MOS 79 Recruiting & Retention NCOER Bullets

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Contributions without MOS or duty title stated will be listed below.

o displayed the ability to operate in the role of Station Commander in his absence; met the Commander's intent

o proctored four ASVAB CEP, enabling Army visibility within targeted high schools; accounted for 60% of SA enlistments

o led the station during 2nd QTR with six enlistments; resulted in the station earning the BN award for excellence

o mentored Future Soldiers; resulted in eight referral enlistments and six rank advancements, the highest in the Company

o implemented a dynamic school recruiting program which led to him gaining access to schools previously restricted to recruiters

o coordinated numerous hand-offs, meetings, and school visits while assigned to Area 3 Lynnwood SF; exceeded Area 3's overall production goals within RRB

o provided outstanding school presentation support; facilitated the successful enlistment of five soldiers

o identified qualified and able applicants for enlistment into the United States Army; reduced unproductive efforts by 50%

o recognized as the top producer for the station over the past three phase lines; his efforts greatly impacted unit success and mission accomplishment

o accounted for 82% of total quality GA/SA enlistments produced by the station

o supplied 40% of the station's total Reserve enlistments, resulted in the station achieving 100% FY19 objective

o provided 4 referrals to the El Dorado Army Recruiting Station during fiscal year 2019, which 2 out of the 4 referrals enlisted into the United States Army Reserve

o spread his Army story throughout the community and the people he meets; consistently supported the recruiting effort

o volunteered his time to support the El Dorado Recruiting Station during community recruiting events; contributed to team award

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