68Z Chief Medical NCO Awards

Executed flu line and Mass Prophylaxis Point of Distribution Exercise, vaccinating 913 personnel in 48 hours, achieved Brigade's annual exercise requirement and increased Brigade's IMR rate to 95%, the #1 in USAREUR. Planned Kosovo Security Force Medical Regiment's field exercise, identified gaps to prepare Kosovo Role 1 team for NATO DEFENDER 23 exercise.

Briefed EUCOM's J5 two-star on medical contingency operations and coordinated with HQ USAFE/SG on MDG capabilities. Managed a EUCOM TASKORD and deployed a six-man Ground Surgical Team for emergency surgical support of 2.5K personnel and a 100-bed field hospital that served 200K Turkish residents after NATO's worst natural disaster.

Identified a $3 million shortfall for Medical All Hazard Response assets, procured $216K in funding and assisted 40 team chiefs with tracking 186 training requirements. He elevated readiness stats by 45% to reach #1 in USAREUR. Additionally, secured $10K for In-Place Patient Decontamination training and instructed four disaster response teams and 19 students.

Coordinated with five Brigade agencies to facilitate the first-ever In-Flight Emergency Tabletop exercise with U.S. and Turkish Air Force medics, laid groundwork for future interoperability and relationship building. He directed CSS operations and 23 programs, revised the Battalion's sponsorship program, and completed three staff assistance visits, garnering an IG coin during the UEI.

Unit Training Officer

For outstanding service as the Unit Training Officer. Master Sergeant Taylor navigated the minimal and rapidly changing guidance during the Army Hospital system transition from Combat Support Hospital to Field Hospital and translated the Commander's intent into actionable objectives. Her diligence and commitment to excellence was instrumental in the unit's improved and growing mission capabilities and readiness. The significant achievements and devotion to duty of Master Sergeant Taylor reflect great credit upon herself, the 472nd Hospital Augmentation Detachment, the 452nd Field Hospital, the 374th Hospital Center, the 330th Medical Brigade, the 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support) and the United States Army.

Chief Medical NCO

Meritorious service while serving as Chief Medical NCO, Diagnostic and Therapeutics Flight, 15th Medical Support Squadron, 15th Medical Group, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this time, Master Sergeant Jenkins' expertise was vital to his selection as the in-house lead for COVID response as he stood up and led the operations of the Medical Control Center which guided surge operations for three medical group squadrons and 267 staff members, certified market plans, and established standardized operation plans for 155 thousand patients. Sergeant Jenkins simultaneously orchestrated the pandemic response for three Wings and 210 tenant units, templated the first single-point entry plan and Joint Base mask policy in less than 120 hours, and ultimately protected the Oahu island population of one million civilians. Furthermore, he singlehandedly expanded the Wing's COVID testing capabilities, by establishing three in-house platforms and generating a $30K civilian contract option, which resulted in a reduction in result wait time from an average of two days to less than three hours. The accomplishments of Master Sergeant Jenkins reflect great credit upon himself, 15th Medical Group and the United States Army.

Senior Medical NCO

Medical Section, Regional Support Command- North, CSMR

MSG (CA) Smith trained more than 4,000 California Army National Guard Soldiers, California Air National Guard Airmen, U.S. Army Soldiers, U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers, United States Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Federal Law Enforcement Officers in Combat Lifesaver Course Instruction, and provided invaluable tactical first aid training.

Provided critical Warrior Task Training to over 300 Soldiers and Airmen, and helped prepare them for overseas deployment. His tireless leadership in preparing meaningful training assisted these troops in preparing for deployment and was instrumental in saving the lives of combat injured 250th MI(TEB) BN Soldiers while on deployment in Iraq.

MSG (CA) Smith, serving as an essential Liaison with key members of the Alameda County EMS Office, orchestrated and arranged CSMR support and participation in Urban Shield Tactical Medical Training and Tactical SWAT Scenarios: 2014, 2015 and 2016.

MSG (CA) Smith served as Medical Site (White) Captain and oversaw, coordinated, and provided medical support to Urban Shield Participants and closed down the medical support site for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office at the conclusion of Urban Shield 2013.

