MOS 68E Dental Specialist Awards

See also: U.S. Navy Dental Technician Awards

Dental Specialist

For exceptional meritorious service from 1 January to 31 March 2014 in providing hygiene treatment to the most patients by any military hygienist in the Western Regional Dental Command during the first quarter of fiscal year 2014. Private First Class Clark's excellent work ethic and dedication to duty resulted in an increase in oral health for the Kamish troop dental clinic patient population. Her efforts were instrumental in Fort Wainwright achieving over ninety nine percent combined hygiene and exam appointments in support of DENCOM's Go First Class initiative. Her performance reflects great credit upon herself, the Western Regional Dental Command, the U.S. Army Dental Command, the Army Medical Department, and the United States Army.

68E Dental Specialist

While attached to the NATO Role 3 Hospital Dental Clinic in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, CPL Doe served with distinction as the Supply NCO and assistant NCOIC. CPL Doe was responsible for the receiving and distribution of over $XX,XXX in equipment and dental supplies. She worked countless hours to assist in the accountability and reorganization of the $XX,XXX hand receipt. Her attention to detail and dedication to the clinic mission allowed for 100% accountability of all items on the hand receipt.

CPL Doe served as a vital member during OEF Forward Observation Base clinic closures throughout theater. Her diligence, ability to organize, and coordinate assured a hassle free connection and successful routing/tracking of equipment and supplies through KAF. She assisted the NCOIC with the scheduling of over 12 flights and transporting over 1 million dollars worth of equipment through Kandahar Air Field. She was the Point of Contact for travel and lodging for the movement of 10 personnel through KAF.

Her expertise as a dental assistant and previous deployment experience with the Army field dental equipment allowed her to excel as a mentor. She instructed 5 junior enlisted who were deploying for the first time in the proper operation, utilization, and maintenance of the field equipment and on dental assisting; thereby, improving their skills. She also cross-trained one medical specialist as a dental assistant ensuring the delivery of optimal care by the dental treatment team at the Role 1, Brigade level, dental clinic.

Her devotion and personal commitment to Soldier and self-improvement are commendable. She went above and beyond the call of duty using her own personal time to improve her Soldier by having him enroll in college classes and Structured Self Development. She improved her APFT score by 20 points; thereby, earning the APFT patch which inspired others to improve their score as well. CPL Doe also sought self-improvement through correspondence/online training completing 800 courses while deployed.

Dental Assistant

During this period with the 1984th USAH, SPC West was critical in the success of the Dental Mission. His support as dental hygiene for the Pacific Care Mission was particularly noteworthy. During the mission, he utilized his time efficiently to increase patient production and contributed to effectiveness by educating Soldiers on proper use of equipment. His presence, unquestionable devotion, and outstanding work ethic were vital in establishing a successful mission.

Chief, Operations

During this period, the exceptional leadership, foresight, and total dedication of MSG Kline were among key contributions to the successful role out of Army wide Going First Class, phase I and II, and fielding of CDS to 7 US Navy Dental clinics. His efforts ensured CDS is a truly DoD enterprise Dental System.

NCOIC, Dental Clinic

SFC Minnow's leadership and direction as the NCOIC for ten enlisted Soldiers and five officers led to the Dental Clinic's success in supporting the dental health of 400 patients over ten days. His leadership was invaluable to the overall success of the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) mission at Malden Clinic. He maintained and tracked over $60,000 in dental supplies daily ensuring the Malden Dental Clinic had all equipment necessary for the duration of the mission. SFC Minnow demonstrated unmatched commitment to mission accomplishment, personally contributing to the successful completion of Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Bootheel's Dental section. His professionalism and dedication to duty were responsible for providing over $200,000 in dental care to the civilian population of Malden, Missouri.

Dental Assistant

o CMS passed the 2010 JCAHO survey due to her extensive preparation, upgrading, ensuring documentation and SOPs were accurate and up to date

o completely reorganized the TMC to make it more efficient for providing emergency trauma care

Dental Specialist

For exceptionally meritorious service from 3 May 2015 to 15 May 2015 while assigned to the USADENTAC at Ft Benning, Georgia. SPC Miles' professionalism and devotion to duty were instrumental to the continued success of the fiscal year 2015 ECT mission. SPC Miles' exemplary performance of duty culminates a distinguished period of service and is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflects great credit upon him, the 7233rd MSU, and the United States Army.

Senior Dental NCO

Exceptionally meritorious service while serving in leadership positions spanning over twenty-four years, culminating as the Vicenza Senior Dental NCO with the Landstuhl Dental Activity. Master Sergeant Wayne has continuously demonstrated dedication, exceptional service, professionalism, technical expertise and outstanding performance throughout his career. His steadfast integrity, sound judgment and consummate professionalism earned him the highest level of trust, loyalty and dedication from those who have worked with and for him. Master Sergeant Wayne's exemplary performance culminates a distinguished career and is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflects great credit upon him, the Landstuhl Dental Activity, and the United States Army.

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