14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

System Support Section Team Leader

o his impeccable training enabled all three crews to receive first time GOs on all crew certification verifications (CCV) and operational readiness evaluations (ORE)

Patriot Missile Launcher Operator Maintainer

o taught peers in his section about the EPLRS system and radios during AWTs

o volunteered his personal time and experience during weapons and mask draw to effectively and accurately dissemenate required equipment for ranges and AWTs

o performed diligent and consistent maintenance and inspection; launcher continually held a 100% operational readiness rate

o uncompromising attention to detail and maintenance ensured error-free operation during the Battery Table VIII certification

Squad Leader

trained and Table VIII certified 2 equipment crew for march order and emplacement with both crew receiving superior ratings

Patriot Launcher crewmember enhanced maintainer operator

o operated GMT crane perfectly with no points deducted during best reload crew competition for crane and missile movement

o contributed to operational success of 1-56 ADA BN

Rater Comments

SGT Brand is my #1 out 2 E-5 currently within my platoon. SGT Brand is my assistant section chief among my Launcher Platoon. I rate SGT Brand above his peers. I recommend SGT Brand to be sent to promotion board as soon as possible. Send to Advanced Leader Course when available. SGT Brand has already demonstrated readiness for a Launcher Section Chief Position.

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Duty Title

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