Grenadier Duty Descriptions

11B Grenadier
Provides the fire team with high trajectory, high explosive capability out to 350 meters utilizing the M203 40mm grenade launcher in order to suppress and destroy enemy Infantry and light-armored vehicles; provides smoke to screen and cover his squad's fire and movement; employs illumination rounds to increase his squad's visibility and mark enemy positions; engages targets with the appropriate rounds day or night; ensures all equipment is ready and available for duty and is prepared to carry out his duties; serves as automatic weapons gunner and team leader when necessary.

11B Grenadier
Accomplishes all rifleman tasks; operates an M203/M320 weapon system; engages targets from the prone, kneeling, and standing positions with and without night observation devices; provides high trajectory and HE capability out to 350 meters; suppresses and destroys enemy Infantry and lightly armored vehicles; provides obscurants to screen and cover the squad's fire and movement; uses illumination rounds to increase the squad's visibility and mark enemy positions; performs the duties of the automatic weapons gunner and team leader when necessary; maintains team equipment.

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