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Lodging in Kind Coordinator NCO-ER

o overcame long-standing obstacles to ensure that the LIK was afforded to soldiers in the detachment

o as LIK NCOIC, ensured that all Lodging-In-Kind requests were submitted and that all unit personnel requiring quarters were accommodated

o completed a $23,500 Lodging in Kind contract supporting over 530 visiting Soldiers without any discrepancies

o researched and coordinated with local vendors to establish a series of hotels willing to do business under the LIK limits; expanded choice and reduced travel time

o serves as the 4th ESC and the 363rd Battalion GPC holder and maintained a $100K purchase limit on a monthly basis at Company level, with no discrepancies

o is only one of 200 Soldiers in the 300th Brigade that has a 3C ASI and able to write military contracts as a Contract Officer Rep (COR)

o enhanced and improved the unit's Lodging in Kind (LIK) program through diligence, attention to detail, and relentless follow-up

o coordinated with vendors and ensured all required paperwork was completed in order to maintain a strong working relationship between them and the Army Reserves

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