MOS 13P MLRS Operations/Fire Direction Specialist

MOS 13D and 13P were merged and changed to MOS 13J, Fire Control Specialist.

Platoon Sergeant

o provided a realistic lane for the members of 583rd BSB during CTE

o encouraged adoption of changes to the SECFOR SOP that enhanced readiness

o assumed Platoon Sergeant postion with no notice, maintained operations tempo, did not deviate from established standards

o developed PMCS and instructed soldiers on equipment maintenance and troubleshooting of communications equipment

o assisted UMO with packing and documenting movement of equipment and personnel to Kuwait

o executed MOB training requirements which resulted in 100% trained status

o received a CAB and Mechanics badge while deployed to a combat zone

o served as Guidon bearer for the Fort Sill Field Artillary Half section

Fire Direction Computer

o successfully completed over 100 missions from 2014 to 2016 during which he acted as convoy commander over 100 times with zero losses

o served as a Squad Leader in a Medium Truck Company supporting the 7th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 2d Engineer Brigade

o maintained more than $10 million worth of equipment and vehicles assigned to 3rd BN, 27th Field Artillery Regiment (HIMARS)

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