Recruiting and Retention NCO (ARNG)
NCOER Bullets

o fostered a winning culture, led the team to the #1 spot in the State

o recruited and trained 20 Soldiers who were accepted into the honor guard; extended influence beyond current position

o performed as a primary instructor for RSP; trained over 200 warriors; 8 warriors earned honor grad award during IADT

o established a successful marketing campaign in his/her zip codes resulted in an increased overall ARNG market share of 20%

o placed Soldiers' needs above his own, worked in his off time to help Soldiers with personal and work related problems

o built and maintained strong, cohesive teams; results exceeded sum of individual efforts

o superior work ethic and dedication to mission, Soldiers and their Families

o readily accepted responsibility for failure and gave credit for success to subordinates

o stressed safety to Soldiers within station which resulted in zero government operated vehicle accidents in FY 14

o led his station to increase the percentage of reenlistments from 30% to 40%

o encouraged Soldiers to enroll in college, resulting in 96 semester hours earned

o emphasized laptop accountability to his Soldiers resulting in fewest laptop losses

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