MOS 68E Dental Specialist NCOER Bullets

Dental Chart

Squad Leader

o assisted in the training of new dental techs

o maintained orderly operation of the dental section

o mentored two Soldiers to train and prepare for board competitions after hours by conducting uniform inspections, mock boards, and reviewing board procedures

o was able to conduct dynamic and realistic hands-on training during 36 hour continuous operation mission while simultaneously maintaining a full patient workload

o supported the Army's SHARP and EO programs; established an overall climate that fostered dignity and respect for all Soldiers within the unit

o demonstrated mental stamina to successfully complete any given task

o maintained high standards of appearance and military bearing

o worked tirelessly with subordinates so they can achieve excellent results

o inspired and encouraged his squad to learn and grow as professionals, resulting in 100% enrollment in correspondence courses and military schools

o devoted extra effort and hours to minimize disruption of unit operations during M3PT inventory input by ensuring safety of personnel, property and facilities

o maintained cleanliness and mission capability of his assigned dental hygiene set valued at over $170,000; set the example for what right looks like

Dental Specialist

o though junior to the acting platoon sergeant he stepped up to coach and mentor the incoming Platoon Sergeant while the incumbent platoon sergeant was TDY

o due to his technical knowledge and his willingness to train and mentor Soldiers he was selected to train Soldiers attending the X2 Course; one selected as Honor Graduate

o CMS passed the 2010 JCAHO survey due to her extensive preparation, upgrading, ensuring documentation and SOPs were accurate and up to date

o completely reorganized the TMC to make it more efficient for providing emergency trauma care

o assembled over 1,000 dental care bags (floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, ACT rinse ) after normal duty hours

o inventoried and organized all dental field supplies and equipment prior to departure for JRTC

Areas of Special Emphasis

Army Warrior Training; Physical Readiness Training; Soldier Development; Soldier Counseling, Medical Material Mobilization Planning Tool (M3PT) inventories; Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) training; Pregnant and Post Partum Physical Training (P3T)


o selected over NCOs in the Brigade to instruct Pregnancy and Post Partum Physical Training (P3T) for the (Place) enabling over 400 Soldiers to meet their special needs

o trained Soldiers to safely and efficiently utilize the dental field Pros set improving their technical skills and abilities resulting in one being accepted in the N5 School

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