MOS 18F, Special Forces Operations & Intel Sergeant Awards

Sergeant Elder conducted over 40 convoy escort missions into Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn. As the truck commander in the scout truck, he was the eyes and ears of the convoy. Due to his professionalism, attention to detail and mission focus, this resulted in zero safety incidents and zero white truck breakdowns. His vigilance allowed unimpeded movement, utilizing the share the road policy while maintaining the rules of engagement and escalation of force.

Sergeant Elder served as the NCOIC of inspections in the White truck lot with a team of 11 soldiers. Due to his professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge of tractor trailers, he was able to schedule, coordinate, and conduct inspections on over 2,000 commercial trucks that resulted in zero breakdowns during over 40 missions into Iraq.

Sergeant Elder was an integral part in the daily mission of the Company. As Intel Sergeant, he assumed the role of team leader in his absence and was the CET commander of several missions into Iraq. He directly attributed to the success of delivering over 5 million gallons of fuel and 10,000 tons of food and supplies in support of Operation New Dawn. His professionalism, attention to detail and will to succeed contributed greatly to the success of the Battalion.

Sergeant Elder mentored many soldiers throughout the company. His selfless service and dedication to the well being of soldiers is second to none. His prior life experiences were an asset to his team, squad and Delta Company. His dedication to service, team mentality and putting soldiers' needs above his own makes him the standard of an NCO.

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