MOS 68P Radiology Specialist Awards

See also: Navy Radiology Specialist Awards

Radiology Technician

As the sole technician, Staff Sergeant Fajita provided radiology support, conducting 210 diagnostic exams and managing 600 patient encounters. Ensured seamless 24/7 coverage for 152 days, safeguarding the health of 3.2K joint service members and contributing to $8B in combat operations by expediting medical care.

Collaborated with Veterinary Services and Security Forces, designing exam parameters for a military working dog. Expedited medical care, identified health issues, averting a front-line defense gap and reducing mission operations in the Area of Responsibility by 50%.

Enhanced ER services by sustaining coverage for 200 hours, conducting 16 urgent exams, attending to one critical patient, and assisting in two splints. Provided expert advice leading to additional imaging, resulting in the diagnosis of a fracture. Helped advance transportation for one MEDEVAC and local hospital, elevating continuous Quality of Care.

Resolved a Picture Archiving Communication System outage by coordinating with the regional manager and implementing an updated IP address. Established STAT after-hours support with Travis AFB, reducing diagnosis report time and preventing potential loss of critical results, providing uninterrupted medical services for all patients.

Led a team of 6 personnel as the Phlebotomy Team NCOIC, streamlining workflow process that reduced donor processing from 15 to 10 minutes. Trained team on proper phlebotomy etiquette, ensuring zero harm and establishing the first Walking Blood Program in ARCENT. Empowered life-saving capabilities for 3.2K warfighters, enhancing mission readiness.

Led a safety process improvement initiative. Discovered a hazard performing portable exams and reported it to Patient Safety. Partnered with Bio-environmental to conduct a 2 hour radiation scatter survey, resulting in the procurement of lead shields. Developed "first ever" portable exam protocol while reducing radiation exposure 99%.

NCOIC, Diagnostic Imaging Flight

Meritorious service while serving as NCOIC, Diagnostic Imaging Flight, 35th Surgical Operations Squadron, 35th Medical Group, 35th Fighter Wing, Misawa Air Base, Japan, from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Master Sergeant Kelly C. Daniels lead a nine member Radiology department, overseeing 6,000 diagnostic imaging studies and medical equipment valued at more than 3,000,000 dollars. She helped bridge a 50 percent manning deficiency and training gap by facilitating temporary duty assignments for three Airmen, satisfying compliance with computed tomography training, and integrating two manning assists. In addition, she provided five Western Pacific medical treatment facilities with tele-radiology interpretations with the picture archiving and communication system for 6,000 beneficiaries. The Western Pacific Radiology departments subsequently adopted the computed tomography and x-ray quality control protocols she instituted to permit the evaluation of over 600 exams. She also saved 300,000 dollars in outsourcing costs by interpreting 312 Magnetic Resonance Images from Elmendorf Air Force Base. Finally, she positively impacted the health of Pacific Air Force beneficiaries by conducting 33 biopsies and diagnosing 3 malignancies which expedited patient staging and treatment. The distinctive accomplishments of Master Sergeant Daniels reflect credit upon herself, the 35th Surgical Operations Squadron and the United States Army.

Radiology NCOIC

CPL Martin served as the Radiology Noncommissioned Officer In-charge for the North Camp Dispensary. He conducted diagnostic radiographs on over 360 personnel from the 13 contingencies. CPL Martin also developed an up to date Standard Operating Procedure to refine specific guidelines on accountability, safety, and assisted with periodic inspections. He maintained his equipment valued at $52,581.84 with zero discrepancies.

CPL Martin served as the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation representative for the Medical Company. He volunteered over 100 hours planning, networking, and organizing 10 events that lifted the morale of the 950 Soldiers and civilians stationed at North Camp. CPL Martin also volunteered over 10 hours to bring a modern atmosphere to the USA Club. He helped to develop a relaxing place, not only for the current Soldiers, but also for the future U.S. contingent personnel.

