35H Common Ground Station Analyst NCOER Bullets

MOS 35H, Common Ground Station Analyst, was merged with MOS 35G, Imagery Analyst in 2010 and no longer exists.

Ground Liaison Detachment NCOIC

o authored, coordinated and established an MOA between the Army, Navy and Air Force

o briefed Air Force and Navy decision makers and staff weekly

o closed out 120 All Source Eyelid Reports (ASERs); saved countless lives within the CENTCOM AOR

o maintained networking forum which facilitated information sharing between 6 Ground Liaison Detachments

o developed a comprehensive ASER tracker which was adopted by the DGS-1 DART and improved follow through

o assisted the intelligence section in the administrative responsibility for over 200 soldiers

o produced a daily graphical intelligence summary and weekly AO assessment that was used by over 900 individuals within the AOR

o served as the senior analyst for 378th EMIB throughout the WAREX, producing over 30 relevant analytic products

o briefed staff and support agencies on the functionality and capabilities of the Tactical Ground Station

o provided tactical and operational analytic support throughout the exercise and aided in the team's overall success

o assisted in all facets of office management: map custodian, security clearance management, access roster mgt and submissions to Brigade

o produced powerpoint updates on the Somali Transitional Government's impending offensive on the insurgent group Al-Shabaab, qualified success

o provided OSRVT and DCGS-A capabilities during NTC Rotation 09-11


o disseminated relevant, accurate and real-time intelligence to seven companies

o volunteered over 100 hours teaching English in Slovakia

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