Radiology Specialist
NCOER Bullets

o performed 1,300 routine and emergent radiologic, computed tomography examinations; enhanced medical support for 6,000 beneficiaries

o enforced radiation safety; inspected 7 protective assets worth $3,000 and mitigated staff exposures and safeguarded 1800 patients

o partnered with Air Force veterinarian clinic and co-authored working dog imaging SOP; saved over $10,000 in referral costs

o performed more than 2,000 exams with less than 5% error rate

o deployed to Balad Theater Hospital and was key to the admission, stabilizaton, and survival of over 40 combat casualties

o key member of health service team which sustained a 95% survival rate and vital to Medical Group Excellent HSI rating

o achieved a career milestone by demonstrating competency in Radiology

o sacrificed countless personal hours to prepare herself for the nationally accredited radiology test

o demonstrated rare initiative and dedication to the Dark Horse Eagle Medic Team

o improved the organization's level of expertise and went beyond the standard to improve the level of care

o maintained 100% accountability of all patient movement after treatment

o hand receipt holder for over $1,240,000 in equipment and supplies with zero losses

o reorganized Department of Radiology procedures; decreased patient wait times by 8 minutes and improved Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey ratings by 18%

o researched and delivered Land Navigation instruction for the entire Medical Company increasing unit skills

o singlehandedly ensured equipment was prepared for deployment of the Dark Horse Eagle Medic Team

o mentored surgery section, radiology section, lab, tech on call, medina, and basic handler training

o led decontamination teams in response to a mass chemical weapons accident, resulting in the decontamination and treatment of 9 casualties

Radiology Specialist performing a CT Scan

o networked with other units while at Camp Ripley for Annual Training and located Charlie company's Radiology equipment for the 204th MCAS to use for patient treatment

o treated 13 patients, requiring 36 diagnostic Radiology images; conserved $22,000 in state funds for the Minnesota National Guard

o collaborated with established units to update and improve standard operating procedures in Radiology and on-call Radiology; expanded patent support by 25%

o trained 2 Soldiers on 29 core job tasks; qualified for duty/increased capability 50%

o purged 80 pounds of scrap film, facilitated compliance with federal silver recovery laws and recouped $900 for med grp

o imaged 657 patients; facilitated interpretation and diagnoses of patients for 2 radiologists with no interruption of patient care

o cross-trained backup techs on imaging procedures and saved over $5,000 in offsite training costs

o prepared clinic for annual infection control inspection; received 100% rating, garnered HSI "Outstanding" rating

o deployed with the 67th Forward Surgical Team Airborne in Suport of Operation Enduring Freedom X

o passed the nationally accredited radiology test; increased qualifications

o demonstrated highest standard of patient care during the transfer of 9 wounded Marines and ANA Soldiers

o assisted emergency room staff; teamwork enabled the mission, including triage, treatment, and admittance to the proper ward, in less than two hours

o played a major role in the success of the flu shot exercises; contributed to nearly 3,000 personnel being vaccinated

o assisted IT tech with installation of 30 new computers while on leave

o passed nationally accredited radiology test on his first attempt

o revised and improved outdated diagnostic imaging training program; cut average qualification time by 30 days with no loss in competence

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