Presence NCOER Bullet Comments

Military and Professional Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience

Pride and Presence

o visited two high school shop classes with local recruiter to display and instruct classes on up-armored vehicles

o projects self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm; a dynamic and energetic NCO who is an exceptional role model for Soldiers

o scored a 282 on his last APFT, exceeded 90 points in each event and earned the Army Physical Fitness Badge

o his bearing and decisiveness resulted in his selection to escort two BG, one MG, and one GEN during training and deployment

o assisted planning efforts, supervised execution, and ran an Army 10 Mile Shadow Run, setting a new personal record time

o maintained compliance with AR 670-1 and AR 600-9

o put an end to bullying and out-of-control behavior; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o revived building appearance standards; scheduled regular maintenance and Soldier involvement; grounds appearance 100% improved

o standardized desk arrangement and computer imaging; streamlined office operations and set the example in a joint environment

o maintained uniform appearance according to AR 670-1, and set the standard for new female soldiers in the RSP unit

o established comprehensive Distinguished Visitor procedures; recognized as most thorough, appropriate; adopted as unit standard

o demanded assigned joint personnel meet same standards as Soldiers; obtained joint agreement; improved morale

o consistently stood out as the epitome of a U.S. Army NCO

o exceeded standards and improved his fitness through consistently pushing himself through challenging physical readiness training (PRT) sessions

o possessed physical and mental stamina; exhibited confidence and enthusiasm with every task/mission without regard to level of difficulty

o professional Soldier; successfully handled multiple demands simultaneously under continuously changing time lines and mission requirements

o received Certificate of Achievement for completing the final portion of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

o earned his second Gold award of the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge

o obtained a Silver award in the Presidential Champion's Award for his physical fitness level

o demonstrated confidence and physical endurance to his seniors, peers and subordinates

o maintained high levels of physical fitness under austere conditions while deployed to...

o scored above 80% in each event shortly after return from deployment

o competed in the German Army Physical Proficiency Badge competition; he earned the prestigious Gold badge

o scored 273 points on last APFT

o projected self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm during the entire deployment

o participated in a total of 12 races logging in over 300 off-duty hours devoted to training; competed in 10ks, triathlons, and other endurance-based obstacle course races

o implemented and conducted a challenging and rigorous PT regimen, which resulted in a squad average of 266; setting the standard for his Soldiers to emulate

o Soldier's greatest asset is his ambition

o showed stamina and endurance in completion of daily duties and missions

o four months after disk replacement surgery, completed the rigorous 26.2 mile Bataan Memorial Death March

o motivated platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on APFT

o consistent high standards for personal appearance and discipline; enforced those standards on NCO's and Soldiers

o encouraged Soldiers to maintain a well rounded wellness by the use of available resources and removing stigma associated with mental health and combat stress

o displayed physical stamina during combat operations carrying over 72 pounds of mission essential equipment in excess of 9,000 feet of elevation

o maintained impeccable military bearing during periods of highly stressful situations

o organized company participation and competed in the FOB Shank Memorial day race

o PT failure, retest 18 JUN

o volunteers to work night missions after working the day shift. Has the Stamina to see missions through to completion

o excellent mental and physical abilities; displayed strong stamina during the battalion's deployment

o always shows equal respect for lower enlisted, peers, and upper leadership

o achieved 275 pts on his APFT; coached eight Soldiers in his platoon to achieve the demanding Army physical fitness badge

o consistent high standards for personal appearance and discipline; enforced those standards on NCOs and Soldiers

o exhibited superb military bearing and appearance as a member of the hospital color guard

o consistently scored 270 and above on APFT test

o failed to properly train his/her Soldiers in physical training, resulting in their failure of the APFT

o underwent tattoo removal procedures to present a more professional appearance

o increased APFT score by 67 points during this rating period

o won interservice racquetball championship for Olympic placement

o solely responsible for platoon APFT average rising from 211 to 230

o built strong relationship with locals by involving them in daily fitness improvement programs

o excellent mental and physical abilities; displayed strong stamina

o projected excellent military bearing and appearance

o projected confidence and enthusiasm when assisting soldiers

o agile! Accomplished combat operations dismounted, by air, and in tanks or HMMWVs

o instilled confidence and pride in soldiers through mentorship

o motivated platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on APFT

o appearance and military bearing were flawless

o excellent physical abilities and bearing

o inspired self-improvement in subordinates through sterling personal example

o supported all commander's cup sports events

o carried out three improvement projects valued at over $3M; strengthened relations between Coalition Forces and Iraqi citizens

o her mental toughness and bearing were beyond reproach

o projected self-confidence, authority and enthusiasm

o confident and mentally tough NCO

o impeccable military bearing

o motivated, enthusiastic NCO; took lead in unit fitness training

o possesses the stamina and will to continue when others stop

o demands and enforces high standards of his soldier’s appearance

o demonstrated stamina and will to survive at JRTC

o consistently displays a positive mental attitude

o confident and mentally sharp NCO

o always prepared to go the distance

o sought to challenge himself by competing at multiple battalion level boards; was selected as the Group Support Battalion NCO of the month for 2nd Quarter

Needs Improvement

o left duty position before properly relieved and unable to stay in place of duty

o frequently missing from his place of duty; often found annoying the members of other offices

o places more importance on and effort into personal phone calls than his duties

o unable to use idle time productively; chooses wandering the halls over reviewing regulations or developing MS Office skills

o thinks a pressed uniform and fresh haircut qualifies him for a top NCOER and management position

o SFC Hero's participation in unit physical training declined during this rating period

o made satisfactory progress in run time but still approaching minimum standards in...

o presents sharp military appearance but needs to realize importance of subtlety

o counseled twice for disrespect toward an NCO; focus on relationship skills

o refused suggestions to attend counseling until problems escalated to the point of making him unfit for duty

o failed to meet APFT standards for the two mile run and sit-ups with a total score of 124

o soldier failed to meet height and weight requirements or make any progress

o failed to meet minimum APFT standards repeatedly and lacks the willingness to improve

o took an apathetic approach to the health and welfare of troops; resulted in entire squad failing to meet the height and weight standard

o failed to complete 2-mile run during APFT, quit after 1 mile

o worked a demanding schedule that included changing between from nights to days and frequently fell asleep during shift

o displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for an NCO of his rank

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test, or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o demonstrated a lack of integrity when he attempted to cheat on the previous record APFT

o personal issues are interfering with conduct on the job

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 27% body fat and maintained 2-3 pound weight loss per month while on the weight control program

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