91D/Power Gen Equip Repairer NCOER Bullets

Running a generator in the field

While assigned to (5-7 Air Defense Artillery ), SPC Fonville was responsible for maintaining all generators of Br5-7 Air Defense Artillery. During the JC-16 mission she made sure that maintence and services were up to date on all of the equipment resulting in no deficiencies. She also ensured that all generators were properly PMCS and functioned properly through out the mission.

o demonstrated unselfish care for his squad members; contributed ample time to ensure that safety, discipline, training, education, and personal needs are met

o supervised the only Battery Maintenance shop in 4/10 MTN; recharged over 450 batteries thus saving the Brigade over $200,000

o made authorized modifications on starters for different lines of military equipment to include the C15, PLS, and 903 programs

o in response to flood, quickly setup nine generators supplying five hundred and forty kilowatts of prime power which supported eight reverse osmosis water purification units for twenty-one days

o installed 1.5 miles of cable, 500 ft of duct bank, and a new 200 amp service for Langley's cantonment site

o supervised a nine-man team for the disassembly of a five thousand square foot Clamshell shelter

o expeditiously repaired six load break elbows and replaced 200 feet of wire to restore electrical power to a 1200 person beddown area within three hours

o worked outside of his MOS, as he prepared to cross-train as a wheeled vehicle mechanic and completed numerous services

o tore down Clamsheel shelter in less than 36 hours which allowed for more runway space at Ali Air Base, Iraq

o was a key member of the reconstitution of three 4K shelters at Manas Transit Center

o showed dedication to duty in setting up area of operation, maintenance tents, and power generation and distribution during FTX

o assigned to Bldg 345 Engine area, he took apart, cleaned, repaired, and reassembled starters

o supervised the company's power generation equipmnent repair section

o assigned to the FMTV Section in bldg 551 on Red River Army Depot (RRAD), he successfully tore down and reinstalled multiple overhead lighting systems

o assisted in the teardown and replacement of ceilings and wall panels

o she continually sought out new tasks upon the completion of each assignment

o as the company's only generator mechanic, he performed over 40 services to keep the company's generators in a mission-ready state

o trained outside his primary MOS, 91D, to perform necessary actions in MOS 92A, 91B, and 88M

o influenced his peers with his willingness to learn and made him a valuable asset to the unit

o kept the primary generator at a FMC rate of 90% or above at all times

o performed duties with minimal supervision and filled the NCOIC position during deployment

o expanded operations and a 20 MW power generation plant for the Air Force RED HORSE team

o spent hundreds of hours of overtime to repair 28 vehicles which saved the unit more than 40,000 dollars

o maintained 5 types of vehicles in a high state of readiness

o maintained all unit generators to the highest standard

o sets high standards for himself and all others

o recognized by the NGB command logistics readiness team inspector for thourough inpection and PMCS procedures

o served as the only generator mechanic supporting HWB 2/3d ACR

o completed one NTC rotation with HWB 2/3d ACR; support praised

o contributed his knowledge of generators to help perform and assist in the completion of over 30 services

o volunteered to perform inspections under the motor pool's Quality Assurance program

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