Intelligence Senior Sergeant
NCOER Bullets

o accomplished productive Liaisons, Key Leader Engagements and Interrogations of High Valued Individuals during Operation New Dawn

o facilitated and improved the effectiveness of Iraqi counterparts, within the Karkh Area Command G2, planning and exploiting interrogations and documents

o developed and presenting an Unconventional Warfare block of instruction to teams preparing to deploy to the CENTCOM AOR which was implemented as mandatory pre-deployment training

o identified the location of six weapons caches consisting of 22 80mm Russian rockets and 7 anti-tank mines in Babil Provence, Iraq

o maintained the highest IIR to interrogation ratio within the Strategic Debriefing Center

o his experience with detainee operations and Key Leader Engagements resulted in a level of efficiency that challenged the rest G2 to emulate

o led reconnaissance teams on several missions into enemy territory by ground and air to locate and identify high-value, non-mission capable equipment requiring retrograding; demonstrated courage, resolve and mission focus

o spearheaded the analysis of damage to several Tracked Combat Vehicles after a major attack and arranged depot maintenance deployment which restored readiness in less than a week

o conducted multiple forensics exploitations when COS Kalsu had a VBIED threat

o directly responsible for the first ever publishing of Afghan Intelligence Information Report

o collected, processed, and disseminated 4,000 square miles of pearl imagery from more than 40 TF ODIN flights

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