TASO Duty Descriptions

See also: Help Desk, IMO, and Information Technology Specialist Duty Descriptions

Terminal Area Security Officer
Serves as Terminal Area Security Officer (TASO) for the unit; bears overall responsibility for the security of supporting information systems; ensures compliance with security policies, operating procedures, and regulations; trains account holders and assists users in gaining access to computer applications; monitors data security within the organization and establishes inspection programs to ensure compliance with security requirements; receives applications for access to secure information systems; verifies user profiles and ensures all personnel have a need-to-know, appropriate clearance level, and is authorized access for the user's job performance; creates security profiles for access to mainframe systems.

Terminal Area Security Officer (TASO)
Serves as TASO and is responsible for all aspects of security (personnel, physical, communications, emanation, hardware, and software) within their assigned area; ensures procedures exist to provide accountability of all local computers; develops and distributes local OIs to ensure the security of system operations; prepares and approves accreditation documentation for stand-alone systems; maintains accreditation documentation on file; reports unauthorized access to systems and any system failure or vulnerability to the ISSO; briefs each user within 30 days of assignment; provides periodic security training and awareness briefings; conducts periodic checks to ensure users follow access and authorization instructions.

Assistant Terminal Area Security Officer
Serves as ATASO; verifies each user's identity, need-to-know, level of clearance, and authorization to access; submits requests for passwords and user IDs; approves access by authorized users to the networks; issues instructions specifying security requirements and operating procedures; ensures users operate information systems IAW all applicable regulations; suspends service to any system user not adhering to regulations and procedures; ensures users log off and secure removable disks (if applicable) whenever systems are left unattended; reports all network problems to the Help Desk; performs end-of-day security checks; ensures all users with access to classified LANs are debriefed and have their access terminated upon reassignment.

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