MOS 88L Watercraft Engineer Duty Descriptions

88L4O (Senior Enlisted NCO) for LCU 2000
The Senior Enlisted Engineer aboard a Landing Craft Utility 2000 Class (LCU-2000) vessel holds an 88L40 license and marine certification, acts as assistant to the Chief Engineer, and supervises the engine department to include personnel training, safety, maintenance, and general ships business; assumes duty and responsibilities of the Chief Engineer in his/her absence; ensures that any vessel propulsion, plumbing, heating or electrical issues are repaired in a timely manner.

Senior Marine Engineman
Provides technical oversight as a Senior Marine Engineman assigned aboard the U.S. Army Vessel _____; prepares marine vessel equipment for operation; starts, operates, troubleshoots, inspects, services, adjusts, replaces and repairs engines and generators and the respective components, deck equipment, throttle controls, HVAC, steering mechanisms; cooling, lubricating, and fuel systems; 12 volt D/C, 120/240 volt A/C electrical systems including wiring assemblies, and various electrical distribution systems; computes fuel requirements and fuel usages.

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