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E-mail Examples

Communication is getting done by e-mail for almost everything now. We often have to address large audiences and communicate facts in a clear, unmistakable fashion. It can be hard to draft an e-mail on a topic we've never had to address before. We ask ourselves, am I writing with the right tone? Is it appropriate for the subject? Is it too formal? Not formal enough? Am I including all the facts that I should? And what makes it even harder is that we only have one chance to get it right. Because once you hit that Send button, it's gone! Here are some examples to help answer those questions.

Announce PT

Announce Changes to Schedule

Request Volunteers

Announce Quarterly Awards

Requests for Information

Training Overdue

Announce Promotion Ceremony/Party

Retirement Ceremony Invitation

Security & Safety Announcements

Announce Commanders Call

Thank You E-mails

Security Clearance E-mails

Birth Announcements

Clean up desks, office, fridge

Lost and Found



Welcome New Arrivals

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