Counter Intelligence Agent
NCOER Bullets

o provided CI support to multiple combatant commands for Austere Challenge 23, Camp Aachen, and Grafenwoehr; exercise results validated intelligence methodology and scope

o served as unit's counterintelligence task force member; revived the counterintelligence program and increased reporting and defensive activities by 100 percent

o identified vulnerabilities and developed tailored support for 60 billion dollars in nuclear assets; improved defensive posture

o selected above his peers to provide CI capabilities briefs to the 2ID CG's staff; demonstrated impeccable military bearing and professionalism during the brief

o maintained lessons learned during Counterintelligence Support to Force Protection course; contributed to the development of five CIPP Agents

o executed 6 liaison meetings and contributed to CFO's 125% increase in IIR production; recognized by Detachment leadership for his efforts

o participated in Arirang Sentinel 2018 CI; resulted in 90% CIPP task completion and successful completion of the probationary program

o completed TARP certification process during second quarter of probation; personally briefed over 1,000 personnel in Area I

o decisively briefed leaders at all echelons on aspects of CI threats; displayed tact and discipline well above pay grade

o served as the CI referent during NTC; provided direct analytical support improving the CI posture in the brigade AO

o conducted an extensive CI/security assessment of the BDE footprint, identifying vulnerabilities and mitigation measures

o executed TARP training to over 2,500 soldiers; enhanced insider threat awareness for the brigade and other units on JBLM

o provided CI Support to Force Protection during NTC by training 18 Military Intelligence Soldiers on CI threat indicators

o collaborated with PAO and CA to conduct all encompassing country threat briefs for Soldiers deploying to the PACOM AO

o liaised with external entities on behalf of the command; ensured Soldiers traveling OCONUS received threat briefings and de-briefings

o demonstrated quality knowledge of counterintelligence policies; relied upon in the development of the BDE HUMINT and CI SOP

o conducted 10 interviews regarding local crimes involving US persons and supported over 300 US personnel during Beyond the Horizons Guatemala

o conducted two interviews with local nationals regarding security concerns at US Medical Readiness sites

o conducted more than 15 high-level official liaison meetings with host nation military and police forces regarding security concerns at US Medical Readiness sites

o projected a mission first attitude by traveling to all 11 Medical Readiness Training Exercise and Engineering sites to survey security for over 300 US personnel

o operated independently and did not require extensive oversight from superiors in order to complete tasks which required traveling over 300 miles without incidents

o maintained a professional bearing and confidence while briefing senior officers regarding present intelligence concerns

o provided guidance to Task Force Commander on OPSEC procedures; educated Task Force Leaders on CI team capabilities, security, and intelligence threats in country

o conducted on-the-spot interviews with more than 30 local nationals in order to maintain situational awareness on local events affecting US national interests

o conducted extensive language immersion training on his own time; resulted in conversations with local nationals in fluent Spanish after only three months in country

o monitored activities of BTH Guatemala AOR in order to provide appropriate travel advisories to over 300 Soldiers leaving FOB for mission essential or MWR travels

o supervised over 25 Soldiers through 5 CI related exercises resulting in zero safety infractions and 100% participation during training activities

o managed resources in a highly efficient manner; accomplished more in less time with fewer Soldiers and resources

o completed five PDSS threat assessment missions in Honduras and Central America ensuring the safety of over 200 JTF-Bravo personnel operating throughout the theater

o assisted in the production of three IIRs; provided initial reporting for further analysis which resulted in multi-INT products

o set the example by volunteering for 3 short-notice deployment force protection missions in support of counter-narcotics trafficking and MEDRETE exercises

o played a vital role providing real time force protection information on demonstration activity in support of US Embassy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

o maintained professional bearing and confidence while briefing senior officers regarding present intelligence concerns, coined by JTF-Bravo commander

o successfully planned and executed 10 route reconnaissance missions traveling over 500 miles of hazardous roads to collect force protection data without incident

o displayed high training skills and technical knowledge; provided three CI insider threat briefings to 81 incoming personnel at JTF-Bravo

o made himself available to Soldiers and staff anytime; reinforced CI involvement in Soldier awareness and the safeguarding of classified materials

o dedicated to the betterment of all mission facets by continually passing knowledge and insight onto peers and superiors

Counterintelligence (CI) Sergeant

o presented 25 TARP briefs to over 3000 service members, civilians and several General Officers greatly enhancing insider threat awareness and security education

o processed five CI applicants packets from CI recruitment briefs which regenerates MOS strength for the Army

o conducted custom's training for over 30 Special Operation Forces members enhancing their awareness for real world CI threats during OCONUS deployments

o processed two CI applicants packets from CI recruitment briefs, ensuring only the most qualified Soldiers are selected for this highly demanding MOS

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