MOS 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist NCOER Bullets

MOS 46Q and MOS 46R were combined and are now MOS 46S, Mass Communications Specialist

46Q30/Public Affairs NCO

o told the Army's story in support of OEF; new releases were distributed to over 100 media outlets with a combined viewership of more than 30 million people

Public Affairs SGT

o reorganized and prepared and brought the 318th Press Camp Headquarter's physical security up to standards

o assisted the 318th PCH in passing its physical security inspection

o developed and disseminated 1100 information products supporting the Brigade's Operation Eagle Campaign and the 2014 Afghanistan National Elections

o improved and expanded the existing social media program

o participated in exercise Silver Scimitar and successfully provided essential public affairs print media support to U.S. Forces Command

o maintained the Admiral's schedule and speaking engagements at three Navy Public Affairs Symposiums

o was instrumental in creating the RAF tri-fold brochure, developed for distribution to the AUSA attendees, by the Commanding General of FORSCOM

o produced a thorough and self-contained info product that educated both the public and the forces on the emerging Department of the Army RAF concept

o coordinated and created agendas, position papers and assisted the General in representing Reserve Public Affairs at three Public Affairs Leadership Meetings

o contributed to over 100 published photos, 20 news releases and 4 media engagements, enhancing command information and media relations

o earned 2nd place in the 2011 FORSCOM Keith L. Ware competition for Broadcast News Story

o produced 11 print stories that were released to various news outlets across Fort Bragg, NC, while assigned to 10th Press Camp Headquarters

o worked outside of his MOS on numerous occasions when not needed for primary duties, cross-trained and qualified in security

o contributed to the steady improvement of productivity and capability of the Brigade's Inform and Dissemination operations

o developed and taught an audio/visual course as part of training for the Afghan National Army's 2-215 BDE Public Affairs Office

o documented the Silver Scimitar exercise and produced a news feature that was released to multiple outlets

o increased the number of Key Leader Engagements between 2nd Brigade leadership and the Northern Helmand population by 30% and by extension, the number of shuras and the reporting of insurgent activities by local nationals

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