MOS 35 Intelligence Awards/DA 638 Examples

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Medal for Merit, Civilian Decoration

The United States of America takes great pride in presenting the Medal for Merit to Full Name Here for extraordinary heroism, gallantry, and honor serving as a dedicated asset for United States Intelligence Services. In his time serving as a trusted source, Full Name Here provided information of intelligence value while risking his life in support of his family, his tribe, and his country. His relentless efforts led to the production of thousands of reports indicating the locations, identities, activities, and intentions of terrorist organizations fighting against the United States and Iraqi interests. With his valuable information, United States and Coalition Forces dropped hundreds of thousands of pounds of ordnance to eliminate terrorists. Full Name acted with disregard for his own safety, saving the lives of countless American and Iraqi people. Full Name's courage, warrior spirit, and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of service and reflect great credit upon himself and United States Intelligence Services.

6 All Source Analysts: Battle Space Overlays, Compound Studies, Route Study, Pattern of Life Analysis
2 AUSSOF: Compound Study w/ HLZ Analysis
1 Coalitions Support: Route Study
1 ISF Support: Compound Study
1 S-3/Fires: Obstacle Overlay/Analysis
1 SOTF-W: Pattern of Life Analysis
1 S-2/Targeting: Compound Study

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