MOS 68E Dental Specialist Duty Descriptions

68EX2 Preventive Dentistry Specialist
As Preventive Dentistry Specialist, examines patients' teeth and gums, recording the presence of diseases or abnormalities; removes soft and hard deposits from teeth; teaches patients how to practice good oral hygiene; provides preventive dental care; removes calculus, stains, and plaque from teeth; takes and develops dental x-rays; applies cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides and pit and fissure sealants.

68EN5 Dental Laboratory Technician
Performs procedures in fabrication and repair of removable and fixed dental prosthodontic appliances based on consultation requests; fabricates fixed and removable precision appliances; fabricates simple and complex orthodontic, pedodontic, periodontic and surgical appliances; assists in fabricating maxillofacial appliances; manages the operational maintenance of laboratory equipment; orders and receives supplies.

Squad Leader
Serves as squad leader for the Area Support Platoon on an MTOE, Dental Company (Area Support), supervising three Soldiers; trains new Soldiers to operate dental equipment; provides counseling and mentorship to Soldiers on career progression; takes interest in health, welfare and morale of Soldiers; supports the commander's intent on all policies and guidelines for the unit maintenance program; conduct inventories to identify shortages and deficiencies of $350,000 worth of dental equipment and vehicles to ensure 100% readiness to accomplish the unit mission.

68E20 Dental Specialist
Supervises the set up of field dental clinic; assists in four-handed dentistry including exams, endodontics, oral surgery, extractions, and restorative procedures; performs instrument sterilization; exposes dental radiographs, performs charting; manages patients records; seats patients; schedules appointments.

Supervises activities of dental team in a dental facility; provides technical guidance; determines personnel requirements, establishes work priorities, organizes work schedules and duty assignments; instructs subordinates in work techniques and procedures; evalutes personnel performance, counsels personnel, and prepares evaluation reports; prepares administration, technical, patient and manpower reports

68E20 Dental Specialist
Serves as a Dental Specialist in a brigade support battalion medical company in the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); provides Echelon II combat dental health support for Forward Operating Base Fenty consisting of 3,500 Soldiers, coalition forces, Afghan National Army, and civilian contractors; directly responsible for the health, welfare, morale, and combat readiness of two Soldiers; supervised the daily maintenance, readiness, and accountability of medical equipment valued in excess of $900,000.

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