MOS 88L Watercraft Engineer NCOER Bullets

o safety-oriented during all phases of training; reduced risk to personnel during vessel operations

o knowledge, skills and abilities as a Watercraft Engineer are equal to or greater than his peers

o worked long hours daily to ensure vessel readiness prior to ________ deployment

o maintained 100% accountability of all company level commitments resulting in zero mission failures

o assisted in the main engine rebuild saving the unit over $xx,xxx

o maintained tools and machinery improving vessel over-all readiness

o supervised and assisted in licensing four subordinate engineers to grade

o demonstrated expert technical skills on the underway repair to a main engine while on ______mission in Panama

o placed the mission first, sacrificed off duty to ensure the LSV4 refurbishment was accomplished

o managed his team during the installation, operation and maintenace while he completed the draining and purging of 12 barges

o developed OI for requesting Modular Warping Tug (MWT) Roll-On Roll-Off Discharge Facility (RRDF) service

o set an example for his peers to emulate by meticulously maintaining his assigned watercraft to 10/20 standards

o ensured assigned Landing Craft Utility (LCU) was seaworthy and able to perform at a moments notice

o maintained a highly motivated demeanor throughout his tenure during tough training cycles and a deployment which set the example for others to follow

o ensured the batallion turned in excess and unservacable equipment valued at over $1.5 million

o soldier's desire for knowledge and drive to succeed has fostered a truly remarkable working envioronment

o openly shares his knowledge of watercraft maintance with peers and subordinates

Marine Maintenance NCO

o ensured both the LCU-2032 (USAV Palo Alto) and the LCU-2030 (USAV Monterrey) were fully operational for BOGLOTS West

Watercraft Engineer

o technically proficient, he is an asset to any crew he serves with

o responsibile for operating and maintaining three unit vessels worth over $5.3 million

o maintained LCU 2026 and two LCMs at a 100% FMC status for the duration of the rating period

o showed leadership during preparation for training mission to Tampa Fl. by insuring that LCU 2026 had all the proper equipment for a safe mission

o key trainer in licensing 10 Soldiers on the LCU 2000 as well as LCM-8s

o maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of all assigned equipment worth $250,000 aboard LCU 2000

o accountable and responsible for the transfer of over 100,000 gallons of fuel and over 400 gallons of lube oil with out safety incidents of spills

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