MOS 13 Artillery NCOER Bullet Examples

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Unsorted Artillery NCOER Bullets

o navigated harsh terrain and performed exceptionally well while under pressure during the DART

o his technical skills, competence and judgment were key factors in successful mission accomplishment

o aided immeasurably in accomplishing many of the section's tasks during the Yakima Training Center, Bravo Battery-Battalion Artillery Readiness Test

o performed as loadmaster for the 2nd section FDC TRICON and successfully and safely packed and loaded all items to and from YTC

o demonstrated rare ability to decisively identify, engage and destroy targets

o verified and ensured the safe and accurate firing of 118 rounds during Iron Focus with zero safety violations and no firing incidents

o served as M2 HBMG Gunner for unstabilized Gunnery Table VI; was instrumental in crew’s qualifying with distinguished honors

o maintained 100% accountability of approximately 350 propellant increments, 150 primers, a combination of 119 fuses (557, 739 and 762) and a combined 120 HE and illumination rounds

o dedicated hundreds of hours to crew rehearsals, led to Apache crew earning a perfect score of 1,000 and Top Gun in 1st ABCT 3ID

o performed his duties as a gunner flawlessly and continues to exceed the standard while working two pay grades above his own in an E-5 position

o revised the company's tank gunnery program which raised the unit's aggregate score to the highest in the division on the last tank gunnery

o helped ensure his section's gun maintained 100% mission capability throughout the 19 day Iron Focus exercise

o his tank crew earned superior qualifications ratings the last three consecutive years

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