MOS 14T PATRIOT Launching Station Operator/ Maintainer

o demonstrated a knowledge of Early Warning Systems far beyond the operator level; contributed to the effectiveness and success of the 1-7 Air Defense Artillery's missile defense mission

o deployed to Israel in support of the 357th AMD-D (FWD) mission; mitigated threat and increased defensive stature

o taught peers in his section about the EPLRS system and radios during AWTs; increased capabilities and resiliency by 50%

o volunteered his personal time and experience during weapons and mask draw to effectively and accurately disseminate required equipment for ranges and AWTs

o performed diligent and consistent maintenance and inspection; launcher continually held a 100% operational readiness rate

o uncompromising attention to detail and maintenance; ensured error-free operation during the Battery Table VIII certification

o cross-trained crew in all tasks; enabled all 3 crews to receive first time GOs on all crew certification verifications (CCV) and operational readiness evaluations (ORE)

o trained and Table VIII certified two equipment crews for march order and emplacement; both crews received superior ratings

o supported the 32d Army Air Missile Defense Command update; maintained the most up-to-date aerial data on forward deployed assets in Afghanistan

o ensured every C-RAM FOB was documented accurately; provided the most accurate operating picture to the 32d AAMDC command team

o operated GMT crane perfectly with no points deducted during best reload crew competition for crane and missile movement

o contributed to operational success of 1-56 ADA BN

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