Team Leader NCOER Bullets

o he consistently made ethical, effective, and efficient decisions even under challenging conditions

o showed extraordinary consideration for the character and motives of others and maintained professional relationships

o inspired his team members to review and reinforce their qualifications; elevated the team's performance to new heights

o assumed the role and responsibilities of Team Leader during the COVID-19 Pandemic Response; rescued floundering team

o demonstrated the ability to anticipate or adapt to complex environments or changing situations; sustained operations

o communicated goals and obstacles effectively; ensured understanding and encouraged positive reactions and teamwork

o led regularly scheduled study groups; selflessly helped peers meet or exceed academic requirements

o was an active leader during training classes in multiple leadership roles, curricular activities and events

o assumed the role of Team Leader; immediately improved the distribution of information from leadership to soldiers

o his dedication to duty coupled with his subject matter expertise helped the unit achieve its mission objectives

o integrated a group of untrained Soldiers into a team focused on results; best performance in the Battalion

o led his team as a first-time Team Leader; demonstrated great leadership and knowledge thoughout squad live fire

o supervised a group of five Soldiers in their daily responsibilities; resulted in significant knowledge and skills growth

o exploited every training opportunity; ensured the benefit of every learning situation was maximized

o played a vital role in the unit's success during Annual Training; an experienced and competent Team Leader

o trained less experienced soldiers in current urban warfare tactics and procedures; guided team to top position

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