Presence NCOER Bullet Comments

Military and Professional Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience

Pride and Presence

o presented confident and professional military appearance with exceptional military bearing and instills this standard in his subordinates

o maintained a positive attitude despite a high OPTEMPO; continuously showed confidence and enthusiasm under stressful conditions

o continued to challenge the appropriate level of fitness to accomplish the mission and demands the same of his Soldiers

o presented impeccable military bearing regardless of the situation; exemplifies the meaning of pride and professionalism

o demonstrated a high level of motivation and physical endurance; challenged his Soldiers to score a 70 percent in each event; scored 280 on his last APFT

o demonstrated the ability to take charge, complete challenging tasks and set the example for other Soldiers to follow

o exercised extreme resilience with his wife receiving a debilitating diagnosis and his son having two brain surgeries. Never gave up.

o maintained military bearing when placed into unique situations, suited for a higher grade

o demonstrated unquestionable loyalty to superiors, peers, and the unit

o faced problems head on while working at a high OPTEMPO with often less than 75% of authorized MTOE manning strength

o true leadership; confronted inappropriate behavior and conducted on-the-spot counseling

o demonstrated personal courage; refused to ignore departure from standards and took action to restore order

o presented impeccable military bearing regardless of the situation; exemplifies the meaning of pride and professionalism

o exceeded expectations by always volunteering for all after hours Unit operations; always saw missions through to the end

o ended chronic disorderly conduct in the section; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o revived building exterior appearance standards; scheduled regular maintenance by Soldiers; improved grounds appearance 100%

o standardized work center desk arrangement and operations; streamlined office operations and set the example in a joint environment

o developed comprehensive DV procedures checklist; provided unprecedented honors, recognized as most thorough and adopted as unit standard

o demanded assigned joint personnel meet same standards as Soldiers; obtained joint agreement; improved morale

o strived for fitness excellence, scored 271 on the APFT, and maintained Fitness Badge; epitomized FM 7-22, sec 3-1

o integrated seven Soldiers into the THOR3 Program; his team scored over 80 points in each PT event

o set the example during Detachment stress shoot; displayed the physical stamina to go the distance on the battlefield

o exhibited mental and physical toughness during FTX; led three Soldiers on rigorous 15 kilometer dismounted movement

o demonstrated impeccable military bearing and resiliency; confident leader that made best decisions in the interest of subordinates

o encouraged all subordinates to implement strenuous PT programs; scored xxx on most recent APFT

o went above and beyond to ensure mission success; regularly came into work early and stayed late; ensured Battalion tasks were supported and executed to standard

o displayed multi-faceted physical fitness; awarded the Silver German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) during the rating period

o unwavering dedication to physical readiness training for 21 Soldiers; resulting in a 21 point increase in platoon PT score average from 235 to 256

o consistently performs physical training to maintain a high level of physical endurance and stamina

o took pride in uniform and personal appearance; displayed a high level of confidence

o proved mental toughness through assigned duty performance

o possessed an attitude of determination and optimism throughout challenging missions

o Senior NCO that strongly encouraged our unit's Soldiers to improve their PT scores by implementing PT programs at home and leading our remedial PT program

o exceptional role model for Soldiers who sets the example in physical fitness and wear of the uniform, always projecting self-confidence and authority

o Soldier sets the example when it comes to physical fitness

o Soldier continues to increase his PT score, constantly scoring over 270

o encourages younger Soldiers to implement PT programs at home to increase PT score

o implemented a fitness workout to improve the welfare and strength of his Soldiers

o APFT administrator for the company; supported Commander's APFT program

o tough and aggressive; never quits physically or mentally

o true self-starter with the strength and conviction to get the job done

o competed in the Commander's Cup challenge, led his team to a first place finish in a 17-mile foot march while carrying over 50 pounds of equipment

o maintained the APFT badge by scoring a 300 on physical fitness test; awarded Certificate of Achievement for his accomplishment