As the Senior Medical NCO for RSC-N, MSG (CA) Smith was the subject matter expert on the principles of military and tactical medicine and developed realistic and invaluable medical skills training for Medical Personnel.

MSG (CA) Smith collaborated with RTS-MED, US ARMY Reserve personnel to arrange CSMR Medic participation in the 7-day TC8-800 Medical Education and Demonstration of Individual Competency (MEDIC) / 68W Refresher Training Course, gaining 68W equivalency validation and certification for CSMR Medics through the US ARMY RESERVE.


Before FTX, he went through a two-day Field Sanitation course which aided in the prevention of disease in the operations area. He directed the placement of the waste water hoses for the residue of the sinks and the cleaning of the OR Instruments. He set up the wet bulb reader, ensured its accuracy and sent hourly guidance to the commander with zero heat casualties as a result. Solved recurring problem with the waste drain hoses being damaged by vehicles which might have contaminated the area and jeopardized medical operations. When the Ward Master lost all the sanitation supplies, he contacted WBAMC Housekeeping Management and borrowed 5 gallons of bleach, hand soap, 100 trash bags and 1,000 boxes of towels. His resourcefulness and attention to detail ensured the success of the operation.

Platoon Leader, Medical Company Ground Ambulance

While serving as convoy commander, SGM Milner effectively organized and accomplished the mission despite several serious and unexpected setbacks and personnel changes. His steadfast determination and dedication to the mission allowed the convoy to complete its mission and reach its destination ahead of schedule. His professionalism and never say quit attitude were inspiration to the soliders he was leading and critical to the overall success of the Medical Company.

Chief, Medical Countermeasure Systems

For outstanding achievement as the Small Business Innovation Research Program coordinator. Her ability to identify programmatic deficiencies, launch a new Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and coordinate with USG stakeholders to ensure research efforts were directly related to joint service CBRN countermeasure requirements were vital to the continued protection of the warfighter and military readiness.

Medical Officer in Charge

Facilitated 40 hours of classroom analysis and discussion and a field training exercise with the Military Engagement Team, Morocco.

Supervised treatment of 22 Soldiers resulting in zero man-hours lost to illness.

Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA) Chief

During this period, the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Master Sergeant Tyner were indispensable to the establishment of the first Womens Mobile Health Clinic.

Immunization Team NCOIC

Under the leadership of MSG Leachmann, his 10-man team was able to screen over 5,000 Soldiers and immunize over 2,500 Soldiers against Smallpox in support of the Homeland Defense Missions, Vibrant Response 13 and Vibrant Response 14.

Medical Team Chief

For meritorious service while serving as the medical NCOIC in support of a battalion mass casualty event. During this event, the professional skill, leadership and ceaseless efforts of MSG Sims directly contributed to the effectiveness and success of the battalion medical team, as well as to the overall efficiency of the battalion as a whole. He demonstrated competence, professionalism and exemplary dedication to duty. The performance and accomplishments of MSG Sims are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflects great credit upon him, the 2/311 battalion and the United States Army.

Medical Team Chief

Oversaw exceptional primary outpatient care to patients plus cross coverage for 10,000 dependents utilizing inpatient and outpatient services. As the department's General Medical Education coordinator, he worked diligently to improve Physican Assistant Education during inpatient and outpatient rotations with thoughtful analysis of the goals, objectives and standing requirements for Inpatient and Outpatient services. He also assisted institutional emergency readiness by teaching Advanced Life Saving classes.

Medical Team Chief

SGM Reagan provided support to Task Force Commanders on issues related to Substance Abuse, Suicide Prevention and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He presented six classes on these topics to a multinational audience on Camp Bondsteel and a local hospital in Mitrovica, Kosovo. In addition, he oversaw the clinic functions within the Hospital including the medical staff and ancillary services and continuously monitored the overall quality of care within the Hospital. He assisted the Deputy Commander with numerous unscheduled medical evacuations and 9-line Medevac of KFOR Soldiers and DoD civilians.

Chief Medical NCO

MSG Korso, in the spirit of camaraderie, and in an attempt to facilitate a good working relationship, designed and funded commemorative coins for the general surgery clinic which marked the consolidation of Wilford Hall Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center. The coins were an attempt to focus on the benefits of a united Air Force and Army team, both military and civilian, and ease the transition to joint service and a unified clinic.

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