Grenadier NCOER Bullets

Soldiers Parachuting

o aided 2nd Platoon immeasurably in identifying problems in radio communications for both mounted and dismounted missions before they affected operations and safety

o served as a Grenadier and team leader in multiple Field Exercises and live fires

o supported 110 successful Quick Reaction Force missions; always prepared

o provided safe passage for civilian trucks from Camp Virginia, Kuwait to Camp Cedar, Iraq as Convoy Escort Team

o filled any position in the squad due to his experience and enthusiasm

o displayed exemplary skills as a 240B Gunner at Camp Nathan Smith shooting range

o escorted over 200 vehicles safely across the most contested regions of Southern Afghanistan

o completed our most critical missions with little guidance from superiors, our most experienced gunner

o operatng outside his MOS, he served as Gunner and Truck Commander on numerous occasions

o in charge of the camp's vehicle entry gate, he enforced strict accountability of all movement into the facility

o provided 24 hour security at the Bani Rabia Range which enabled Alpha and Charlie Battery's completion of Table VIII training

o served as Alpha team grenadier during platoon live fire

o pushed his fellow teammates to exceed standards and reach their objective

o enforced 50 Random Antiterrorism Measures; reduced or eliminated terrorist threat and fortified the protection of over $500 million in infrastructure and assets critical to Air Forces Africa Command

o identified and prevented problems with radio communication during preparations for both mounted and dismounted missions

o was an indispensable member of the best squad in the 1-27

o ensured security at ECP West and at FOB Union III

o provided over 500 hours of force protection and defensive operations around Chebelley Airfield, Djibouti to support the 12 Remotely Piloted Aircraft during OEF and CJTF-Horn of Africa missions

o deployed to Poland to support the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Initiative at Battle Group Poland

o shadowed and assisted the platoon RTO in all the assigned RTO duties

o demonstrated a relentless devotion to duty and ceaseless effort to not only learn the tasks of an RTO but to also assist the platoon's radio communication needs whenever needed

o led out as a senior gunner, grenadier, and expert marksman on over 50 missions, and never failed to perform his duties in sector

o his professionalism and attention to detail was vital to the succes of Aco's mission

o his dedication to duty and commitment to excellence is in keeping with the highest standards of the old guard

o upheld the prestige and honor of the infantry in every duty assigned and never failed to complete the task at hand

o PV2 is an exemplary member of Bravo Company and rises to the occasion when duty calls

o excelled as grenadier and driver during deployment to Afghanistan

o trained, mentored, and supported ANSF forces while deployed to Afghanistan during OEF 10-11

o provided oversight of a small element, enabled engagement with over 100 local nationals, a feat not possible otherwise

o ran BDOC during deployment

o his crew qualified distinguished at Gunnery

o demonstrated technical and tactical expertise far beyond his experience level during continuous field operations

o operated as M203 grenadier and .50 cal gunner during team, section and platoon live fires

o dedicated countless hours to prepare defense; ensured the 5 kilometer perimeter was impenetrable from every avenue of approach

o served in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

o his enthusiasm and maturity set him apart on every mission he conducted with his unit

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