o demonstrated excellent mental agility; is able to think through any dilemma

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 25% body fat but is making progress on the weight control program

o created and implemented a rigorous PT plan which kept his FO team physically able to meet the strenuous demands of operations in the rugged Afghanistan terrain

o set the example for his FO team by maintaining and enforcing proper military appearance through constant uniform inspections and spot corrections

o exceeded the Army standard by scoring a 292 on the APFT and maintaining the Army Physical Fitness Badge

o tremendous emphasis on APFT resulted in Platoon raising PT average from 219 to 254 in only a matter of three months; January to April FY12

o has not passed an APFT in this rating period but is training to improve and meet the standard

o demonstrated outstanding physical and mental toughness during the 12 month combat deployment to Afghanistan

o critical and independent thinker, possesses the confidence and mental toughness to strive for excellence

o the Soldier has passed his AFPT this year and has just received his walking profile

o a motivated NCO who learns from his mistakes and is constantly improving

o earned a score of 282 on most recent PT test

o displayed exceptional physical endurance; set the standard for Soldiers to emulate

o dedicated long hours upon arrival to Afghanistan to establish the Task Force's C4I systems into a steady state ensuring the Task Force assumed the mission on time

o presented a professional, soldierly appearance at all times

o motivated, enthusiastic NCO who took lead in organized physical fitness training of all soldiers

o scored 300 on last APFT

o outstanding endurance! Sustained combat operations in a hostile environment outside of the FOB for 72 hours straight

o excellent runner, ran two miles in 12 minutes

o strong stamina and will to win

o appearance and bearing above reproach

o is alert, quick and responsive

o displays impressive poise under stress

o remains flexible and cooperative under all conditions

o raised platoon APFT average by 22 points

o scored over 280 on last two APFTs

o Master Fitness Trainer; served as unit instructor for daily PT

o takes extreme pride in personal appearance

o excellent physical condition; led advanced PT during physical training

o platoon achieved 100% first time pass rate on APFT for two consecutive testing cycles

o motivated platoon to improve PT average by 30 points

o his mental toughness and discipline brought him to new found physical goals

o maintained excellent physical fitness; encourages the same standards of others

o praised by the BDE CSM for service as Master Fitness Trainer and the Aquatic PT program instructor

o mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead in combat

o sets the example for subordinates

o disciplined in attitude, appearance, poise and authority

o always displays a commendable military appearance

o fully committed to success; always gives 100 percent

o assisted squad in averaging 270 on APFT score

o motivates the unit by giving challenging physical fitness training

o consistently scored 270 and above on APFT test

Needs Improvement

o frequently missing from his place of duty; often found annoying the members of other offices

o places more importance on and effort into personal phone calls than his duties

o unable to use idle time productively; chooses wandering the halls over reviewing regulations or developing MS Office skills

o thinks a pressed uniform and fresh haircut qualifies him for a top NCOER and management position

o SFC Hero's participation in unit physical training declined during this rating period

o made satisfactory progress in run time but still approaching minimum standards in...

o presents sharp military appearance but needs to realize importance of subtlety

o counseled twice for disrespect toward an NCO; focus on relationship skills

o refused suggestions to attend counseling until problems escalated to the point of making him unfit for duty

o failed to meet APFT standards for the two mile run and sit-ups with a total score of 124

o soldier failed to meet height and weight requirements or make any progress

o failed to meet minimum APFT standards repeatedly and lacks the willingness to improve

o took an apathetic approach to the health and welfare of troops; resulted in entire squad failing to meet the height and weight standard

o failed to complete 2-mile run during APFT, quit after 1 mile

o worked a demanding schedule that included changing between from nights to days and frequently fell asleep during shift

o displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for an NCO of his rank

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test, or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o demonstrated a lack of integrity when he attempted to cheat on the previous record APFT

o personal issues are interfering with conduct on the job

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 27% body fat and maintained 2-3 pound weight loss per month while on the weight control program

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