Property Book Officer (PBO) Duty Descriptions

Property Book Officer
Oversees supply management and accounting of 11,000 pieces of property valued at $78 million; develops and enforces an effective supply discipline program; maintains all account property records; conducts assistance visits and inspections; advises hand-receipt holders on supply requirements and procedures; coordinates turn-ins and lateral transfers; schedules and monitors monthly inventories; investigates losses and initiates FLIPL actions; supervises the return of equipment to the Army inventory.

Property Book Officer (PBO)
Provides oversight of the property management program for 2/214th; reviews policies regarding property records and determines applicability; recommends updated property management policies as necessary; assigns property to Primary Hand Receipt Holders (PHRH) using automated property hand receipts; maintains appropriate levels of supplies and equipment; schedules inventories; manages Hand Receipt Holder Accounts; ensures the accurate and timely maintenance of all accountable property records; maintains records for all leased, loaned, and borrowed equipment.

Property Book Officer
Administers the facility property management program for the Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) AOR; manages the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP); interfaces with the 12th CAB forward Property Book Officer to synchronize CSDP efforts; schedules inventories of Hand Receipt Holder Accounts; manages records of all leased, loaned and borrowed equipment and all equipment transferred into and out of the Property Book; uses the PBUSE to account for all non-expendable property; requests, receives and issues nonexpendable property items to Primary Hand Receipt Holders.

Property Book Officer (PBO)
Manages the accountability of all unit equipment and supplies; reviews and evaluates operations and anticipates needs; analyzes data and makes recommendations to ensure accountability; develops budgets and purchases new inventory; maintains an effective supply discipline program; coordinates with Item Managers, Fielding Teams, and other logistic agencies; purchases and maintains supplies; processes and follows up on transactions; schedules and maintains inventories; ensures adequate supplies; collects and returns worn-out and damaged supplies and equipment.

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