Squad Leader Duty Descriptions

Squad Leader
Receives and relays orders to subordinates; delegates responsibility as required; mentors and counsels Squad members on personal and professional topics; inspects Soldiers and ensures compliance with standards; ensures Soldiers possess and maintain all issued equipment in good condition; supervises eleven Soldiers and ensures they receive necessary training and support; maintains accountability of all assigned Squad equipment and ensures Squad can perform its mission; reports equipment and personnel issues to the Platoon Sergeant.

Squad Leader
Supervises and manages the first-line supervisors as well as the soldiers within the squad with the reception, storage, and shipping of bulk or packaged petroleum-based products when needed; oversees the preventative maintenance checks and services on three Heavy Expandable Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT); verifies and confirms select samples of fuel are tested correctly, while advising first-line supervisors on how to properly conduct fuel business; adheres to all safety regulations and procedures for handling dangerous materials.

31B30 Squad Leader
Leads and supervises Military Police squads and sections in support of battlefield operations, to include area security and force protection patrol operations; performs duties as Military Police Patrol Supervisor; provides technical and tactical guidance to subordinate personnel; responsible for the health, welfare, morale and training of nine Solders and over $1,000,000 worth of vehicles and equipment.

92F Squad Leader
Serves as a Squad Leader in a Petroleum and Water Distribution Platoon for a Direct Support Company in support of the 45th Sustainment Brigade and non-divisional units assigned to the United States Army Pacific; provides bulk and retail ground refueling operations and aerial fuel support for COB Adder; responsible for the health and welfare, and professional development of five soldiers; responsible for the accountability and serviceability of a 60K Fuel System Supply Point and Basic Issue Items of essential equipment valued in excess of $500,000 dollars.

MOS 11B2O, Assistant Scout Squad Leader
Leads a reconnaissance team during combat operations; supervises tactical deployment of assigned element in offensive, defensive and retrograde operations; receives and issues orders; coordinates action of the element with adjacent and support elements and organic and supporting fire power; analyzes terrain; conducts tactical operation for a squad; maintains operational security; operates and maintains secure communications equipment; ensures collection and reporting of intelligence data to unit.

74D Squad Leader
Serves as a Squad Leader for the 59th Chemical Company; responsible for the accountability, training, supervision, health and welfare of seven Soldiers and their family members; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of two Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System vehicles and ancillary equipment valued at over $6 million; prepares the squad for all peacetime and combat missions through personal and professional development of Soldiers.

Tank Squad Leader
Serves as a Squad Leader in an Armor Company as part of the First Armor Brigade Combat Team in the First Infantry Division; maintains and accounts for all assigned equipment including two M1A2 SEP V2 tanks valued in excess of 22 million dollars; maintains and enforces standards; ensures the good health, welfare, and morale of nine Soldiers and their families; provides leadership, guidance, and counseling for all personnel and acts as the Platoon Sergeant in his absence.

11B Squad Leader
Rifle Squad Leader in a Light Infantry Company; responsible for the welfare, fitness, morale and discipline of nine Soldiers; responsible for the individual training and maintenance of their equipment; primary instructor and advisor in the matters of tactics, personnel management and junior leader development; directs his Squad's tactical employment during offensive and defensive operations; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of all assigned MTO&E equipment worth in excess of 750,000 dollars.

68W/Squad Leader
Simultaneously serves as a Squad Leader and Health Care NCOIC in a Patient Centered Medical Home that provides care to a population of over 8,500 beneficiaries; assists with outpatient care and treatment; supervises clinical activities and responsible for serviceability of assigned equipment in area of responsibility; charged with the supervision, counseling, mentoring and professional development of 22 professionals and 26 paraprofessionals; responsible for the accountability of medical equipment valued at $380,000.

Squad Leader
Serves as the principal mentor to the members of 2nd Squad; delegates mission taskings and provides personal and professional counseling for the health and welfare of 11 Soldiers; complies with standard operating procedures, inspections and physical fitness; trains, supervises and performs duties as a parachute rigger of life support equipment for the U.S. Army Airborne School, Jumpmaster, Pathfinder School, Ranger Training Brigade (RTB), Warrior Training Center; keeps chain of command informed on personnel and equipment readiness.

Soldiers boarding a helicopter

Squad Leader
Serves as a Squad Leader in a Brigade Support Battalion; responsible for the discipline, accountability and development of 12 Soldiers; supervises personnel readiness, equipment maintenance and utilization of five fuel trucks, two Tank and Pump Unit (TPU), one Light Water Purification System (LWPS), one Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS); 11 HIPPOs with trailers, weapons and ancillary equipment valued in excess of $10,000,000; enforces technical and tactical training standards for unit mission accomplishments.

Squad Leader
Serves as Squad Leader in a Headquarters company; responsible for the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions and counseling of seven Soldiers; provides leadership, mentoring and training to all squad members; responsible for the maintenance, serviceability and accountability of equipment valued at over $400,000; assists and advises the Platoon Sergeant in all platoon matters including training plans; maintains the platoon's combat readiness.

Production Squad Leader/12Y
Serves as a Squad Leader for the 5th Geospatial Planning Cell; responsible for the training, welfare, morale, professional development, quality of life and combat readiness of Soldiers; plans, collects, evaluates, and supervises the production of geospatial products; provides detailed geospatial analysis products throughout the United States Army Pacific Command Theater of operations in support of the (intelligence preparation of battle field); responsible for the maintenance and accountability of geospatial equipment.

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