MOS 94F Computer/ Detection Systems Repairer
NCOER Bullets

o commended by the ADVON NCOIC for his effective forward support of the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company

o moved electronics mainenace shop, bringing it fully operational in a week

o maintained accountablility of over 1 million dollars worth of equipment on site and being transported

o worked three 16-hour days to build 12 barracks and work tents; ready for business ahead of schedule

o filled in as Quality Assurance and Quality Control Supervisor

o as Production Control Supervisor he oversaw the effective maintenance and accountability of over $250,000 worth of equipment

o 1073rd SMC transitioned seamlessly to setting up maintenance and administration operations on day one

o supervised 6 workers for 2 weeks, working outside of his MOS and one pay grade above his own

o ensured that the 8 personal field sanitation stations across Range 35 exceeded standards

o provided on-time convoy support for every mission leaving FOB

o served as only EWO for entire FOB on Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan

o selected over peers as acting NCOIC of C&E Section

o a model squad leader, he is our best BFT Trainer and maintainer

o re-set entire FOB with new threat loads

o as the unit's NVG repairman, he accomplished 12 battalion NVG purges and services

Using a multimeter to troubleshoot

o completed annual maintenance services on eight generators and two DRASH (Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter) with minimal guidance and support

o performed maintenance services in his own company and then moved on to the rest of battalion's equipment

o provided maintenance support to sections across the Bn; facilitated uninterrupted communications to 200+ Soldiers and their customers across FHL CSTX 19-01

o participated in convoy operations to assist with security and provide immediate on-the-spot maintenance support for joint ground units deployed in the Bagram Airfield region

o completed over 80 high-risk recovery missions

o ensured all detection systems in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles and Military All Terrain Vehicles had full complement of components and spares and were fully mission capable, ensuring the safety of Soldiers on over 200 convoys

o worked outside his MOS, assisting with comm issues and serving as gunner in the lead convoy truck

o deployed with 1st Maintenance Company to provide Direct Support level maintenace in direct support of Operation Enduring Freedom 12-13

o assisted in the setup of the Field Maintenance Company during 6 FTXs and 2 JRTC rotations, improving the company's ability to accomplish the mission

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