94F, Computer/Detection Systems Repair Duty Descriptions

94F30 Computer Detection Systems Repairer
Serves as the only computer detection systems repairer on a Combat Repair Team while supporting 2nd Squadron, 2D Stryker Cavalry Regiment; performs maintenance, repair, and evacuation of all commo and electronics equipment; serves as a section sergeant for an armament, PLL, GSE and ELM section; maintained a bench stock section with parts valued at over $225,000; only commo and electonics MOS in 2nd Squardon and on FOB Apache; NCOIC Armament, Ground Support Element, HVAC, and ELM shops while on a Combat Repair Team; responsible for the health, welfare and training of 2 NCOs and 10 Soldiers; responsible for equipment valued at over $500,000.

Regimental Computer/Detection Systems Repairer
Serves as Regimental Computer/Detection Systems Repairer for the 529th Regimental Support Company, 4th Battalion, 3d United States Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard); provides Field Maintenance support for the unit consisting of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of over 1,300 pieces of CBRN, night vision, and communication equipment; performs and supports ceremonies for The Old Guard in the National Capital Region; responsible for the health, welfare, training, and professional development of two NCOs and three Soldiers.

94F20 Computer Detection Systems Repairer
Performs maintenance, repair, and evacuation of all communications and electronics equipment; provides technical assistance to both subordinates and supported users; supervises the operation and proper use of TMDE; schedules and performs user level maintenance on TMDE, tools, and special test equipment; performs final or quality control inspection of repaired equipment and maintenance documents; provides shop supervisor with equipment repair status, priorities, and necessity for bench stock resupply; maintains maintenance facility technical library.

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