Battery as the UPL; conducted 12 monthly urinalysis and quarterly 100% tests on unit personnel

o carried out his duties as Battery Supply NCOIC professionally and in a timely manner; vital to the success of the Battery's missions

o volunteered to maintain building exterior, grounds, and parking lot; best appearance in years; weekly efforts lauded by CSM

o maintained excellent physical fitness; encourages the same standards of others

o scored 270 and above on APFT tests consistently

o possessed the highest degree of confidence and military bearing; demonstrated a contagious ability to motivate others

o demonstrated motivation to improve during this rating period

o instilled a sense of military bearing in his squad; Soldiers were held accountable for their actions & acted 100% professionally

o won first place in battalion physical fitness competition with extended APFT score of 486

o selected as the combat support company remedial physical fitness program instructor

o is mentally resilient; a mature, level-headed leader who does not overreact to challenges

o forged resilience; demonstrated confidence and physical endurance to his seniors, peers and subordinates

o trained platoon to exceed Brigade standards of fitness

o helped his clinic win the Commanders Trophy for APFT Excellence for the fourth consecutive cycle

o showed endurance and stamina during the battalion's deployment; excellent mental and physical abilities

o visited two high school shop classes with local recruiter to display and instruct classes on up-armored vehicles

o selected over 3 other Platoon Sergeants to act as 1SG during the unit's CTC rotation; sustained operations and morale

o resourceful; found and used a variety of methods to accomplish the mission depending on ever changing requirements

o established relationships and formal resource-sharing agreements with sister units; prepared for unexpected shortages or manning shortfalls

o worked with deploying units to ensure that all medical issues were addressed prior to Mob station; demonstrated motivation

o showed equal respect for peers, subordinates, and the chain of command

o motivated Soldiers to perform at their best, helped two previous failures pass their APFT

o selected as Post Athlete of the Year

o took lead in organized physical fitness training of all soldiers; motivated, enthusiastic NCO who improved performance across the board

o enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment; ended chronic disorderly conduct in the section

o maintained compliance with AR 670-1 and AR 600-9

o implemented a comprehensive physical training program which resulted in an average increase of 20 points in his Soldiers' scores

o sustained combat operations in a hostile environment outside of the FOB for 72 hours straight; outstanding endurance

o ran workcenter with military bearing in unexpected circumstances; postured for a higher grade

o presided over a vigorous physical fitness regiment consisting of MMA, ruck marching, PRT, and weightlifting

o instilled confidence and pride in soldiers through mentorship

o her bearing and appearance are exemplary and beyond reproach

o established comprehensive Distinguished Visitor procedures; recognized as most thorough, appropriate; adopted as unit standard

o projected command presence; taught Soldiers to use resiliency techniques during stressful training and testing

o maintained uniform appearance according to AR 670-1, and set the standard for new female soldiers in the RSP unit

o trained his platoon on APFT procedures; team averaged 290 points on the APFT due to his training

o trained and motivated several Soldiers to pass their APFT after repeated failures

o volunteered on multiple occasions to assist homeless veterans and painted houses for the less fortunate; caring member of the community

o revived building exterior appearance standards; scheduled regular maintenance by Soldiers; improved grounds appearance 100%

o developed a concentrated remedial physical training routine; incorporated high intensity workouts to enhance the physical conditioning of the entire platoon

o presented impeccable military bearing regardless of the situation; exemplified the meaning of pride and professionalism

o exceeded APFT and unit physical standards with ease

o finished first in class 10K division run

o facilitated the unit's adaptation to change; converted efforts to new goals and reached Operational status ahead of schedule

o displayed exceptional physical endurance; set the standard for Soldiers to emulate

o maintained 100% accountability of equipment worth over $524,000 with zero losses or issues

o mentored two Staff Sergeants to successfully complete the Senior Leaders Course; one selected for promotion

o refused to ignore departure from standards and took action to restore order; demonstrated personal courage

o demonstrated a tough, resilient mindset, able to adapt to and overcome any obstacles throughout the deployment

o acted with military bearing and professionalism even when placed in high stress situations

o developed comprehensive DV procedures checklist; provided unprecedented honors, recognized as most thorough and adopted as unit standard

o represented the unit as a sterling example of military bearing; an assertive, straightforward and honest leader

