Sergeant of the Guard
Duty Descriptions

See also: Force Protection, Entry Control Point, and Command Post Duty Descriptions

Sergeant of the Guard
Serves as the Sergeant of the Guard (SoG) and supervises the members of the guard; ensures compliance with standard operating procedures; briefs assigned Soldiers on their responsibilities, schedule, and chain of command; secures and issues radios; maintains inventory of assigned equipment; visits check points periodically to validate defensive posture and coverage; ensures Soldiers are properly equipped and supported; submits periodic status reports to the Commander of the Guard or designated authority.

Sergeant of the Guard, Installation Access Control Point (IACP)
Serves as Sergeant of the Guard Installation Access Control Point (IACP); controls access of vehicles, visitors and pedestrians into military installations; screens employees, visitors, and contractor personnel for access to military installations; denies access to unauthorized personnel; makes instantaneous decisions regarding the use of deadly force; operates Active Vehicle Barrier when required; alerts authorities of security violations; conducts traffic stops at the IACP for safety and security checks.

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