MOS 94F Special Electronic Devices Repairer Awards

Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Repairman

Meritorious service while serving as NVG Repairman, Golf Company, 3rd Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, Fort Campbell, kentucky from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Carter's technical and tactical expertise lead to the battalion's resounding success. While in Golf company, Sergeant Carter conducted over 20 battalion NVG purges and services. He maintained over $150,000 in parts and assisted in the setup of the Field Maintenance Company during six FTXs and two JRTC rotations, directly impacting the company's ability to accomplish the mission. Additionally, while assigned to the 3rd Brigade Rakkasans, 101 Airborne Division, he was an indispensable member during two tours supporting OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. His actions, both in his MOS and outside his MOS, made him a key member of any team, from fixing NVGs on the fly, to resolving COMMO issues, to gunning in the lead truck in combat. Sergeant Carter's performance reflects great credit upon himself, the 320th Field Artillery Regiment and the United States Army.

Computer/Detection Systems Repairer

Specialist Davis deployed with 1st Support Maintenance Company as a Computer/Detection Systems Repairer, providing Direct Support level maintenace in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He used the knowledge that he gained from the convoy operation training to help support Army and Air Force ground units that were in the immediate area of Bagram Airfield. Because of his dedication to the task at hand, he was successful in completing over 100 recovery missions and ensuring that all Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles and Military All Terrain Vehicles had all components and were fully mission capable which ensured the safety of over 200 convoys.

Special Electronics Repairer

SGT Smith was commended by the ADVON NCOIC for his diligent efforts as forward support for the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company. SGT Smith worked three 14-hour days to construct twelve barracks and work tents. Because of his relentless efforts, the entire 1073rd SMC was able to set up and provide maintenance and administration support on Range 35 from the very first day. SGT Smith supervised six workers over ten days, working outside of his MOS and above his paygrade. During this time he also supervised the dining hall and ensured that all of the tables, utensils and dining facility were sanitized before and after each meal. SGT Smith also ensured that the personal field sanitation stations across Range 35 were maintained above military standards. Sergeant Smith's performance reflects great credit upon himself, the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company and the United States Army.

Computer Detection System Repairer

SPC Hatcher's skills and knowledge in his MOS 94F were essential to the success and support of the only maintenance company in the Pacific. He expedited numerous equipment that was down and returned it to 10/20 standard, with little or no supervision. Under his tenure at 536th SMC, he completed over xxx MWR's, repaired, serviced, and purged xxx NVG's, repaired xxx M88 Chemical Detectors, and inspected xxx thermal detectors.

Special Electronic Device Repairer

SPC Wolverine's devotion to duty and superior knowledge of the many facets of the electronic maintenance field led to the repairing of over 600 hundred Night Vision Devices and Thermal Scopes during OEF XIII. By doing so, he guaranteed all supporting line units were always mission ready and had all necessary equipment to complete the mission or task at hand. His dedication to duty not only resulted in the development of high standards for equipment maintenance, but also inspired all those with whom he worked.

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