CPL Martin actively trained personnel in Radiology. He educated his superiors and peers on the functions of the Radiology equipment and the processing of Radiographs. CPL Martin expertise was displayed while providing additional in-depth training to five of his peers. He taught them to proficiently operate and troubleshoot the equipment independently. CPL Martin desire to share knowledge and experience expanded the operational capacity of his section while increasing patient's access to diagnostic tests.

Radiology NCO/NCOIC

o reorganized Department of Radiology procedures; decreased patient wait times by 8 minutes and Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey ratings improved by 18%

o researched and delivered Land Navigation instruction for the entire Medical Company increasing unit skills

Radiology Technician

At Camp Dwyer, SPC Villareal exemplified the Army value of selfless service by routinely volunteering to participate on litter teams and on the ER trauma team, ensuring rapid exposure of patients for primary ATLS survey prior to providing imaging as needed by the lead physician for each patient. His attention to detail in performing over 200 CTs and 260 diagnostic radiographs with 425 exposures resulted in a repeat rate of only 2%, less than one quarter of the allowable repeat rate for technologists of 8%.

Radiology Specialist

SGT Price achieved a milestone in his career by demonstrating above average competency in Radiology. He sacrificed countless personal hours to prepare himself for the nationally accredited radiology test and successfully passed it on the first attempt. This outstanding achievement demonstrates his initiative and dedication to the Dark Horse Medic Team. His determination and focus greatly improved the overall appearance of the 501st ASMC's level of expertise and goes beyond the standard in order to provide the best possible care.

X-Ray Tech

As a member of the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at the 4224th U.S. Army Hospital, SGT Thomas conducted continuous operations via land line, radio and runner to maintain the integrity of the CSTX-16 mission. His high level of proficiency and knowledge regarding the tracking of patients as well as vehicles and driver schedules was critical in ensuring the 4224th USAH TOC was able to transmit and receive relevant medical data and keep the command up to date at all times with a rapidly changing situation during CSTX and FOB operations.

Diagnostic Imaging Technologist

Meritorious service while serving as Diagnostic Imaging Technologist, 59th Radiology Squadron, 59th Medical Operations Group, 59th Medical Wing, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Carl H. Young's outstanding technical skills and leadership were evident when he was selected to be the first Soldier to support base realignment and closure which paved the way for the two Million dollar Diagnostic Imaging integration with San Antonio Military Medical Center. Sergeant Young promoted multi-service collaboration by providing fluoroscopy traning to 37 joint Diagnostic Imaging personnel at Brook Army Medical Center. Additionally, he out shined his Air Force and Army peers as he expertly performed over 3,000 radiographs which exceeded the monthly average by 50 percent. Furthermore, Sergeant Young established the first ever 59th Medical Wing barium disposal process, saving over 3,000 dollars in potential costs and fines from the Environmental Protection Agency and earning the unit an "Outstanding" rating from the Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program inspection. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Young reflect great credit upon himself, the 59th Medical Wing and the United States Army.

Diagnostic Imaging Technologist

Senior Airman Alyssa G. Huerta distinguished herself by meritorious service as Diagnostic Imaging Technologist, 88th Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron, 88th Medical Group, 88th Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. During this period, Airman Huerta precepted the Phase II diagnostic Imaging program, validating 128 task evaluations for twelve students which resulted in a one-hundred percent graduation rate and two Distinguished Graduates. Additionally, she managed nineteen active duty and three civilian members while providing quality control for 263 radiology exams that resulted in a repeat rate under the national average of four percent that was critical to the flight's squadron team of the third quarter in 2022. Furthermore, Airman Huerta was selected to fill a computed tomography role and executed 1.4K exams while mastering thirty-nine core tasks and increased the departments workload by thirty-three percent resulting in the flight's squadron team of the fourth quarter in 2022. Moreover, she led advanced imaging training for three members on robotic implant placement which enabled thirty-five critical surgeries and reduced patient radiation time dosage by fifteen percent. Finally, Airman Huerta was hand selected for the OSI customs investigation where she screened over 200 items for audio devices that eliminated operation security risks and was coined by the OSI inspector for her efforts. The distinctive accomplishments of Airman Huerta reflect credit upon herself and the United States Air Force.

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