14G Air Defense Battle Management System Operator

Targeting radar element of Air Defense Battle Management System

o maintained situational awareness; key to day-to-day battle tracking operations and tracking positions of friendly indirect artillery assets

o involved in operations; was the de facto Subject Matter Expert for all Air Defense Operations while assisting in over 100 notional missions

o served as backup Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System operator which is a 13F Fire Support Specialist responsibility

o volunteered to learn another MOS's system (AFATDS) and not only excelled in its use but became essential to daily operations

o demonstrated intiative and motivation while establishing the AN-MPQ A3 Sentinel Radar and the Tactical Operations Center

o trained the team on proper way to lay in the tactical site

o showed in-depth knowledge when the radar set experienced technical difficulties; diagnosed the issue and repaired it in less than an hour

o vigilant and alert; always on station and ready to respond to and counter enemy contact with Indirect Artillery assets IAW FM 3-90.2 Command Post Operations and FM 6-30 Observed Fires

o demonstrated exceptional ability as the Air Defense Battle Management System Operator during the exercise supporting the Air National Guard

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