Presence NCOER Bullet Comments

Military and Professional Bearing, Fitness, Confidence, Resilience

Pride and Presence

o absorbs the complexity of logistical regulations and integrates the minutia into logistical courses of action for planning missions

o commended by G6 SGM for unwavering commitment to the welfare of her subordinates; constant presence and calm demeanor during stressful situations

o maintained a postive attitude and pride in accomplishing the mission; always willing to assist peers and subordinates alike

o successfully completed Expert Infantryman testing and earned EIB with zero deficiencies; set the standard of performance for his unit by going "True Blue"

o maintained a high level of physical fitness and readiness; scored a 300 on the Army APFT maintaining the Army physical fitness badge

o displayed great dedication to Army values by continuing to volunteer despite a high operational tempo during rated period; awarded the MOVSM for efforts

o instilled a sense of military bearing in his squad; Soldiers were held accountable for their actions & acted 100% professionally

o increased APFT score by 55 points, scoring a 262 without the benefit of a structured physical fitness program

o completed assigned tasks and met mission requirements despite challenges of working at an outlying station

o exceeded detachment expectations by always volunteering for missions, extra unit events, and additional training exercises

o possessed an attitude of determination and optimism during his attendance of advanced MOS training and language schools

o displayed high motivation while working with deploying units to ensure that all medical issues were addressed prior to Mob station

o recognized by his deployed OIC as one of the top five senior NCOs that he had worked with over a 25 year career

o displayed high endurance and motivation during 12+ hour days; inspired his subordinates and peers to do the same

o developed and presented intense physical fitness routines for his Soldiers; maintained readiness and morale

o dynamically exuded the military bearing and professionalism required for engagements within a corps level headquarters

o demonstrated an unbound ability to motivate others; possessed the highest degree of confidence and military bearing

o strengthened resiliency by developing a rigorous section PRT plan; supported spiritual fitness by partnering with post agencies

o displayed the ability to adapt to changing situations; relied on by the department for his technical expertise in completing tasks

o maintained military bearing and professionalism even when placed in high stress situations

o consistently sought out by Soldiers; set the standard for all Instructors within the department

o takes pride in being a Soldier while earning respect from peers and subordinates

o created fund raiser for organization; raised over for company fund

o ended chronic disorderly conduct in the section; enforced standards and restored a professional and productive work environment

o revived building exterior appearance standards; scheduled regular maintenance by Soldiers; improved grounds appearance 100%

o standardized work center desk arrangement and computer imaging; streamlined office operations and set the example in a joint environment

o established comprehensive Distinguished Visitor procedures; recognized as most thorough, appropriate; adopted as unit standard

o directly responsible for increase of platoon average APFT score of 223 to 246; average increase by 23 points during this rated period

o demanded assigned joint personnel meet same standards as Soldiers; obtained joint agreement; improved morale

o provided subordinates an exemplary role model worthy of emulation

o the epitome of mental toughness, stays calm and collected in the most stressful of situations

o demonstrated mental poise, calmness and physical endurance; shouldered additional requirements despite vigorous OPTEMPO

o maintained his stamina to go the distance despite the rigorous 70 plus hour work weeks

o increased overall APFT score by 25 points by utilizing a demanding PT regimen

o mentally resilient; a mature, level-headed leader who does not overreact to challenges

o directly contributed to 5 Soldiers' development, resulting in substantial improvements in their run times

o self-motivated individual who has the capability to enforce standards and self-improvement

o maintained physical fitness with a home PT program 3-4 times per week

o mental strength guaranteed mission accomplishment with limited supervision

o achieved an APFT score of 294; earned the Army Physical Fitness Badge for the sixth consecutive time

o an exceptional example of a Junior NCO and carried himself with complete professionalism representing the NCO Corps with excellence

o outstanding example of physical fitness; motivated Soldiers at all levels of the Chain of Command to excel and improve

o exuded impeccable military bearing and professionalism; demonstrated poise during interactions at all levels of a Two Star General Command

o projected confidence, enthusiasm, and mental toughness when assisting Soldiers; reinforced resiliency training for subordinates

