HUMINT Collector NCOER Bullets

Human Intelligence Collection Sergeant

o trained 1/34 Bravo Troop Cavalry in IED detection, emplacement, aiming, and timing of Improvised Explosive Devices; instilled vigilance and improved overall mission readiness

o served on COVID response orders from March 2020 to December 2020; his sacrifice sustained unit readiness and expanded his influence beyond his team, platoon, and unit

o developed a checklist that facilitated the deployment of Tactical-Intelligence Ground System (TGS) by OC/Ts at JRTC; enabled the Intelligence Enterprise and Mission Command systems

o scored 293 on the Army Physical Fitness Test; awarded the Army Physical Fitness Badge

o graduated 4th of 93 students during Air Assault Class 44-16; awarded the Air Assault Badge and Additional Skill Identifier 2B

o selected over two of his peers to perform HOC duties in support of achieving AFRICOM and U.S. Army long-term strategic goals

o displayed the highest level of confidence, enthusiasm, and impeccable bearing; set the example for his peers and subordinates to follow

o scored 284 on APFT and performed his duties in a complex deployed environment in support of achieving AFRICOM and U.S. Army long-term goals

o implemented an aggressive Physical Readiness Training program; his MFT achieved an APFT average score of 272 points

o managed four OMTs as G2X HOC Reports Officer; published 60 operational reports in 90 days to the Intelligence Community

o created the USARAF Biometric Intelligence Report template; became the standard for all USARAF units Biometric reporting

o maintained $450,000 worth of equipment with 100% accountability

o led six HUMINT Soldiers during BDE FTX; Soldiers produced intelligence reports that allowed the Commander to make critical decisions

o completed JBC-P training; able to use situational awareness tool during combat operations and training exercises

o proved repeatedly to be a reliable and competent NCO in the Platoon; definitely a positive force multiplier for the unit

o demonstrated his expertise in successfully operating with joint, interagency, and host nation partners against Violent Extremist Organizations in Africa

o assisted with the continuity of replacing Counter Intelligence Agents ensuring the force protection and safety of over 200 TFT personnel inhabiting CL Garoua

o led an effective MFT during JRTC rotation 16-06; all junior Soldiers awarded AAMs and received recognition from the cadre

o performed duties as Platoon Sergeant for two weeks; his squad and platoon ran impeccably under his leadership

o led a four-day strategic debriefing and MSO overview; prepared HUMINT Soldiers to support a Brigade FTX

o performed SSG duties as a Squad Leader for six months; the squad ran impeccably under his leadership

o led three Soldiers to support four Infantry Company FTX's; resulted in the successful integration of HUMINT Teams in a simulated combat environment

o led TSE training for HUMINT and Infantry Soldiers; facilitated successful relationship building between both elements during three field training exercise

o contributed to the success of the TFT S2 section; recognized as the most reliable, hardworking, and effective section of the headquarters staff

o led an effective MFT at JRTC 16-06; his MFT produced four actionable intelligence reports that allowed the Commander to make critical decisions

o communicated and built trust with the USARAF G2X and the AFRICOM J2; contributed to increasing the intelligence collection permissions at CL Garoua

o maintained a 4.0 GPA towards a B.A.; totaled 18 hours while managing his squad

o ensured a seamless transition for one NCO; mentored him to ensure he was ready for transition from a military to civilian life

o mentored and helped develop one Soldier to attend and win the October Battalion Soldier of the month board

o praised by the Company Commander for execution of priorities of work and defensive fighting position set up training for 40 Soldiers during BDE FTX

o supported one Soldier seamless transition from the military; mentored him to ensure he was prepared for civilian life

o developed and prepared four Soldiers to attend Air Assault School; resulted in all Soldiers graduating without delay

o conducted Leader Professional Development class on professional and personal relationships between seniors, subordinates, and peers for TFT staff members

o conducted weekly leadership classes outside duty hours for two TFT S2 junior Soldiers in preparation for the promotion board upon return from deployment

