Team Leader Duty Descriptions

Team Leader, FOR
Serves as Team Leader; leads regular team meetings and provides guidance on daily operations for FOR; trains new staff and shows them how to work within the enterprise; serves as a critical part of the ECR process which defines the changes within the enterprise; communicates with and looks after his team; responsible for the health, welfare, morale and training of five Solders and over $500,000 worth of vehicles and equipment.

Team Leader
Serves as Team leader; leads by example; supervises subordinates and has overall responsibility for their actions; accomplishes assigned missions using initiative without guidance from above; responsible for team's failures and successes; supervises care of weapons and equipment; serves as subject matter expert on team's weapons and battle drills; leads team in fire and maneuver and assists the squad leader as required; is prepared to assume the duties of the squad leader at any time.

Mobile platoon Team Leader
Performs duties as a Team Leader in a Mobile platoon executing combat operations; conducts convoy security patrols, route reconnaissance and surveillance, and serves as quick reaction force for the greater Kabul area Afghanistan; assists platoon sergeant and squad leaders in planning and preparing for combat missions; responsible for the health, welfare and professional development of 3 Soldiers; maintains accountability of all team equipment valued in excess of $175,000.

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