o upgraded his CrossFit certification to level 2; continued to help other Soldiers improve with the move from APFT to the ACFT

o motivated Soldiers to excel during company APFT with an average score over 290; fostered teamwork and esprit de corp within his team

o demonstrated overwhelming confidence and mental strength

o devoted to the mission and placed high emphasis on mission-related tasks

o sought out counseling and informed chain on family health issues; sustained personal mental health and maintained work performance

o inspired self-improvement in subordinates through sterling personal example

o participated in 4 separate 5K runs during off-duty hours, averaging one per quarter

o remained flexible and cooperative under all conditions

o sustained resiliency, confidence, and vigilance during strict Force Protection (FPCON) and Health Protection Condition (HPCON) measures

o stayed calm, collected, and efficient in the most stressful of situations; the epitome of mental toughness

o designed platoon PT program; now used as company standard

o cooperated with other batteries to share personnel and equipment resources; sustained operations in the face of a pandemic

o served as APFT administrator for the company; supported Commander's APFT program

o sought out by Soldiers for guidance; set the standard for all Instructors within the department

o superior NCO; consistently stood out as the best NCO of the Detachment and is an epitome of a U.S. Army Senior NCO

o possessed great physical and mental endurance

o dedicated to fitness; motivates others to exceed standards

o strengthened resiliency by developing a rigorous section PRT plan; supported spiritual fitness by partnering with post agencies

o kept a positive attitude and demonstrated pride in accomplishing the mission; always willing to assist peers and subordinates alike

o restored Section operations; encouraged TOC personnel in their duties; led and inspired team to complete obligations to supported unit

o demonstrated stamina and will to survive at JRTC

o conquered a physically demanding ascent to the summit of Mt Fuji, 21,500 feet

o maintained his stamina to go the distance despite the rigorous 70 plus hour work weeks

o motivated platoon to improve PT average by 30 points

o set the example for subordinates and peers when it comes to physical fitness

o won interservice racquetball championship for Olympic placement

o made sound decisions with confidence; is mentally agile and resourceful

o encouraged all subordinates to implement strenuous PT programs; scored xxx on most recent APFT

o earned a score of 282 on most recent PT test

o sustained a positive attitude despite a high OPTEMPO; unwavering support helped team exceed shipping goals

o set the example during Detachment stress shoot; displayed the physical stamina to go the distance on the battlefield

o set the standard by leading physical fitness training during Battle Assembly

o maintained impeccable military bearing during periods of highly stressful conditions

o received Certificate of Achievement for completing the final portion of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

o enforced appearance standards in NCOs and soldiers; led by example with consistent high standards of personal appearance

o motivated team to exceed standards; developed a lasting pride in mission accomplishment

o met challenges head on; displayed courage, conviction and professionalism daily while dealing with co-workers and patients

o developed and presented intense physical fitness routines for his Soldiers; maintained readiness and morale

o took extreme pride in personal appearance

o demonstrated impeccable military bearing and resiliency; confident leader that made best decisions in the interest of subordinates

o awarded the Silver German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) during the rating period; displayed multi-faceted physical fitness

o was one of 12 to complete arduous 13K Mountain Run on FOB Thunder

o displayed a strong sense of pride in the uniform

o stood out as the epitome of a U.S. Army NCO

o completed assigned tasks and met mission requirements despite challenges of working at an outlying station

o hand-picked to run the Master Fitness Program for the battalion and march as a member of the CINCUSAREUR Honor Guard; represented unit well

o maintained vehicle and log better than all other building users; solely responsible for vehicle always being ready; dependable Soldier

o guaranteed mission accomplishment with limited supervision due to his preparation, mental strength and endurance

o enforced standards and fostered a professional and productive training environment; epitome of a Senior NCO

o trained the Soldiers under him with all required skills; ensured the ability of the ED to provide quality patient care

o showed initiative; a true self-starter with the strength and conviction to get the job done

o recognized by his deployed OIC as one of the top five senior NCOs that he had worked with over a 25 year career

o standardized desk arrangement and computer imaging; streamlined office operations and set the example in a joint environment

o set the example for his FO team by maintaining and enforcing proper military appearance through constant uniform inspections and spot corrections

o rebounded from injury; despite 3 months of recovery and inactivity, passed PT test by 40 points

o displayed impressive poise under stress

o translated the complexity of logistical regulations into details and courses of action; expanded Section readiness

