Protocol Duty Descriptions

Protocol Specialist
Serves as Protocol Specialist; plans and coordinates all aspects of visits by Distinguished Visitors (including representatives of U.S. and foreign governments), VIPs (including general and flag officers and high ranking civilian employees of DoD components), and other official visitors to the 19th Theater Army Area (TAACOM) Command and subordinate units; plans and coordinates visits for various tenant activities in the Taegu community to include 36th Signal Battalion, 728th Military Police Battalion and others.

Protocol Sergeant
Serves as protocol augmentee; maintains information on available billeting and conference capabilities; researches Distinguished Visitor requirements; plans foreign and domestic visits, ceremonies, and special events; receives and picks up VIPs; identifies security risks, briefs visitors on local conditions, and develops safe routes; coordinates transportation; arranges special events and itineraries; obtains and inspects lodging and meeting accommodations; supports DV needs around-the-clock.

Protocol Officer
Acts as local representative for visiting dignitaries; ensures visitors are appropriately housed, fed, and escorted on tours; informs and prepares the Post commander for visitors in advance; maintains situational awareness of visitors and their itinerary; arranges interpreters if needed; handles additional tasks related to special needs of DVs, such as increased security, special dietary requirements, media coverage or off-base entertainment.

Protocol Officer
Serves as Protocol Officer for Eighth US Army (EUSA) Protocol Office; plans and coordinates all support activities involving visits by visiting dignitaries to include transportation, billeting, social functions, ceremonies, dinner reservations, official office calls, briefings, conferences, and tours; coordinates reservations and arrangements for facilities, speakers, guest lists, invitations, seating arrangements, flags, decorations, and menus; prepares itinerary for visitors and arranges escorts, meetings, and transportation.

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