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NCOER Examples

There's lots of websites out there that provide instruction and guidance on how to write an NCOER but often, the guidance falls short. Nothing really conveys what is required or acceptable on an NCOER like an actual NCOER. So, to better communicate the type of praise commonly found in NCOERs, here, on this page are NCOER examples, submitted by readers. As you can see, we only have a few and need more. Send examples to or use the form below. Thanks for your contributions.

11B03 Infantryman

11B4V Platoon Sergeant

13F3V Fire Support Sergeant

18Z First Sergeant

18Z Operations Sergeant

18Z SF Operations Sergeant

25T5O Signal Support NCOIC

27D Paralegal NCO

42A20 Admin

42L Education Services Specialist

51Z5X Acquisition

92F42S Petroleum Operations Observer Controller

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