o postured for success; maintained professional bearing in relations with over 150 new second lieutenants

o committed to success; always gave 100 percent

o exhibited mental and physical toughness during FTX; led three Soldiers on rigorous 15 kilometer dismounted movement

o fierce competitor; Soldier's greatest asset is his ambition

o his uniform and appearance consistently exceeded standards

o excelled in all areas, routinely scored above 290 on each APFT; set the example for all

o won 1998 American Drug Free Powerlifting Association Men's National Competition

o displayed mental toughness under extreme pressure

o achieved an APFT score of 294; earned the Army Physical Fitness Badge for the sixth consecutive time

o competed in the German Army Physical Proficiency Badge competition; he earned the prestigious Gold badge

o provided exceptional example for soldiers; uniform and appearance always immaculate;

o demonstrated a high level of motivation and physical endurance; challenged his Soldiers to score a 70 percent in each event; scored 280 on his last APFT

o commended by G6 SGM for unwavering commitment to the welfare of her subordinates; constant presence and calm demeanor during stressful situations

o kept his military bearing at all times

o established physical preparedness; exceeded APFT standards by scoring a 240 while striving to learn additional physical preparation techniques

o represented the Battery and Battalion proudly during several key leader and higher echelon Command Team visits

o dedicated to tough physical training; aided his Soldiers in raising APFT score from 257 points to 277 points and meeting Army body fat standards

o his mental toughness and discipline brought him to new found physical goals

o accomplished combat operations dismounted, by air, and in tanks or HMMWVs; agile service!

o maintained the APFT badge by scoring a 300 on physical fitness test; awarded Certificate of Achievement for his accomplishment

o put tremendous emphasis on APFT; raised platoon PT average from 219 to 254 in only a matter of three months; January to April FY16

o rescued daily operations; maintained personnel actions workflow between G1 SGM and enlisted branch during transitions

o his bearing and decisiveness resulted in his selection to escort two BG, one MG, and one GEN during training and deployment

o ended chronic disorderly conduct in the section; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o displayed tremendous physical attributes during NTC

o fostered an organization focused on set doctrinal standards; sustained critical operations during the worst manning shortage in history

o projected self-confidence and composure under pressure

o maintained a APFT score of 300

o demonstrated the utmost in bearing and appearance; well-disciplined soldier

o participated in all efforts with a positive mental outlook and attitude

o adapted exceptionally well to an ever changing, stressful environment

o decreased platoon APFT failure percentage from 46% to 7% as a direct result of commitment to Soldier readiness

o shared workload and resources with sister unit; enabled both of us to maintain service

o embodied the highest standards of physical fitness, in keeping with the Army's goal of "Fit to Fight"

o projected excellent military bearing and appearance

o represented the MEARNG in Montenegro in an effort to support that country joining NATO

o scored a 239, exceeding APFT standards while deployed under austere conditions

o went above and beyond to ensure mission success; regularly came into work early and stayed late; ensured Battalion tasks were supported and executed to standard

o projected self-confidence and authority; exceptional role model who sets the example in physical fitness and wear of the uniform

o selected as one of five NCOs in the Battalion to establish a Battalion Marksmanship Program; delivered 100% qualification, deployment ready

o presented a professional, soldierly appearance at all times

o established regular fitness competitions; provided recognition of improvement efforts and motivation for fitness gains

o mentored Soldiers during mission essential tasks; improved ability to meet the needs of the command and increased Soldier involvement

o exceeded all standards of physical fitness, appearance, and bearing

o completed two half marathons, one 10 mile race, six 5K races and two 10K races

o met all suspenses despite the ever changing nature of his field; used resiliency as a guide to success

o coordinated with supported units to ensure all required support was prepared and in place; reinforced readiness

o achieved 275 pts on his APFT; coached eight Soldiers in his platoon to achieve the demanding Army physical fitness badge

o did not let profile hinder his ability to pass the APFT

o handled any task; mentally and physically fit and prepared to excel

o won PT award for highest PT score in ANCOC

o managed numerous tasks simultaneously; mentally tough and able to adapt to demands

o portrayed confidence as a distinguished NCO

o acted as coach and starting player for 1st place basketball team

o built strong relationship with locals by involving them in daily fitness improvement programs

