Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant
NCOER Bullets

o addressed the impact of war on women in Tunisia and the importance of women's equal participation in conflict resolution, humanitarian response, and post-conflict reconstruction

o championed the Women, Peace, and Security initiative with USARSOC in Tunisia; facilitated a groundbreaking WPS panel discussion

o bridged cultural divides through language expertise; exemplified gender equality in SOF and fostered collaboration between diverse military cultures

o contributed to the capture of 48 high value targets and the safe return of 16 American service men and women

o advised Seventh Special Forces Units in XXXXXXXXX Province, XXXXXXX; exploitation and dissemination of insurgent communications resulted in ## enemies killed in action

o his knowledge of the Cougar Reach mission and equipment capabilities aided immeasurably in the exploitation of over 100 critical insurgent communications

o secured strategic information and intelligence necessary to complete the mission

o prepared and presented an Unconventional Warfare block of instruction to teams preparing to deploy to the CENTCOM AOR; improved readiness 100%

o relayed time-sensitive intel vital to mission success; speed made possible by meticulous planning and preparation

o provided the Chief of Staff with timely Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) assessments and assisted in the development of strategic plans for countering asymmetrical threats during the War on Terror

o ensured the Commander had relevant, current, and actionable information available immediately upon request

o maintained positive control over the section without compromising the mission

o assisted the Columbian intelligence team; identified members of the local FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) organization that was organizing civil unrest at their location

o assisted the intelligence team; participated in Colombian military task force and pursued, disarmed and apprehended two members of the FARC

o his participation was essential to the success of numerous operations, assessments, and critical tasks in support of the unit and the National Ground Intelligence Center

o supervised the actions of the Remote Video Surveillance Section; maintained continuous readiness of Border Patrol and Counter Drug Support Task Force

o his dedication to duty coupled with his subject matter expertise in highly visible and critical areas of intelligence collection helped SOCOM achieve its mission objectives during OPERATION SILENT QUEST 16-02

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