Team Leader Award Narratives

Specialist Bravo's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in identifying friction points as he took the initiative in supporting his Squad leader in accomplishing Subterranean/Urban Warfare operations training. Alpha Company 1st platoon was selected as the only Platoon in the Battalion to get the class and was tasked to qualify on Subterranean (SUBT) operations to prepare for an upcoming scheduled rotation to South Korea. Specialist Victor's performance as a brand new Team Leader was recognized by the Cadre and he was selected as one of the distinguished performers.

Sergeant Knox's understanding of the COIN doctorine and FM 3-24, as it applies to a squad, is outstanding. His ability to react to the local security situation and rapidly adjust his team from a COIN-centric posture to a Kinetic posture is an outstanding asset to the squad. His ability to read the situation and make sound tactical decisions allowed his squad leader to consistently position his team the farthest from the rest of the squad and platoon. His critiques and involvement improved the squad and readiness for a shifting tactical situation. The accomplishments of Sergeant Knox bring great credit upon himself, the 2nd Warhead Support Detachment, 559th Artillery Group and the United States Army.

Specialist Calhoun performed duties above his pay grade by assuming the role and responsibilities of Team Leader during Annual Training 2018. SPC Calhoun's enthusiasm in learning the position inspired his team members to review and reenforce their own qualifications, elevating the team's performance to new heights. In addition, on his own initiative, he took responsibility for 2nd platoon's communications readiness. SPC Calhoun maintained 100% accountability of the team's comm equipment, including seven SINGAR radios, two SKLs, and three DAGRs. Further, he took on the role of track Vehicle Commander. As Vehicle Commander, he maintained his vehicle above the standard and kept it mission capable at all times. Specialist Calhoun's outstanding performance during this period reflects great credit upon him, the 309th Engineer Company and the United States Army.

Sergeant Bruce Hopkins stepped up to accept the FIST Section Sergeant position during Annual Training 2019 and provided exceptional leadership throughout this period. During this time, he maintained the high standards of Fire Support while maintaining the day to day operations of the FIST team. Sergeant Hopkins is an exceptional NCO and a role model for his peers and subordinates, both in the Battery and in the Battalion, to follow. The accomplishments of Sergeant Hopkins bring great credit upon himself, 1st Battalion, 118th Field Artillery Regiment and the United States Army.

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