o is a physically fit soldier with stamina and a relentless drive to improve

o maintained physical fitness with a home PT program 3-4 times per week

o ensured consistent high standard of his soldiers' appearance by example and continuous education

o exceeded standards as demonstrated by his APFT score of 290 and his commitment to physical fitness while deployed

o awarded the Army Physical Fitness Badge by scoring over 90 points in each event on his APFT

o faced problems head on while working at a high OPTEMPO with less than 75% of authorized MTOE manning strength

o faced deteriorating office conduct; enforced standards to restore professional and productive climate

o scored 300 on APFT maintaining her Physical Fitness Badge

o briefed seniors, peers, and subordinates with confidence due to constant situational awareness and involvement in the mission

o set and achieved high standards

o underwent tattoo removal procedures to present a more professional appearance

o placed first in weight division in the 2002 Fort Sill Bodybuilding Contest

o recovered from physical profile and injury in less than 30 days; possessed stamina and endurance to complete any mission

o took charge, accepted responsibility and completed challenging tasks; lowest backlog in five years

o volunteered to work night missions after working the day shift; demonstrated selfless loyalty and the stamina to see missions through to completion

o coached partner unit leadership in the execution of Squad LFX training, resulting in the effective training of over 112 Soldiers

o maintained high levels of physical fitness despite being under austere conditions while deployed to...

o dedicated himself to physical readiness training for 21 Soldiers; produced a 21 point increase in platoon PT score average, from 235 to 256

o projected confidence when faced with adversity

o developed a demanding PT program for the staff which improved each score by at least 25 points

o exceeded detachment expectations by always volunteering for missions, extra unit events, and additional training exercises

o refused to back down from a challenge; assumed responsibility for new office and coached them to define their duties and over-delivered

o encouraged peers to maintain efforts; sustained service under austere conditions

o integrated seven Soldiers into the THOR3 Program; his team scored over 80 points in each PT event

o amplified the unit's efficiency and effectiveness with atypical missions; expanded volume of capabilities by 20%

o surpassed appearance standards; displayed exemplary military appearance

o exuded impeccable military bearing and professionalism; demonstrated poise during interactions at all levels of a Two Star General Command

o adapted to changing situations; relied on by the department for his technical expertise in completing tasks

o volunteered for appointed duty; became one of only five persons certified to conduct the new ACFT for the Battalion

o motivated platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on APFT

o enhanced the expertise of the section by sharing insights and experience gained during course facilitation and through research; committed to excellence

o set the standard by which excellence is measured

o possessed an attitude of determination and optimism during his attendance of advanced MOS training and language schools

o exhibited a commendable military appearance

o fostered organizational focus; exemplified adherence to standards through his appearance, demeanor, and actions

o exercised extreme resilience with wife's debilitating diagnosis; never gave up

o set the example for soldiers to follow consistently

o planned ahead to maintain operations; made contingency plans to secure necessary manning and resources when they are not available; sustained readiness

o supported all commander's cup sports events

o incorporated high intensity workouts to enhance the physical conditioning of the entire shop

o represented Help Desk competently; remained cool, calm, and collected even under stressful conditions

o maintained a strong physical performance in all three categories of the APFT at all times, consistently chosen as a grader

o aced Expert Infantryman testing and earned EIB with zero deficiencies; set the standard of performance for his unit by going "True Blue"

o was solely responsible for platoon APFT average rising from 211 to 230

o earned his second Gold award of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

o maintained a high quality work environment and made sure standards were maintained

o demonstrated endurance and motivation during 12+ hour days; inspired his subordinates and peers to do the same

o gave Soldiers time for a regular fitness workout; improved the health, welfare and strength of his Soldiers

o upheld an exemplary level of military bearing and upholds standards for all to follow

o challenged her peers to exceed standards; her involvement in training increased participation and made incremental improvement every week

o maintained awareness of how his subordinates perceived him and adjusted interaction with them to achieve the best results

o was Distinguished Honor Graduate of Master Fitness Trainer Course

o maintained a high level of physical fitness and readiness; scored a 300 on the Army APFT maintaining the Army physical fitness badge

o reported contractor for repeatedly slapping junior Soldiers in the head as "playful" correction; eliminated workplace stress and abuse

o achieved 100% first time pass rate for platoon on APFT for two consecutive testing cycles

