MOS 68Z, Chief Medical NCO Duty Descriptions

68Z Multifunctional Medical Battalion (MMB) Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
Command Sergeant Major of a 250-Soldier Medical Battalion comprised of a Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, a Medical Company Area Support (MCAS), and Medical Company Ground Ambulance (MCGA); advises the Commander on enlisted matters; sets standards and enforces policies, regulations, and directives; is the extension of the Commander's intent, vision, and execution of the mission; responsible for the health, discipline, morale, and welfare in the Medical Battalion; coaches and trains the Operations Sergeant Major and the First Sergeants; supervises their professional development and advises on their personnel assignments; facilitates the talent management of all Soldiers across the entire command; acts as the Commander's representative in supervising aspects vital to battalion operations.

68Z Chief Medical NCO
Serves as the Chief Medical NCO and principal advisor for U.S. Army South Command Surgeon Cell with a staff of 28 officers, enlisted and civilian personnel; oversees the coordination and funding of clinical and medical operations engagements in ------ AOR; oversees the coordination and implementation of medical training for ------- AOR consisting of ## countries; receives, publishes and disseminates plans, orders and reports; responsible for the quality of NCOERs, awards and other personnel actions; responsible for the reception and integration of new arrivals into the Command Surgeon Cell and ensure section equipment and personnel are deployable.

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