Battle NCO Duty Descriptions

11B Battle NCO
Battle NCO for a BDE TOC, works closely with the battle CPT to prepare formal reports for higher headquarters, supervise the TOC personnel in their duties, and supervise TOC security, maintenance, communications, police, and administration; briefs incoming personnel at shift change to ensure continuity for all TOC elements; maintains the current SOI/ COP information.

Battle NCO
Serves as Battle NCO for a Field Artillery battalion supporting over 200 Soldiers; maintains situational awareness of all Battalion operations; ensures required resources and equipment are available; manages and coordinates training and operations; conducts daily briefings; serves as joint service liaison; ensures accuracy of reports and disseminates appropriately; oversees COMSEC operation and distribution; provides guidance to senior TOC personnel; trains on and operates SINCGARS and JCR systems; supervises Intel, Comm, Fire Support, and RTO.

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