351L Counterintelligence Technician OER Bullets

o deployed to Romania; provided critical intelligence updates to the commander during the initial Russian invasion of Ukraine

o produced 350 time sensitive reports that supported 55 high risk checkpoint transits; safeguarded a U.S. Naval Carrier Strike Group travel through key waterways

o coordinated, validated, and directed GEOINT, SIGINT, OSINT, and CI/HUMINT Collection Requirements; satisfied ARNORTH Commanding General's Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs)

o led a 147 joint service team that included civilian personnel; produced 50% more actionable and relevant intel

o compiled and maintained an Intelligence Gaps List; optimized collection methods and value added product planning

o ensured timely and accurate dissemination of intelligence and focused collection to support Homeland Defense, Defense Support to Civil Authorities and Theater Security Cooperation operations

o performed Full Motion Video (FMV) analysis of 200 video hours; developed knowledge management archive for advanced analytical products

o oversaw the release of 2,000 reports that satisfied five national intelligence priorities throughout five Combatant Commands

o conducted 60 days of Pattern of Life analysis; determined opportunities for operational window planning, including vehicle arrival and departure, compound SLANT counts and surveillance tracking

o conducted 88 ISR missions; distributed over 200 threat tippers to mission partners and supported Air and Space Operation Centers

o developed five Personnel Profiles for High Value Target social and operational networks; determined family relationships, labor patterns, and authority hierarchy

o provided 200 hours of Near Real Time support for two AORs; provided the Joint Forces Air Component Commander with adversary disposition of forces

o performed 40 hours of Live Callout Recording; provided catalog of events for immediate intelligence feedback on raid execution, capture of top-tier HVT and follow up force protection

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