o risked personal safety to protect peers; reported inappropriate physical contact by NCOIC; improved section working environment

o praised by the BDE CSM for service as Master Fitness Trainer and the Aquatic PT program instructor

o led squad to a 280 APFT average; took responsibility for subordinates' fitness

o implemented a tough physical fitness program to push subordinates to better themselves

o assisted squad in averaging 270 on APFT score

o competed in the Commander's Cup challenge, led his team to a first place finish in a 17-mile foot march while carrying over 50 pounds of equipment

o arrived at work well rested and ready to contribute where needed every day; completed more work orders than all his peers combined

o encouraged Soldiers to maintain a well rounded wellness by the use of available resources and removing stigma associated with mental health and combat stress

o projected self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm during the entire deployment

o presented a dignified presence and appearance

o raised platoon APFT average by 22 points

o chosen over all other E-7s in the Battalion as the Mech Infantry OC/T Team NCOIC for eight months; required minimal guidance

o disseminated knowledge of tactics to junior leaders in the team; increased individual involvement and forged a team united in purpose

o possessed physical and mental stamina; exhibited confidence and enthusiasm with every task/mission without regard to level of difficulty

o carried over 72 pounds of mission essential equipment at an elevation in excess of 9,000 feet; displayed physical stamina during combat operations

o carried out three improvement projects valued at over $3M; strengthened relations between Coalition Forces and Iraqi citizens

o conducted physical training consistently; maintained a high level of physical endurance and stamina

o improved unit strength and readiness by establishing a Brigade Physical fitness Program while deployed; returned unit to standards

o selected as MVP for base level softball team

o searched for positive solutions to problems and maintained a positive attitude regardless of the situation

o led company marathon relay to a first and second place finish

o showed tremendous resilience in turbulent and transitioning instability

o emphasized APFT; raised section average to 278

o established and implemented a rigorous PT plan which kept his FO team physically able to meet the strenuous demands of operations in the rugged Afghanistan terrain

o her appearance and military bearing were flawless

o rehabilitated injured knee and won Physical Fitness Badge

o challenged his subordinates to exceed physical standards

o overcame his weak areas; is mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead in combat

o invented challenging PRT training sessions to demonstrate the versatility of the Army's PRT program and promote the benefits of the program

o set the example for subordinates and peers to emulate; outstanding professionalism

o participated in a total of 12 races, logging over 300 off-duty hours devoted to training; competed in 10ks, triathlons, and other endurance-based obstacle course races

o assumed duties as ISOPREP NCOIC for the ________; processed 158 Soldiers in a 3-day period bringing the unit's report status to 98%

o her experience and forward momentum led to the 194th EN BDE's successful completion of PTAEs requirement in testing 145 AVON M50 masks

o provided encouragement to peers; possessed the confidence and mental toughness to sustain operations under all conditions

o awarded a Silver award in the Presidential Champion's Award for his physical fitness level

o displayed a positive attitude and high level of confidence continuously

o inspired optimism in achieving their goals; always gave 100 percent and never failed to meet obligations to supported units

o required PT programs at home and lead remedial PT program; encouragement improved unit's Soldiers PT scores by 30%

o incorporated plan which ultimately raised the unit APFT score by 16 percent

o promoted platoon fitness by leading by example

o championed resiliency and demonstrated sound physical and mental toughness over a long deployment

o deployed to Afghanistan, maintained outstanding physical and mental toughness during the 12 month combat tour

o scored above 80% in each event shortly after return from deployment

o ended bullying and out-of-control behavior; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o communicated a healthy, strong and confident demeanor

o conducted a challenging and rigorous PT regimen which resulted in a squad average of 266; set the standard for his Soldiers to emulate

o increased section APFT average from 223 to 267 as a direct result of commitment to PRT and Soldier readiness

o scored above XXX on his/her APFT consistently; a physical fitness role model

o motivated the unit by giving challenging physical fitness training

o learned from his mistakes and is constantly improving; set the example for continuous improvement

o completed grueling, tough mudder 10.2 mile endurance and obstacle course Mount Snow VT

o leads the Platoon in a professional manner, with a commanding presence and dominant personality

o awarded Div Coin from CG, 82nd Airborne Div for uniform appearance during the annual General inspection

o ensured safety came first during all training with partnership units and OC/T team training; prevented injuries and sustained the mission

