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MOS 88L Watercraft Engineer Awards

o openly shares his knowledge of watercraft maintance with peers and subordinates

o technically proficient, he is an asset to any crew he serves with

o responsibile for operating and maintaining three unit vessels worth over $5.3 million

o maintained LCU 2026 and two LCMs at a 100% FMC status for the duration of the rating period

o showed leadership during preparation for training mission to Tampa Fl. by insuring that LCU 2026 had all the proper equipment for a safe mission

o key trainer in licensing 10 Soldiers on the LCU 2000 as well as LCM-8s

o maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of all assigned equipment worth $250,000 aboard LCU 2000

o accountable and responsible for the transfer of over 100,000 gallons of fuel and over 400 gallons of lube oil with out safety incidents of spills

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