o ensured a seamless transition for two Soldiers; mentored them to ensure they were prepared and well equipped for transition from a military to civilian life

o maintained a 3.0 GPA while balancing family life and Army duties; prepared himself before transitioning from Active Duty to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve

o achieved a 1+ in the French OPI; was one of three students out of forty in a Brigade eight week French Familiarization Course

o prepared and sponsored two Soldiers to attend Air Assault School; resulted in both soldiers graduating without delay

o served as range NCOIC for one Company M4 qualification range; 100% of Soldiers qualified without injury or incident

HUMINT Collector

o participated in over 40 outside-the-wire missions

o recoverd 4 weapons caches containing 11 mortars, 3 anti tank mines and 33 rockets

o assisted in over 350 interrogations at Field Detention Site Shank

o conducted maintainence and took care of over 1.5 million dollars worth of equipment

o conducted over 100 source meets with cooperative and positive results

o produced over 600 Terrain and Intelligence-based Geospatial products that were vital to multiple military forces

o assisted more than 20 special operations missions without death, injury and loss or damage to equipment

o wrote over 30 relevant Intelligence Information Reports; lauded by operators for best useful information

o authored over 90 Intelligence Information Reports and over 70 Contact Reports

Fusion Cell NCOIC

o ran a CFC that was instrumental in successful offensive operations against an aggressive enemy in Baghdad, Iraq during OIF 08-09

o built a picture of the Operational Environment that permitted the commander to effectively plan and execute operations in concert with Iraqi counterparts to disrupt operations and destroy the enemy

o fused intel from UN partners and US sources to create a clear and concise operational picture of the battlespace which resulted in the capture/kill of 7 confirmed JPEL targets and 4 confirmed Taliban IED cell commanders in the 1-4 AO

HUMINT Collection Sergeant

o possessed an innate ability to develop and empower his subordinates; coached and mentored two Paratroopers selected for promotion to Sergeant

o exhibited impeccable performance as section NCOIC of a 10 member squad; instrumental in mentoring and training his section to stay MOS proficient

o routinely sacrificed personal goals and time to ensure the sections mission was accomplished on time and above standard

o received high recognition for producing the Squadron's highest reporting with achievable results

o received Squadron coin from Squadron CSM for outstanding performance in combat operations

o encouraged his Soldier to participate in two voluntary runs while deployed

o challenged his Soldier physically and mentally by giving tough realistic training

o led an intensive PT program during the deployment for the entire HCT, resulting in 100% APFT pass rate

o looked like a leader, acted like a leader

o served as HCT Team Leader for over one month, receiving accolades from Brigade S2X

o mentored Soldier and prepared him for the promotion board, resulting in a recommendation

o repeatedly demonstrated exceptional leadership and initiative

o completed a ## hour Biometrics Automated Toolset/HIIDE Training course to ensure A TRP was fully prepared for detainee and local national enrollments

o organized and implemented a PT program for Soldier while using personal time to assist in the flow of the program

o dedicated personal time to ensure Soldier was fully competent in warrior skills during combat patrols through experience-based training

o maintained, accounted for, and secured HUMINT equipment valued in excess of ## in team leader's absence

o flawlessly managed ## UNT in ICF

o chose the hard right over the easy wrong; demanded that his Soldier did the same

o led field sanitation team to make the only company water buffalo operational; allowed the company to utilize it for the first time in three years

o ensured the most qualified intelligence Soldiers continue to serve in the Army as Company Retention NCO; met BN retention goal two straight quarters

o played key leader engagement role for one Infantry Company FTX; allowed company leaders to perform a vital duty in a simulated combat environment

o maintained $450,000 worth of equipment with 100% accountability

o prepared three 240B machine gun crews for mounted gunnery skills training; resulted in all crews qualifying on day and night fire without injury or incident

o served as RSO for one Company M4 qualification range; Soldiers qualified without injury or incident

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