o demonstrated maturity and authority that far exceeded his rank; set a strong example for all soldiers to follow

o took pride in being a Soldier while earning respect from peers and subordinates

o challenged himself by competing at multiple battalion level boards; was selected as the Group Support Battalion NCO of the month for 2nd Quarter

o prepared for unforeseen obstacles, delays, setbacks, and shortages; the definition of readiness

o increased work center participation in events by 50%; highly motivated; a way out front leader

o assisted planning efforts, supervised execution, and ran an Army 10 Mile Shadow Run, setting a new personal record time

o preserved fitness by participating in city league sports events

o carried himself with complete professionalism; represented the NCO Corps with excellence, an exceptional Junior NCO

o represented the detachment in a professional manner; phone was never unattended and always answered before 3 rings

o volunteered despite a high operational tempo during rated period; awarded the MOVSM for efforts; demonstrated great dedication to Army values

o maintained a professional appearance and kept physically fit

o increased APFT score by 55 points, scoring a 262 without the benefit of a structured physical fitness program

o Master Fitness Trainer; served as unit instructor for daily PT

o is alert, quick and responsive

o cross-trained all team members on all positions; improved ability to recover and sustain operations around-the-clock

o made primary and secondary contingency plans to sustain the mission when required resources are not available; bolstered readiness

o received 1st place in three international weight lifting events

o exhibited superb military bearing and appearance as a member of the hospital color guard

o displayed positive image for soldiers to emulate; appearance above reproach

o utilized an innovative and demanding PT regimen; increased overall APFT score by 25 points

o showed stamina and endurance in completion of daily duties and missions

o established an arduous PT program for himself to pass the PT test and HT/WT

o displayed impressive military appearance and bearing

o prepared for all eventualities; always ready to go the distance

o trained the trainer as one of the Battalion's Equal Opportunity NCOs and instructed over 30 of the Battalion's personnel

o handled multiple demands simultaneously under continuously changing time lines and mission requirements; sustained operations

o demonstrated maturity and personal courage and the confidence to confront any Soldier acting inappropriately

o demanded assigned joint personnel meet same standards as Soldiers; obtained joint agreement; improved morale

o projected confidence, enthusiasm, and mental toughness when assisting Soldiers; reinforced resiliency training for subordinates

o delivered 33 briefs to commanders and senior planners while deployed in support of OFS; contributed to mission success

o presented an impeccable appearance and military bearing; his example influenced noticeable improvement in coworkers' appearance

o possessed unparalleled bearing and presence

o remained calm and poised under pressure

o developed and implemented the company's fitness program; resulted in 11 soldiers being removed from Special Population Physical Fitness Program

o provided subordinates an exemplary role model worthy of emulation

o performed well under pressure

o coached other Soldiers to improve their overall fitness score

o demanded same involvement and standards for assigned joint personnel; obtained joint leadership agreement without written authority

o contributed to 5 Soldiers' development, resulting in substantial improvements in their run times

o obtained a passing score on his APFT

o bested all competitors; was a consummate professional in all aspects of duty and performance

o pushed himself through challenging physical readiness training (PRT) sessions; exceeded standards and improved his fitness

o created fund raiser for organization; raised over $400 for company fund

o graduated Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, and Combat Leaders courses at 39 years of age

o led his Platoon through Brigade EXEVAL; resulted in Platoon being recognized by the Brigade Commander as best Platoon in the Brigade

o presented confident and professional military appearance with exceptional military bearing; instilled this standard in subordinates

o made soldier promotion and progression a top priority; motivated soldiers to meet qualifications for next rank and ensured prompt paperwork submission

o implemented standardized desk arrangement and ops; streamlined office operations, set the example in joint environment

o strived for fitness excellence, scored 271 on the APFT, and maintained Fitness Badge; epitomized FM 7-22, sec 3-1

o proved mental toughness through assigned duty performance

o functioned well under stress; persevered and completed over 200 road clearance missions

o competed and consistently placed 1st with battalion cross country team

o organized company participation and competed in the FOB Shank Memorial day race

o selected for and competed with the All Army Women's Basketball Team, won the second place trophy

o sustained an attitude of determination and optimism throughout challenging missions; led by example

o adjusted to any situation and changing mission requirements

o made smart, effective decisions; demonstrated mental agility and was able to logically resolve any dilemma