o always maintained an outstanding appearance and represents her unit with impecable military bearing and courtesy

o trained and motivated several Soldiers to pass their APFT after repeated failures

o stayed fit through physical therapy and maintained mental toughness despite a Temporary Profile for a shoulder injury and a high operational tempo

o maintained fitness by participating actively in city league sports events

o scored 300 points, maintained physical fitness badge

o does not let profile hinder his ability to pass the APFT

o no APFT or HT/WT was recorded due to Soldier's failure to follow Army Regulations

o successfully passed her first PT test after pregnancy profile allowing her to attend WLC in June

o always implemented a tough physical fitness program to push subordinates to better themselves

o always maintained an outstanding appearance, military bearing and courtesy

o demonstrated overwhelming confidence and mental strength

o raised the section/platoon PT score by 50%

o selected as Post Athlete of the Year

o Distinguished Honor Graduate of Master Fitness Trainer Course

o finished first in class 10K division run

o coach and starting player for 1st place basketball team

o presented a professional, soldierly appearance at all times

o motivated, enthusiastic NCO who took lead in organized physical fitness training of all soldiers

o scored 300 on last APFT

o unquestionable physical stamina

o functions well under stress

o exceeded APFT and unit physical standards with ease

o displays a strong sense of pride in the uniform

o presents a healthy, strong and confident demeanor

o incorporated plan which ultimately raised the unit APFT score by 16 percent

o impeccable appearance; role model standard

o sets the standard by which excellence is measured

o rehabilitated injured knee and won Physical Fitness Badge

o graduated Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, and Combat Leaders courses at 39 years of age

o maintained professional bearing in relations with over 150 new second lieutenants

o his platoon averaged 290 points on the APFT due to his training

o awarded Div Coin from CG, 82nd Airborne Div for uniform appearance during the annual General inspection

o led company marathon relay to a first and second place finish

o physically fit, scored 300 on most recent APFT

o excellent physical condition; led advanced PT during physical training

o platoon achieved 100% first time pass rate on APFT for two consecutive testing cycles

o motivated platoon to improve PT average by 30 points

o excellent mental and physical abilities; displayed strong stamina

o placed first in weight division in the 2002 Fort Sill Bodybuilding Contest

Needs Improvement

o left duty position before properly relieved and unable to stay in place of duty

o frequently missing from his place of duty; often found annoying the members of other offices

o places more importance on and effort into personal phone calls than his duties

o unable to use idle time productively; chooses wandering the halls over reviewing regulations or developing MS Office skills

o thinks a pressed uniform and fresh haircut qualifies him for a top NCOER and management position

o SFC Hero's participation in unit physical training declined during this rating period

o made satisfactory progress in run time but still approaching minimum standards in...

o presents sharp military appearance but needs to realize importance of subtlety

o counseled twice for disrespect toward an NCO; focus on relationship skills

o refused suggestions to attend counseling until problems escalated to the point of making him unfit for duty

o failed to meet APFT standards for the two mile run and sit-ups with a total score of 124

o soldier failed to meet height and weight requirements or make any progress

o failed to meet minimum APFT standards repeatedly and lacks the willingness to improve

o took an apathetic approach to the health and welfare of troops; resulted in entire squad failing to meet the height and weight standard

o failed to complete 2-mile run during APFT, quit after 1 mile

o worked a demanding schedule that included changing between from nights to days and frequently fell asleep during shift

o displayed substandard appearance and military bearing for an NCO of his rank

o failed to meet the body fat standards during rating period; maintained three to eight pounds of weight loss and removed himself from the AWCP

o soldier is on profile and cannot conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test, or participate in any physical training events

o presented an unprofessional appearance and lacks military bearing

o he continued to undermine what it means to be a soldier, let alone a leader

o attempted to abuse position and authority to cheat on previous record APFT

o demonstrated a lack of integrity when he attempted to cheat on the previous record APFT

o personal issues are interfering with conduct on the job

o failed to meet body fat standards IAW AR 600-9; measured at 27% body fat and maintained 2-3 pound weight loss per month while on the weight control program

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