o accepted duties that required authority above his pay grade; fearless Soldier, postured for advancement

o stayed fit through physical therapy and maintained mental toughness despite a Temporary Profile for a shoulder injury and a high operational tempo

o maintained an outstanding appearance and represented her unit with impeccable military bearing and courtesy

o promoted healthy nutrition and exemplified the appearance of a physically fit fighting Soldier

o showed confidence and enthusiasm under stressful conditions; contributed to Section's success in training crewmembers

o exceeded the Army standard by scoring a 292 on the APFT and maintaining the Army Physical Fitness Badge

o demonstrated daily loyalty to superiors, peers, and the unit; her enthusiastic work ethic inspired peers to emulate her example

o conducted in-depth training with Soldiers on a regular basis as a Master Resiliency Trainer

o finished the rigorous 26.2 mile Bataan Memorial Death March four months after disk replacement surgery; epitome of resilience

o increased platoon average APFT score of 223 to 246; average increase by 23 points during this rated period

o enforced standards and encouraged self-improvement; ensured section possessed the capability to meet their obligations

o recognized by 1-128IN commander for extensive and professional After Action Reviews during BN LFXs at Fort Hood

o dominated the physical fitness test without effort

o passed his AFPT this year and has just received his walking profile

o shouldered additional requirements despite vigorous OPTEMPO; demonstrated mental poise, calmness and physical endurance

o supervised and executed PRT at Platoon and Battery level; directly responsible for physically conditioning over 800 Soldiers above the minimum BPFT standard

o possessed the stamina and will to continue when others stopped

o confronted inappropriate behavior and conducted on-the-spot counseling; confident leadership

o embraced a level of military bearing and professionalism required for engagements within a corps level headquarters

o graduated the Army Air Assault School

o took pride in uniform and personal appearance; recognized for his professional representation of the shop

o dedicated long hours upon arrival to Afghanistan to establish the Task Force's C4I systems into a steady state ensuring the Task Force assumed the mission on time

o encouraged younger Soldiers to implement PT programs at home to increase PT score

o warned senior NCO who habitually caressed, touched or held junior personnel inappropriately; stopped abuse, restored Soldier dignity

o scored 292 on APFT with ninety or more in each event which earned him the Army physical fitness badge

o passed her first PT test after pregnancy profile allowing her to attend WLC in June

o motivated Soldiers at all levels of the Chain of Command to excel and improve; outstanding example of physical fitness

o scored 270 on last record APFT, displaying a high level of fitness

Needs Improvement

o knowledgeable soldier, needs to put more effort into advancement and upward mobility

o left duty position before properly relieved and unable to stay in place of duty

o no APFT or HT/WT was recorded due to Soldier's failure to follow Army Regulations

o frequently missing from his place of duty; often found annoying the members of other offices

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 25% body fat but is making progress on the weight control program

o places more importance on and effort into personal phone calls than his duties

o did not pass an APFT in this rating period but is training to improve and meet the standard

o unable to use idle time productively; chooses wandering the halls over reviewing regulations or developing MS Office skills

o failed to properly train his/her Soldiers in physical training, resulting in their failure of the APFT

o thinks a pressed uniform and fresh haircut qualifies him for a top NCOER and management position

o PT failure, retest 18 JUN

o SFC Hero's participation in unit physical training declined during this rating period

o made satisfactory progress in run time but still approaching minimum standards in...

o presents sharp military appearance but needs to realize importance of subtlety

o counseled twice for disrespect toward an NCO; focus on relationship skills

o refused suggestions to attend counseling until problems escalated to the point of making him unfit for duty

o failed to meet APFT standards for the two mile run and sit-ups with a total score of 124

o soldier failed to meet height and weight requirements or make any progress

o failed to meet minimum APFT standards repeatedly and lacks the willingness to improve

o took an apathetic approach to the health and welfare of troops; resulted in entire squad failing to meet the height and weight standard

o failed to complete 2-mile run during APFT, quit after 1 mile

o worked a demanding schedule that included changing between from nights to days and frequently fell asleep during shift

o displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for an NCO of his rank

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test, or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o demonstrated a lack of integrity when he attempted to cheat on the previous record APFT

o personal issues are interfering with conduct on the job

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 27% body fat and maintained 2-3 pound weight loss per month while on the weight control program

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